Monday, July 31, 2006

How to spend a friday


Everytime I see Zambri I have a really good time.
They play some really fun music that you sing and dance to.
Fat Baby is a crazy little place, ottomans galore.

Zambri Noir

Just Dance

April Smith
She and her band have a singer song writer sound
Think back to mid to late 90's college alt.
Somewhere in between riot grrl and cardigans
It's the happy medium



Man In Gray
My hero's for playing Commodity
For suggesting a late night stack
And for talking about the horrors of the only bathroom in the PCL

TINA 120%


This is what it really looked like, so hot indoors.

Heads up Saturday is a big day at Sin-e
I have been told besides others, these 3 groups to will be there
the first two for record releases


Back to our regularly scheduled program

You still can't go wrong with 80's nostalgia
Currently awaiting to see if we get picked for the vh1 pop culture show
that would be intense and insane
Tomorrow I'll figure out what shows i'm off to this week

Apparently you can ruin someones night but just a couple words
My case was after getting some refreshments an older couple and their children(maybe 37 kids)
decided they would sit 4 inches in lawn in front of MEIK! & Frag!
Well like the nice person I am I returned with chips, drink, and chicken fingers
Apparently people get mad when you say, "Come on lets move, I don't want to look at someones neck the whole night. Apparently some get stressed out when you say that. who knew?I just giggled and ate my nachoes. My view of Mr. Lewis(Huey) & the news was not impeded. Good times had by all, except for the guy infront of me arguing with his wife.


Making people happy since, Hmmmmmmm!

Monday, July 24, 2006

well last year was one of our better years....

I actually listened to (a)NFG for the first time in a while.
I remember listening to a rough cut in college of nothing gold can stay with all of the audio quotes and what not that didn't make the final cut.
Playing my favorite game right now.
Painting at midnight.
Making a variation to Trader Woody's drink

gonna be like michael j fox and go back in time on saturday.
Fricken Huey lewis and the news.
to be young again.

Friday there's a really sweet show with man in gray, the problem and a couple other bands.

Mekka lekka hi mekka hini ho.............

MOre photo journalism tomorrow
For now here's a pic of Streetlight Manifesto from the Mxpx show at the Nokia

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake

Well if your like me and the 499,999 people who admire the Postal Service.
You should be on the look out for the side project frome 1/2 of the Postal Service.
Who is also 1/3 of another project with a similar name.
It is James Figurine is really Jimmy Tamborello who is party of Figurine and a couple other groups that are pretty amazing.

James Figurine's Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake
It's pretty sweet, not as upbeat and enegetic as the PS stuff but still awesome.
Check out his page or the clip below.
The flowers remind of those music flowers from the 80's or 90's.
55566688833 is also an awesome about all the text messaging and how frustrating it can be just to spell out Love or good bye
It's pretty cool and it'll probably be used in a commerical some time soon.
You better get the artist's permission this time apple.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fried like an egg!

I have this food theme going on the last few posts.

Last night I ventured out to yankee stadium.
Saw a pretty crazy game then got drenched in the rain.
I left before the crazy rain let up, in the process getting soaked.
Did however stop by the People in Planes after party at the Annex.
I felt heavily underdressed and soaked(I looked east coast surfer post session w/yankee cap)
Got in and heard Nora K was playing some really good music.
Only one of the Tarts of Please was on site when I was their.
Can you guess who, her dj name involves algebra.
No photos cause I forgot my camera. But there's plenty out there somewhere.

Army of me was really good.
They played some pretty daring guitar solos that has some 1980ism
They have a couple songs that sound like Ours.
Had to bolt early so I know I probably missed some really cool stuff.
Off to the UCB in the park tonight with one and only La Frag!
She gets an exclamation mark now.


Monday, July 17, 2006


A little festive event recap from the Siren Music Festival.
After some long lines, a long subway and some weird smells it went pretty good.
ART Brut as always put on a great show, top of the pops worthy.
Scisssor just wanted to make people dance.
Next up gotta go to a McCarren Pool Party

We ate

We Art Bruted(Can you make Art Brut a verb)

and there was even some Young Love(just stickers, i think)

no clue for this we just have to see what happens!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I still remember Emily Kane.....

The show last night was pretty interesting.
As usual Streetlight Manifesto had another tour fiasco.
Their RV broke down in Conn. the night before leaving .
They were able to play borrowing equipment and leavin their soundguy up north.
Their merch booth was doing the most business the whole.
Kinda interesting the band in the middle of the line up.
I'm still confused how many people came out to see RBF.
Mxpx put on a really good show.
Though I thought they had a little too much stage presence for the way the evening turned out.
It was weird since half the crowd cleared out right before they came on at the end.
They abandonded their set 4 songs in instead going to audience choice.
The funniest thing was when Mike Herrera kept getting request for some random songs of old ep's. "He said I don't know that album i through it out or we don't play that song anymore since I don't know that person. Oh that's the joy of having a band with relationship songs.
And just like Spinal Tap on the Simpsons there was no Encore.
The Nokia Theater was interesting. Walking I felt like I was trying to get on space mountain at disney. I feel like I need to discover another new band soon. So that means either a trip down to LES or a visit to some random record store

Don't have a plan for the evening yet.
Not sure what's going on with Stolen Transmission.
Siren Music Festival looks really good.
I'll definitely trek out to see Art Brut.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Epstein's Bar vs Max Fish

Hopefully I'll get this in before they have that quick outage.
Last night on a last minute notice I headed down to CB's gallery.
I saw April Smith accompanied by John Bellavia.
They put on a really good show with some slow and fast songs.
Got some photos but CB's Gallery is really dark.
It took me back to the coffee shop open mic shows.
Some guy came on after them who was accompanied by like 20 ladies in the audience.
Although he covered a Chris Martin song that is a tribute to Johnny Cash.
It was kinda strange.

If you are free this weekend I think she and her group are playing a radio show.
Please check her for a brief change from the angst and the dance.

Besides that NICKnz has returned to the colonies.(here)
So be on the look out tonight for a MEIK!, a FRAG, a Nick nz and Amy nz.
That's just how it goes.

Is Epstein's Bar the new Max Fish(Skaters Bar)?
I think I saw some former Crailtap workers just chilling.
Could they be starting a new board company.
I wonder?


Sunday, July 09, 2006

The EE ! True Hollywood Story: Stolen Transmission

Well not exactly. But its true.
Oh by the way did I say anything about the ST party
Stolen Transmission was a blast.
And if you weren't there, where the heck were you?
You missed some random girls in prom outfits
You missed some great djing & singalongs
You missed Gurj's dreamy english accent.(Don't tell Frag, hehehe)
What about a girl with superpowers and chuck all stars?
Some random dude that needed some advice.
Just a bunch of people having a great time.
Hey I was there you missed MEIK!

Gurj laying down some tunes and a pose

Ultragrrrl(Lewts) and Karenplusone in a heated dance off

Our Dj's minus Josh(I thought I had a picture of him)

I'll have a coke(And a nap)

watch the world cup today around 3pm
France vs Italy

3 fun bands that'll steal your flame

They could but don't quote me on it
So From the annex this week a great show of course by a couple of bands.
Lions & Tigers, Stylofone, and Domino.
I think Lions was minus a member from their mercury lounge show but they didn't miss a beat.
Stylofone rocked in all with their fog.
And Domino had me dancing as well.
They played music you could sing along to the first song.
It's that vibe where zone right in to the music no needing to get use to it.
Here's some photo proof

Lions & Tigers




Mas Stylofone

Domino the whole group

Domino Kirke

After the Reality at Deitch Projects

Come on down to wooster for some more art......
Jefferey Deitch is my hero.
I'm not really sure why.
But I love all the events at the Deitch Gallery.
After the Reality was an interesting opening.
It was toned in the sense compared to the last few.
Which were accompanied by musical performances.
I really like the use of video art.
I was weirded out by one video which had a giggling ronald mcdonald and col. sanders feeding each other chicken and big macs.
The paintings ranged from simple to complex.
A lot of use of oil and other materials.
Portraits and abstracts gave the show the detour of realism it owned.
What could be next?

Side Entrance Wall(oh just like my tampa table)

ART!(It's very complicated)

Jefferey Deitch
The man, the myth, the ice cream cone?

Kidrobot vs MEIK!

There is no battle.
I'd say more of an association between wallet and register.
The Tara McPherson opening was a blast.
As always the Kidrobot crew provided complimentary beverages.
The line was pretty as in some events they sell out quick.
I actually made the kidrobot website this time but in bits in pieces.

Photo 1(Those are my green and yellow sneakers)

Photo 2(That's the back of my head in the yankee baseball cap)

MEIK! Photos
Tara & MEIK!

Tara's Big Dunny on Display($$$)

If you have a chance check out her site, she does some really awesome work.
My next goal is to find out how these artists get involved with Kidrobot.
How's the life of a graphic artist, interesting................?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Where's my Transmission......

Well yesterday was ridiculously weird and awesome.
Kidrobot was a success got a Qee and some pins.
Tara McPherson makes some pretty cool art that’s very tattoo influenced
Or the other way around.
Deitch Galley was pretty interesting(Not as good as some of the previous)
But unique as usually

The Annex had some great performances by Domino, Stylofone and Lions & Tigers.
Domino’s drummer looks Giovanni Ribisi.
Stylofone just went crazy with the fog and guitar solos.
Lions & Tigers tore up the stage sang their hearts out.

Stolen Transmission was a real blast.
I made the right choice staying and not bailing out.
I finally met the one and only Ultragrrrl.
Very funny and very cool.
Everybody was dancing, spinning tunes, and singing along
Josh, Karen, Gurj, and Sarah spent the night jumping between all types of tracks.
My favorite line I said last night was, “It’s kind of weird seeing everybody moving,
not in a still photo.”

I’ll post some photos or the saga of July 6th later today.
World Cup Final is on Sunday, I just need to figure out where I’m going to watch it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Same as it ever was.

I have a strange Talkin Heads theme going on today.
It’s time for a plan.

You will leave work at 6pm.
Hop on an A, C, or E Train.
It is truly imperative to the mission that you hop.
I’m not joking around here.
Men have skipped and have been badly wounded by dead leg.

Step 1 Stop off at Kidrobot for the Tara McPherson opening.
(I suggest buying something and not telling your girlfriend who avoids your blog).
126 Prince Street

Step 2 Head over to Deitch Projects for another festive gallery show.
The last time I was there they installed a 20ft hill made out of sod and wood.
You always leave that place with an open mind and a story.
18 wooster

Step3 Go to the Annex for a Double Feature.
First catch a bunch of bands especially Stylofone and Lions & Tigers
When they finish ST takes over.
I’m not sure who’s djing it this week, but it’ll be good.
152 orchard

MEIK!See you first!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Frantic ate my homework!!!!!!

Went to Lit on the 3rd of July.
A funny little day. I saw am skater Alex Olson with the Supreme guys at Eipstein's Bar.

They are not Pedantic they are The Frantic
Fresh off of rocking the big festival at the Conduit.
Straight outta Trenton New Jersey they came to Lit.
Playing some tracks off their new EP End Transmission
Nick, Chris, Jim, and Rob all put out a show full energy and slick moves.
First off these guys are really nice and have the thirst for a frosty brew.
They'll be the band your younger sister talks about in 3 years.
I know cause Pinto was already on his game back in Spanish class.
So that means you have two years left to get on board before she does.

Their set was really good.
It got cut short by a small equipment issues, but that's why they call it equipment.
That still gave nick a chance to work on some good frontman poses.
The airplane leaves for London at the end of the month.
If you are looking to sign a band and you passes these guys up.
Your label better fire you.

The Frantic-Nick, Chris, Jim(Rob not pictured)

The whole Frantic getting blurry

Pinto and Nick

Makin Music

The Mighty Ohio out of Chicago were powerful and loud.
As I was told they had a Jawbreaker meets Bruce Springsteen kind of sound.
In some ways they reminded me of GUK or Hot Water Music.
Really good beats and awesome show.
Check them when they are back in town

The Might Ohio

Thursday means stolen transmission, demander, kidrobot, and possibly deitch projects.
Lots and lots of photos. Fridays update should be really good.

I try to make distance running and the scene come together !!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

I'm not allowed to eat my hoagie till I finish this update for BYP#3

So with motivation here we go.
Thursday June 29th started off dry and then decided to rain.
After soaking up a liter of water not cola I made it to Midway for BYP#3
Everyone brought a lot of energy and even some international flair.

Dracula Zombie USA started off the show with a lot of dancing and singing.
They even doubled on percussion with an added tom.
Sweaters were vested and tanks tops were complimented with ties.
Of course they had the usual props and flair.
I had to join in, it's not like i'm covering a trial or something
Tina handed me the sleigh bells for two songs
My hand is still blistered, ha!
I sang the chorus for Thomas Window Paine
my second favorite song next to the Summer Jam.
Great job DZ USA, you truly are the party with the pants, the pants party.


East Coast Vortex

DZ USA makes you sweat

Apples Apples were this little rock band out of Canada.
Their singer Ruth had such a bounce in her step.
And her stage presence was in some ways similar to a ballet performance with rhythm.
Think of Celine Dion if she was cool and had an awesome tatoo of roses on her bicep.
Very polite, very bouncey, and good just period.

Apples Apples-Ruth & Danny

All the apples

TPP out of Ann Arbor Michigan came on and I was unsure what I would hear.
I caught of some of their myspace songs but didn't catch preview all of them.
They really played full on with High energy.
Their drummer marie really tore up the kit.
Lots of fillings with an agressive old school punk style.
Jess sax player and singer wore a red and white dress which looked very calm and innocent.
But once she started playing I was really impressed with her performance.
She flexed her arm on one solo and I realized I was out of shape cause she could beat my arse.
Their was filled powerful lyrics but ended each time with a smile.

Ann Arbor What?

Man in Gray is just what rock should be.
Loud, fast, creative, rythmic and whiskey infused.
Hats were being tossed, teeth were plucking strings, and pirates stormed the castle.
I can't confirm the last one. How awesome with that be if all that happened.
Note to self see what you can do about pirates and a castle.
Next time I'm tricking them in to playing commodity.
"You're in thriller, you're f'n in Thriller!!!"
Highlights had to be Thirty-six, sleeping ,and stranded.
I think they played all three. If they skipped one Bryan is going call me out on it.
Check out their video for thirty-six, the falling tv is the best.
man in gray make the music that saves puppies.
Think about it you lucky puppies.

But there was an invisible man sighting, sort of.

MIG-Jared with shirt

MIG-getting focused, hmm.........

T, J, B, & J(not pictured Jeremiah)

T&B What a wonderful world!
Insert you favorite Steve Perry Lyric here___.

Great job and good times for plenty.

Monday July 3rd, Go to Lit and check out my friends the Frantic.

Thursday go see Demander at Pianos.
I'll be singing along to Elijah and Greenwich mean time.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

a tiki bar run by frenchmen is my solution for world peace

after a very bad day of world cup play i traveled through the city and village.
Apparently it was festival day of or street parties of some sort.
Well my mistake I left home at halftime of the france vs brazil game.
First of what they heck happened with joga bonito.
Time square was double its capacity.
I was able to hop in Rosie O'grady's to catch the last 10 minutes of the game.
They were cool but they said I had to hop on my feet the whole time.
I think they were just messing with me.

After that I traveled and found the 46th street fair.
I was inches away from getting a corn dog.
Then I saw a sign that it was presented by the church of scientology.
MEIK! ain't down with that, i'm down with corn dogs but I'm an ice man not maverick

Luckily I head down to LES and find out hey there is a Bleecker street fair.
Thanks I'm defintely down with LES, bleecker street, and kebabs on pita.
After a few stops i picked up some things.
Didn't find any brown ray ban 1980's glasses, oh rats, tomorrow I'll get em
I stopped by pianos and a couple other shoppes.
I was able to coerrce La Frag and Amynz and we jolted over to my favorite new spot.
Wakkiki Wally's, It's a lovely little tiki bar run and owned by a french staff.
So awesome and really good quality.
I'll try to have my byp 3 review up tomorrow.
I have some photos already up on my flickr site, It's meikmeik as the user.

Here's a photo of my demo flag
the country of MEIK!
it's still in the works(haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)