Thursday, June 29, 2006

might i say i have a deal for you!

Here's a sample from the VH1 Save the music event with Heatherette last night.
They had a DJ, some beverages and some tasty treats.
Richie Rich and Trevor Raines were in full effect along with their usual crew.
It was funny cause there was some models there,
people who want to be models and the other mish mash.
La Frag picked up one of the bags designed by the boys of Heatherette.
Also along for the journey was Amy NZ.

Heatherette(Richie & Trevor)

AMYNZ & La Frag


Tonight I ride solo for a momentous occasion.
Some merryment and music.

BYP #3
8pm at Midway(25 Avenue B)
Apples Apples
Man in Gray


Stolen Transmission(11-4ish)
the annex(152 orchard st)
djing will be
we are scientists
tarts of pleasure
Plus some other surprises I can imagine

see you if you see me!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Heatherette & VH1 equals i don't knøw

Been kinda low on the show updates.
Today and tomorrow will be busy.
Today is some Heatherette event with VH1 and Sephora in New York.
I have no idea what this will be other than a lot of fun.
Frag signed me up so it's all on her.
Other than that Tomorrow is BYP #3.
I'm also going to try and see if I can make it over to the Annex for the Karenplusone party.
We shall see how the next 48 hours progress.

Frag is also now on Team 25 as well.
Here's a photo of her potato ice cream cake from cowgirl hall of fame

Friday, June 23, 2006

Morningwood(Unicorns vs Horses)

So Morningwood was a fun time had by all at the Warsaw.
They brought to stage elements of Queen, Van Halen, and Sex Pistols.
Chantal gave one front row dude the night of his life.
And a chuck taylor imprint on his back.
It was my first time at the Warsaw which is unique venue and they actually had food.
Cheers to that.

Big City Rock and Rock Kills Kid were the openers.
BGR through a dash of the pixies 'Where is My Mind" and a bulked up version of the White Stripes "Seven Nation Army. They had a lot of energy

RKK-They wore burgudny sport coats and had a fog machine.
I heard these guys cause of a free download on itunes.
But I wasn't really feeling them.

Morningwood put on a really good show.
The crowd was involved throught out the whole.
There were some in your face guitart solos.
A dude got onstage with some sick Angel wings tattoed on his back.
A soul train style dance off.
A school yard style sit down(a la heads up 7up or whatevs).
Plus a whole lot of fun to enjoy, see below.


start the show

Chantal & crew with Jazz Hands

3 licks to the center of a tootsie roll pop

This is how you play guitar

Close enough to hi-5 but i just tipped by cup

The crowd needed to sit down

Just a little bit of Flair

One lucky fan, back chucks

No unicorns were harmed, but a horse was....

Big City Rock-Nate Bott

Big City Rock-Andy & Tim

RKK-Sport Coat

it was fun.......

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Go Skateboarding Day!

I dont' know who came up with the concept.
But its great.
I've represented so far and only had a couple spills
If you don't skate regularly pull out that deck from under your bed.
Ride up the street, as our friends in canada say, for a bottle of pop.

June 21, 2006

Also I'm off to the Warsaw tonight:
Rock Kills kids
Big City Rock

If I get out early maybe I'll stop by Death Disco.
Who knows.

Go Skateboarding today!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Desert Doughnuts

Those crazy kids from the Metallic Falcons.
First off it was weird cause I've seen them before.
Not sure another show or art opening.
Here's some pics from a really cool night at Tonic.

A piece of wood used for a bass drum
A finely capped frontman
Autotherman dude from Deitch...
Face paint and fake beards
It was a good night so lets remember it with?


Nomi & Falcon

Coolest person ever!

Grab the mic and a hat

Beards before Metallic Falcons

Metallic strumming

Harp & Camcorder

Coco Rosie?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I have returned from my sojourn

If that's what you call it.
It's been a slow week know shows
I woke up this morning with a pug using me as a pillow.
The monster I refer to is listed below.

Going to AC this weekend not for music but for fam.
Sister de la Frag esta 21.
Time for fun and merryment.
I will choose to only use dialogue from
The Great Gatsby or Summer School
Which I finally picked up on DVD.
I've seen that so many times.

Tonight I'll have up photos from the Metallic Falcons record release.
It was a great show, with vibes, for a great album.


Pillow Dog

Friday, June 09, 2006

i Beg YR pardon

After parting some ways and catching some ways
I somehow made it to the Delancey for BYP
Warmly greeted by Tina and Bryan.
I missed the early bands but there was plenty of treats and bevy
I was able to catch, UP the empire.
Low fast rock/w some keyboard on some songs.
i saw Kevin Dorf from Late Night apparently the whole
NBC comedy crew was there for Norah Jones and her
group Momad, interesting

Tina and I trade recipes and war wound stories
This is going to be something very big very soon.
Hopefully I'll get to DJ at one of em down the road.

Up(tina w/up the empire)





Not Pictured, A Unicorn..........

The world Cup is only hours a way I can't wait.
See you all July 9th maybe before depending how the tourney goes.

Queso con amigos esta 30 rock

Day one of the Drive in at 30 rock.
Jeff Garlin from Curb Your Enthusiasm showed off his new flick.
"I want someone to eat cheese with"
An offbeat location comedy in Chicago"
Bonnie Hunt, Amy Sedaris, and even a scantily clad Sara Silverman.
It was a long wait but well with worth it.
quags, frag, shadow, and myself(meik) made it out.


Oops i spilled my tasty beverage

Boring NBC Exec

More entertaining screen

Jeff Garlin

did you say BYP up next..................

It's like NBA Rewind but without Ahmad Rashaad

Started the week missing some
hair on my head and I still have not
caught who stole it. Most people
replied with rubbing my head.
Maybe I've developed some sort
of Irish Buddha complex

Later That Evening
We ventured over to Siberia to catch a show by
I went to see Mike Birbilia who put on a pretty good set.
There was a bunch of walk ins like Tom Schlue and some really fun moments.
It was a mix of alternative comedy. Never forget guy scared the crap outta me.
Good stuff, it was free and I plan to check this out again.

Mike Birbiglia

Tom Schlue

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Get a crew cut and grow a beard!(The Matthew Fox Lost Look)

I did and you can too.....
I keep pretending that La Frag is Locke.
It's funny when I start quoting from the show.
She gets mad

Tonight could be busy.

Step 1
Drive-In at the Rock@ Rockefeller Center - Gardens of Rockefeller Center Between 49th and 50th St at 5th Ave Free

I went to this the year they had Garden State and it was a lot of fun.
I plan on going tonight for some humor.
I'm definitely going Thursday for Once in a Lifetime, its a Soccer(Futbol, Football) movie about the Cosmos. Tonight is the Jeff Garlin flick I want something to eat with cheese.
It has a lot of comedians in it.

Step 2
Beg yr pardon as in
If you like DZ USA or Man in Gray you know what I'm talking about.
If not come on down any way.
It all takes place at The Delancey starting at 8pm.(Brownies & BBQ for $5)

Step 3

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Jets(The group not the team)

So I was flicking through the channels on Sirius today.
I came across a little gem from some years back.
The Jets hit single "Cross my broken heart boy".
This is funny because I had a 45 of that as the B-side
to the Shake down song from Beverly hills cop.
I think it was out on MCA records because it had some
sort of rainbow pattern on the background. I'll try to dig that up.

Here some photos from last night at the Mercury Lounge for the Lions and Tigers show.
I saw a couple bands that I saw at the Annex not too long ago but never got their names.
Stylofone(who I may have called styrofoam previously) were a fun band with a throw back to 70's rock. They had a major bro out song where a bunch of dudes joined them on stage(see below). All together was pretty darn good. Oh some one was really going at it next to me on the couches. I think they were in love. MEH!!!!!!

Let's Hug it out! Bro'in out at the Merc.

La Frag & MEIK!(not shown the people on the right making out)

it's all about the t-shirts. Stylofone joing Lions & Tigers

later MEIK!

A tale of two Zombies

Last time on a very special Meik!
The Thompson family was trapped in the mill tower mintues before
the the bull run. Oh wait that's something else.

Thursday after some terrential rain and some pizza
it was time to catch DZ USA. The show was opened
by this really cool sing song writer Forgot to get his name.

Next was the Nillas(more like 311 Park)
That means they take the essence of 311 and
violate w/the protrusion of Linkin Park.
That's all i have to say. In protest I took no pictures

Too many people side project has become a dirty word
over the years. Jack White has said the Raconteurs are a
band not a side project, which shows great interest.
Look back to many 80's and 90's albums that were just
pushed to the shelves as side projects that had no
favorable content.

Well with projects like the Postal Service exploding
you can just say that people like good music even if it
is promoted by word of mouth gradually or an episode
of the OC. On that point a Franchise Band took the stage
and again blew my mind away.

The event which is Dracula Zombie USA went off with
a silly sing string, cap gun, wrestling fight match.
Thomas Window Paine and The Summer Jam were
probably the highlights of the night. Bryan and Tina of
Man in Gray had a great face off on the floor.
Just as two bengal tigers would battle. Luckily they
decided to let each other live

These are not your mom's pictures.(they're mine)

TZ gets attackedby DZ USA!

Zombie B ready to jump in

Zombie T running the kit

Zombie Ladies

Is this the end for MIG? Just Kidding

Dracula Zombie USA #1 Finish off The Delancey

Tuesday is going to be the Launch of Beg Yr Pardon at the Delancey.
If you're not sure what that is head on over to

Time to go skate!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

What do Peter Billingsley and Anthony Bourdain have in common?

So I'm a little late on the update
Oh well. I caught The Break UP w/ AMY NZ & LA Frag last night
Vaughn and Favreau were awesome and so was Peter Billingsley, Ralphie from A Christmas Story. Other than I that might check out the Lions & Tigers show at the Mercury Lounge tonight if it hasn't sold out.

Thursday I was able to catch the Anthony Bourdain book signing right before the down poor.
It was up at Barnes & Nobles @ 86th street between 2nd & 3rd, not 86 & lex.
I think someone needs to look in to how many Barnes & Nobles there are. They're everywhere.
So the gala in full swing when I made in. I was expecting yelling and scream from the Author of Kitchen Confidential and many other works. That evening he was out to promote his new book Nasty Bits. He was really cool and actually in good spirits with the audience and the questions.
Good Vibe. The audience was full of Jersey mom's so that had a very creepy vibe.
He was really cool, I got my booked signed was on my way. Book signings are weird cause you have people that you see be fanatic about musicians be crazy about authors. It's something you need to brace yourself.

Quote of the night
Where's the line, I don't think these people in the line, I need to talk to someone in charge, this isn't right, ahhhhhhhhhh." The lady behind me bringing on a self prevoke panic attack.

Anthony Bourdain Good Photo

Anthony Bourdain Whaaa?

I think that's how he was really feeling inside.
But that's just an opinion or is it?

I'll let you know what happened afterwords.......(DZ USA)