Wednesday, February 28, 2007

You can't blog when you're sick!

I feel like a unicorn-seahorse person.(See Tara Mcpherson's work)
Underwater and with a horn....Arrrrrrrrrrrghhhh...
Tomorrow there's a whole bunch of shows going on in the city.
My suggestion would be this one right here....

Those kids from Stylofone put on a darn good show.
I might try to go but 90% chance I will not be there.
Also, we're finally moving the MEIK! Media offices to Nutley tomorrow.
It's near a pizza parlour and tavern.
Now we just need to get a full time job........
We'll buy you a slice at Arthur's!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bye Bye AMYnz!

Well it's that time again for a party.
AMYnz is hopping on a plane to the land of the Kiwi's..
Don't fret she won't be gone that long....
Side note...Amy and I both made flyers....
Her's is better mine is funny.....
You be the judge.....
Better be coming out on Friday....



So much more to come!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Britney Spears shaves her head....(Say What?)

I usually don't do celebrity gossip. It has no place on this blog...
That's what she said....But when someone shaves their hair off it's pretty important.
Okay so Britney Spears Shaves her head at a tatoo parlour or whatever
Here's my questions and thoughts.

1. Why now? Is it the Global Warming in LA?
2. Did she just really like that Clairol Viral video about the bride.
3. Is she having her skull recalibrated.
4. What would Scarlet do?
5. Maybe she got really in to V for Vendetta.
6. Unicorns...They're just so beautiful.
7. Did she trade places with Kevin Federline like in the Movie Faceoff...
8. Maybe she has herself in Vogue's Fantasy fashion League...
9. Maybe she wants the role in the Sinead O'Connor biopic...
10. Mallomar!

Perez and x17
They have all the video and photos
I have no clue I just make up the bad suggestions.
STB(Save The Britney)

We now returned to our regulary scheduled Indie Rock Skateboarding day.......Click!

A Meik! and Demander


and Roll.............That just happened!!!!Whaddya say to that...

Pack up the Vans and sentras folks.
Some kids from North JERS(Frag y Yo) and some city folk(Demander) are headed out.
Think Gumball Rally 3000 but with out any of the racing.
It's back to an old stomping ground Joe's Mill Hill Saloon in Trenton.
Trenton Makes, Demander Takes over your town....
I plan on seeing many locals and High School friends...
They better still have Newcastle...It's like pancake syrup...
After the show I'm going to eat some really really thin pancakes
I've been watching Ricky Bobby way too much......wooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Two things
Friday was very fun.
We ponged, wined, dined, brined, and even sided.

I've been wanting to mention this T-Shirt that is very awesome.
I know I know...You have a t-shirt line, your mom does, your friend and even your college roommate. Well it ain't moneyhunt...

Check it out MONEYHUNT NYC
or for typers
I like them...hehehe

Follow to Friday when we walk in to A(or B) Bar.
And those boys are holding shop at the bar.
AmyNZ was participating but I don't think I have any photos of her.
She repped steve sizzou..

Dana and Frag jubilated

MEIK! and Frag ?super jubed

Turn on the bright lights

My live Pug Pillow(She put herself there)

Sleep for now

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Don't Leave me now.....Blinking Lincolns....

Ohhhhh that sounds like new music.
It definitely is. It sounds familiar but knew

Oh those kids from Zambri are up to their tricks again.
It's magical that's all I have to say.
They put a couple unmastered tracks on their myspace page.
I always bugged them anytime i'd see them saying how's the recording.
Well to me it sounds pretty on target.....

Zambri New Music

Tracks(Titles Possibly misnamed by me)
1. "Don't Leave me now"-You get up, You jump, and sing with strangers....
2. "God I'm still Living"-It's a boiling tea kettle, it's ready(i don't know what that means)
3. "Can't believe it - It's such a great song and even better live

Check it out come back.
Check it out again, dance a little.
Come back oh what the heck keep dancing...

On a side MEIK! presents a tale of 2 Villages from West East tomorrow.
I think we're starting off at Off the Wagon or Down the Hatch.
Possibly ending at B-sides....It depends what condition we're in.
Come on check it out and heckle during beer pong.
We'll just heckle back, we don't.
Maybe AmyNZ I'd watch out for her.
Frag well she's just a wild card.....
Here's the flyer I made two and they are so bad but funny....

A very Trucker or mustachioed Meik! B-day


A very Meik! rave or TRON B-day....

Monday, February 05, 2007

Returned from the Mountains to see the colts win.

So we returned from the mountains most of us in one piece.

Frag and Strapp

Hot Dog Johnny's was closed, oh Ratz....
Debo and I took some big runs down the hill
The ladies decided to take snowboarding lessons.
They were trained by their lolito instructor Petey...
Petey did all he could and layed the ground work...
Let's just say the ladies were sore from some splashes on the bunny hill.
Suarez and I both got tailbone stingers...
It's like called waiting for your spine and muscle tissue.
You make some funny noises for about 30 seconds and shake....

We hit the town of East Stroudsburg hard on Sautrday night.
Apparently everything that serves food closes at 10pm.
Also it was like 15 degrees eliminating any reason for a pub crawl
What kind of pub stops serving food at 10pm, you're a pub, pub food.
After getting mild frost bite we hopped in to cars and headed to a Perkins..
Yeah Hi-class all the way...That's what happens when you go out to eat at 10pm
Frag won for best meal container...
She got a chicken salad served in a bread bowl that looked like a Safari Hat.
My efforts to get her to wear the hat bowl after she finished eating were denied.

We partied some Friday.
But Saturday it was a couple glasses of wine, SNL, but no showtime at the apollo.
I woke back up and watched Jackass:Gumball Rally special.
It was pretty good, kinda similar to some of the VICE travel stuff.

First Run(Debo and Meik!)

Suarez-Goetz(I think I know who's gonna get a toaster for their registry)

It's Log(It's big, it's heavy, it's wood)

Action Debo

Frag being Ricky Bobby(I don't know what to do with my hands)

The group looking good(photo by Fritz)

By the end of the trip this is how we all felt.

See ya next Year....

at 27th annual find the chipmanzee in your backpack invitational snowathon...