Wednesday, January 31, 2007

12:35 am

12:35 am

Do you work with someone like this..
Do you know this person.
Who could change their life so quickly with remorse.
Find out at 12:35 am

It's just jokes and words...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Snowy Day...

So apparently it's snowing now.
Wasn't it really warm a month ago.
I hope every one who went idiotaroding is OK or at least only in a couple pieces.
No plans for this (week) week. Maybe some consulting is needed.
Week end though we're packin up the sentra and heading to the mountains.
Probably camelback or Shawnee. It's gonna be big.(For us at least)

In the mean time last week I was film in Central Park.
I met this bird or rather pigeon.(No english slang terms)
I called him barry the cracked out bird cause he was spazzing for 15 minutes.
I think he got evicted. You decide.

Barry the cracked out Bird

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Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm so cold, I think I see Blue

He looks glorious.
I'm up to no good right now.
If you were me would right a fictional blog about Charlie Rose called Charlie Roes.
The ramblings of a restaurant chef for a place that does not exist.....
You decide.

I have this video of a cracked out pigeon.
I'll post it right here later...

Insert Cracked out Pigeon here:

I still might try to come in to the city for either the Kotaku party and maybe stop by Revolver.
We'll see kids.
Bella my editorial assistant see photo

Well let's just say she's taking the day off.
She called in sick and is sleeping under 2 blankets.
Rough life huh..

If you want to brave frost bite maybe I'll see you at Barcade or Revolver

MEIK(still up to no good today)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dos Mas para el fin de semana

Quick Review
I went to the Stolen Transmission Dog and Cat benefit show and had a great time.
I got hailed by Sarah to help with stuff while enroute to San Loco.
My Guaco loco was only delayed by moments but worth it.
But my delay allowed me to check out Bright Light Fever's sound check.
They sounded really good I'll have to pick up their album...Also Evan is really tall.
Super side note, Do not battle with Gurj Bassi she has a Kung Fu grip.
If she was a G.I Joe I'd guess she'd be Lady Gurj...(Time to photoshop)
Jenny Penny and Karen winning Rocawear hoodies was probably the funniest thing I've seen.
I'll throw some photos up tomorrow......

Oh I've posted some pretty fun events recently.
I got two really awesome events that you need to venture out for.
Primarily for skateboarders and gamers or both...
What's better than first hand, MEIK! SECONDHAND planning....

Fan Boys to the BK
Friday it's back to the BK(Possibly con Frag?)
I think the last time I was there was by accident, maybe a trip to soundfix
Team MEIK! searches for the faces behind Kotaku.
Kotaku's throwing a party at Barcade.
May I can get them to sign my petition for the Super Bases Loaded and the Adventures of Bayou Billy to be added to the Wii Virtual Console.
I think it starts around 7pm. Expect a bar full of psp's and DS's
They'll be bringing swag and some of their newest treats.
Diddy Kong DS? Tell me more....
I'll be in full fanboy mode.
Kotaku Party Info
Talking about how I saw morgan webb in vegas 2 years ago.
Total geek trip I must say.

Ballin for Harold

Sunday is acutally something really special event to remember someone we lost.
Harold Hunter passed away in February of last year.
He gave so much to skateboarding and even the rest of the world.
He either made you laugh or think about what you were doing in the world.
Some of the folks he meant a lot to are hosting a b-ball tourney in his name.
Hang out with some of the Max Fish crew.
I'm really going to try to make it out to this event..

Wednesday Layin low with the Padres stopping by Hamilton
Thursday hopping to NYC and stoppin by b-sides as usual

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So quick you might miss it....

Oh it's a double doozy.
2morrow and another a couple days away.
Still not sure what February and March hold for me...
But in the mean time......

But I do know what Thursday does has planned for the docket.
Possible stop at B-sides

Can't you smell the excitement.
It's smells like beers and plastic dunny's right?....

A couple days away...
Also Monday Stolen Transmission is have a little gala.
I didn't know the oohlas were going to be back so quick.
I've also hear rumors that the Misshapes have decided to fight crime as well.
Interesting apparently fighting crime is cool now...
It's all good we'll all join forces to help out some dogs and cats..

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A very MEIK! Exclusive...

Demander peforming "Porte Cochere" featuring Philly based rapper Staf Sharif.
Seeing this live only put it in better perspective for me.
Sharif's added lines give the song some more engergy.
When he spits you can feel this new two part dialogue going on.
I'm just proud I used spits and Philly based in m writing.

Demander "Porte Cochere" featuring StafSharif at the Mercury Lounge
I'm reworking the audio, youtube always messes up my vids.
I'll have it on myspace hopefully tomorrow.

I shot this with my digital camera.
The same one I dropped in to cheese fries earlier that day...
Fun stuff...........

I'd like to say we have more exclusives this week.
If I don't start a new job by the end this month.
I might just go on tour and sell merch or be a roadie for a month.
I dunno we'll see....


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back by popular Demand(er)!!!

Be there tonight. It's the last time you demander for a while.
Last time I heard they were starting a 2 car Nascar team.
Karen and Sivan as drivers and Jared as their crew chief.
I think their nick name is rock and roll.
Karen throws rocks at ya and Sivan rolls over you like a snare drum.
Rock and Roll!!!! Or I may have fallen asleep watching Ricky Bobby last night.

Tailgating at B-sides before the show.

Live it!
Love it!
Learn it!

Come out you know you'll like it.
I'll be there taking photos, having a sierra nevada, and singing along.
I hear Staf-Sharif will be there tonight, oh it's on......
Fight the power with demander.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We're Back and it's Oh Seven...

Flying to Arizona sucks.
I was joking with someone earlier today about babyless airlines.
I said I'd pay $20 extra to sit in a baby free zone.

Back Track 9am on Monday.
Two screaming babies in the row behind me.
One screaming baby to my right.
The fella decided to crap 45 seconds after take off.
Good going kid.

AZ was really good plenty of nice weather.
Finally I arrived and drove around in a bright yellow Mustang.
I got upgraded for free apparently...
I got in it and realized i was driving bumble bee from the transformers movie
For you fellow nerds like me out there.
Bumble bee will be portrayed as a golden yellow ford mustang.
Rather than a VW bug/beatle, believe that.

I made the rounds to Carl Jr's and In and out Burger, so good.
I went to the Fiesta and did all my filming from the field.
I thought I saw myself on sportscenter last night.

Meik! now with a Phoenix Chapter

Being Media


Oh the mountains

I believe this is my rental whip or orange tang

Kicking it in central park yesterday, back in NYC

Today: 01-04-07
Things we may or may not be doing
Stop by Vh1
Stop by B-sides for happy hour
Kid Robot KR-12 Release and signing
Sket One will be at Kidrobot NY (126 Prince Street) from 6-8pm

Bunny Rabbit at Tonic TONIC w/ Nomi 107 Norfolk St. at Delancey, NEW YORK, 10002 Cost : $8

Late Night San Loco