Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We've got a new home(for now)

I am sitting on the new office couch.
The old office has been cleaned, vaccumed and shined.
I head the hold steady on 3 different radio stations tonight.
2 of which were on Sirius radio BBC Radio 1 and Alt 21.
Pretty interesting.......

Top 5 things to do.
1. Update all billing records
2. Do not give new address to the boogey man
3. Get back in shape(less office donuts)
4. Demander next week
5. Get a new camera

Oh Boston has a Unicorn one of the their main historical buildings in the city.
That is what dreams are truly made.

MEIK! does Mugshots(it's the new project)

Friday, November 24, 2006

MEIK! VS Boston

I mean the town.
But if those guys from the band show up we'll throw down.
The itinerary is pretty open at the moment.
We're gonna hit up the Sam Adams Tour and the Boston Beer Works.
There will be a whole bunch of mayhem and fun.
Especially with Suarez and Frag together.
If anyting funny, crazy or weird happens we'll let you know.
And if you're in the town let us know we'll find you.

Team MEIK!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Live from McGuinns it's Demander and Arms Race

Ok so we sent Strapp and Frag to cover this event.
Arms Race and Demander at McGuinn's in Lawrenceville, NJ.
They weren't even sure if they would make it in time.
But they did so here's the recount from only hours ago.

Well after some travel and visiting the casa de padres we arrived at McGuinns.
Karen, Jared and Sivan rocked the house close to my home town.
The First annual Demander meets the Strapp's party has been canceled.
It will be rescheduled for next year. Their set featured old and new songs.
Our faves Elijah, GMT, and Lovelife........
We missed our audience harmonizing partner Andrew for Sam Thurman.
We tried to get to the root of Miss Karen's lyrics but we were averted.
She's good..........we get averted easily though
Best moment was Karen realizing we were in the front row.
Holy crap it's strapp!!!"

Demander NJ

Jared(not Josh) and the Specials on the wall

You kids ain't from around here!

At some point Frag stole my camera and starting taking really artsy photos.
Like so

Sivan's Drum Seat(I'm calling it what you think, no poop jokes)

El Chuck de Jared(still not josh)

LE drum de bass a pink

Game on Eh!! Where's the puck hoser!!

The kids from Arms Race put on a really good show.
Bass Driven slightly Funkish hard rock.
Somewhere between Fugazi, Mars Volta, and a dash of deftones or thursday.
Arms race rock photo

Arms Race art photo

It was pretty packed and people had a great time for both bands.
Nick and Chris from the Frantic were there having a good old time.
Pinto told me the Frantic are getting ready to go over seas again for some big shows next year.
For our readers in the UK we'll keep you updated.
Also Derrick (formerly of Boxcar) from Burnwest was hanging with Friends.

Reminder Demander plays the Warsaw on Wednesday.
Also The Frantic play the TLA in Philly with the New York Dolls on Nov. 25th
More updates to come though we might slow down the next month or two.
Hopefully MEIK! returns in full swing by January at the latest.

DZ USA swan dive at the Annex

Oh you missed Dracula Zombie USA at the Annex on Wednesday.
We told you it would be really good.
And then we went to SAN LOCO and that was awesome as well.
But you never showed up, we would've gotten you a free catfish guaco loco.
Scouts honor, but it's you're loss. We're so on a roll right now.
Enjoy some photos and words gathered by field reporter Nigel Risenstock

The B to the T to the D to the M to the T it's all DZ

Tina and Brian Jump Nigel for his money or he thought

The D to the Z to the USA in the NYC

Is He-Man a member of DZUSA, by the power of greyskull

Tina and some crazy lights

Nigel chatted with Zombies Mary and Brian.
There's news of possible recordings.
A song that has the line "put the p**** on me".
I believe I could be wrong though.
And Zombie Brian knows who SELF is.
We thought we were the only ones. Yeah earth shattering is an understatement.
One of these days we'll have one of the correspondants do a serious interview.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Where's MEIK! been?

This fine upstanding lad in green and yellow is not part of Team MEIK!
I think that's the singer from the lost prophets, could be totally wrong...
But the mysterious man in the background is......
Evidence from a recent stolen transmission captured by Brad Walsh.
Well we to like sneak up and then hide in the background
Dress for success with a toned down color scheme and sometimes a tie.
Look for side burns and white hoodies as dead give aways for the team.
Just like Waldo but even better.

Hidden MEIK! (white hoodie) at the Annex for Stolen Transmission

MEIK's Mustache #2 went missing and was found by a lady lady.....
We'll miss you mustache.....
Carry on!


Sometimes writing about bands and music is like tennis.
Well my friends we've got a match going on
So next week we're going to the Warsaw(11-22-06).
We are closing down the MEIK! offices and going to the BK.
Reginald, Peter, Brian, Darryl, Margaret, Lisa, Daniel, Allison...
Plus the whole crew from accounting
Guess who's coming as well.
You are!! Yep it's in the contract.......
If you read this we'll be following up that night and making phone calls the following morning.
Signed permission slips from a parent or doctor if you're not there
Next wednesday at the Warsaw see below

Oh and one more thing Crime Fighters.
You have been linked......
Demander or for you myspacers those crazy ravens

15 ALL

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Horror(s)

One of our correspondants is still getting over his night at the Annex.
After a stop at Lit he figured he could grab a couple photos of buzz band the horrors
Sir Charles Peter Michael Schlagmire, photog and gossip hound also scottish, met The Horrors at the Annex during a most recent Stolen Transmission.
He said he lost a staring contest, big time

Apparently the london boys were more prepared then we thought.
Take a look at the evidence.
Oh they're good.

Sir Charles is currently definitely not in Charge of our days(nor nights).
Please send copies of vintage Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys novels.
We will provide you with his address in Galway where he is currently recovering.

The MEIK! offices will carry on.......

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Have you seen Sam Thurman?

Cliff Notes recap
  1. Harpoon open bar
  2. Tree Lights
  3. Frites w/belgian mayo
  4. and harmonizing with Andrew during sam thurman
  5. Still searching for Sam Thurman
We cheered for this great little planet

Demander started a little sing along

A rock and roll battle started

no unicorns were harmed, maybe

There was a Badman but it turns out they are really nice

Cordalene rocked on pretty loud.
But I don't have any photos.
I'm not gonna lie I was feeling the IPA when they came on.
Oh the English and the relations with India that created a historically hoppy beer.
Well good show.
I think the next Demander gig is down near my home town.
Road Trip!!!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The password

Did you hear that?
Yeah we heard that too?
So the plan is to go down to LIT Lounge tomorrow night.
Possibly stop by The Frites place.
Then followed up by the Annex or B-sides.

Well after almost getting trapped in a Best Buy and and avoiding flooding we're alive.
Sorta kindof maybe.
Was that a Buck Rogers reference on South Park tonight.

Sam Thurman you better call us back you've got a debt to score.
ooooooooooooooooooh, ooooooooooh ooooh oh ohhhhhhh!!!!
It's certain.

Oh we're still working on that Serious Business recap.
Apparently our capital is having a change and we're looking for a new assest supplier.
MEIK! searches!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Shindig with MEIK!

Oh Gawker I see we almost crossed paths again last night.
Videoland with I think was a condemned building rented for the evening.
There were some really good performances by Lions and Tiger plus APTBS.
People were sweating up a storm and dancing all over.
Our Mustachioed MEIK! as Magnum strolled the scene

Mangum (MEIK!) PI

Before heading down to B-sides we stop at Videoland or somethin for Shindig


Lions and Tigers

When Arriving at Bsides prepare yourself for 3 things
Comedians Costumes and fundermation
1. Say hi to Zach Galifanakis on your way in.
He'll shoot back at you with some wit and wunderment.

2. Be Prepared for a photo duel(MEIK! vs the Big Sleep)

3. Don't FEAR FUN
B-Sides(is everyone here, stay together group)

Let's settle the score TEAM MEIK! vs Team Party Crash at the Knitting Factory 8pm tonight.
Be there or at a party crashin i guess.