Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Darling Don't Lurk Hard(Revised again)

News upon News...
Lastnight was great at Habana Outpost.
I'm heading out to drop off the film actually.
I even won the raffle(prizes/drink ticket/bubbles)
I even get to pick which charity gets the donation.
Tonight I'm heading out to see my favorite band from Denmark.
I'm not sure what other bands I like from there, but this my fave.
Darling Don't Dance are playing Goodbye Blue Monday at 8:00pmish

Later on if time allows it will call for a stop at Angels & Kings or B-Side
Our favorite Lurker is DJing tonight for the Trainwreck party.

In other breaking news we're going digital, sorta. We used to shoot digital photos alot. Well after breaking cameras at Boston Beer Gate '06 and Our First High Voltage. We converted to shooting film on some toy cameras and our Nikon N65 from School. So now we'll be shooting so many photos your pupils will be strained. It's a Pentax 10D and hopefully it will be arriving sometime this week. Now we'll be able to show you the photos ASAP.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Back to the BK!!!

Yep it's that time again, the last Monday of the Month...
Sassy and I were just discussing why we love this event.
And in no way can I repeat anything we said.
Here's the info from the Sugar Shack crew!
July 30th, 8:30pm FREE: Come out to NYC's first solar powered restaurant, The Habana Outpost (757 Fulton St. Brooklyn) for our monthly installment of Habana Burlesque! Enjoy a margarita and some of our delicious food while Schaffer the Darklord hosts a night of intoxicating entertainment featuring Creamy Stevens, Roja Rouge, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Pandora, Kit Kat and the lady of the house Miss RunAround Sue. A portion of our profits are donated to charity and if you're the lucky raffle winner, you will get to choose which charity! It's a good cause, a great spot and a fabulous time! Hope to see you there! Check out www.ecoeatery.com for more info.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Meik! meets Darling Don't Dance: "Must Have"

First off I can't stop listening to"Must Have".
I think I played it like 30 times already today.

So last thursday I took an L train to the luna lounge in the bk
Well we forgot that there's no 6 train between 38th and 14th on 3rd.
Yeah so we walked that in about 15 minutes. Crazy right.
After boarding the train I hauled ass over to the Luna Lounge.
Arriving just as Darling Don't Dance took the Stage.

Julie and DDD just having some fun...

Mette and her bow...(there were no arrows)

Maria and Julie of Darling Don't Dance

Maria rocking away sans bow

Mark on heavy on drums/symbals splashy

Mette in Meik!ovision

Darling don't dance full on rock!

Darling Don't Dance is a four piece band from Aarhus, Denmark.
Now the last time we were in Denmark Photo editor Karl was attacked by Puffins.
Hey sometimes the wrath of Dettifloss is somehting you have to deal with.
If you like The Oohlas, Silversun Pickups,
The guitar by all three women is very tight and in sync.
A lot of layering, harmonizing, and building up rhtyms.
Mark is a fun drummer full of high energy.
Also he's a pretty good dresser.
Ladies out there in the world, you're jealous of hair. Just say it.

It's the kind of music you put on your Ipod to guide you.
Maybe to run away from a bad or to embrace some you love.
You could dance all night to "Blue Dress"
But "Breathing Space" would be a perfect house party make out song.
Well it was also the last show of Marla Hooch.
Apparently, I'm still quite confused.
But they put on a great show.

Marla Hooch say goodbye!

One more time......

Jenny from Marla Hooch

Soraya from Marla Hooch giving it everything

Jenny is an insane guitarist and drummer

Sarah likes chicken wings we here...

So much that even DDD got in on the dancing action

Mark, Mette and Julie on stage

Julie fists are pumpin

You still have a couple chances left to see the ladies and gent of DDD.
At Goodbye Blue Monday on July 31st and Trash Bar on August 8th
I'm gonna do my best to be at both shows or at least Trash Bar date.
It's just party of see ing music and having fun.

After the show we did a quick stop at B-Side.
I forget if it was Apocolyptico or Deth City party
But Sara was tending bar and activities

Dj Doriana was providing the music

Later Kids

Exposed Meik! modeling Photos...

Ok they're not really exposed when I'm uploading it.
And actually it's just one photo.
Just showing off some stuff from Fred Flare in a towel.
Photos from Marla Hooch and Darling Don't Dance real soon

Friday, July 27, 2007

You listen, I'll bang....

Don't ask I'm watching some British comedies.
You might not understand.
Tonight we're going back again to Billytown to see Demander at Rooftop Films.
Apparently they quoted Editor Strapp you can see here at the bottom.
Every time we get quoted we imagine being chase by farmers with pitchforks and torches.
You get a little worried sometimes if you ever accidently say something wrong.
Luckily this hasn't come to frution except for that time we stopped by the farmers convention.
Who knew you couldn't make any John Deer jokes.

Last night was an amazing show at Luna Lounge.
I saw Darling Don't Dance for the first time and Marla Hooch for the last.
Who knew? And when you see the photos your gonna wanna punch yourself.
It was a night full of dresses wigs, make up, dancing, beverage, dreamy accents and fun.
I'm picking up some of the pictures actually in a few moments.
Til then....
We're closing the offices and getting happy for an hour...
Maybe go see the Simpsons movie...
Then Rooftop films.
After that, no freaken idea.

General Meik Leheusen

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Looking for Sirens and Finding Tarts and Scientists!

Back to the update from the Weekend.
The team after losing the Van on Friday decided to take the F train.
To where? Ah Yes Coney Island(Come on sing it like Ben Gibbard)
Nathan's was insane as usually and we skipped for some other spots.
We galloped from stage to stage.
Snacked on treats on the boardwalk.
Sweat...We did a lot of sweating.
The music was fun but everything just went by so quick.
Here's some of what we saw.

Waiting for Sassy, Frag snapped this artsy photo.
Photo by Frag!
We just missed the Tarts of Pleasure.
They were headed to their Pre-We Are Scientists set.
Telephoto Tarts of Pleasure  at Siren
WAS and Tarts from Afar!!
We Are Scientists and Tarts of Pleasure
We Are Scientists Siren 7-20-07
This is how you miss the bands you want to see
Siren Crowd 7-21-07
In my case all of M.I.A. and half of Matt and Kim
(Barely Matt of Matt and Kim)
matt of matt and kim at siren 7-21-07
INTERPOL are coming...
(you shouldn't have copied those VHS TAPES in '95)
Interpol is comming!!!!!
Sassy and Frag sitting during Voxtrot
Frag and Sassy sitting during Voxtrot at Siren 7-21-07
Garbarge shot '07
Garbage shot of Siren '07
Is this the Last Siren?(Voxtrot crowd)
Siren during Voxtrot 7-21-07
Frag Trainspotting
Frag waiting for a train
Sassy and Sassy Hair
Sassy Hair
Just Meik!
Meik(Self Portait) 7-21-07
Some Sweet rooftop Graffiti
Graffiti in the BK
That's how we spent our Siren Fest.
Oh and We stopped bye B-Side
(more b-side photos soon).
I love Andrew's next hat, it's so derelicte
Andrew in a Box in B-Side
What about you?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You had me Fred Flare!(Stay Awesome vs Stay Cute)

We interrupt weekend news for this Meik! Exclusive.
(Well how many other Meik!'s are there anyway)
So I needed sunglasses bad right.
My 80's Oakley's we done.
Well I wanted wayfarers or however you spell it.
We don't really care about spelling after being thrown
out of the '05 Scripps Spelling Bee.
Legally we're not alound to talk about it.
But whose to say a 24 yearold can't enter a contest against
some home schooled little kids. Apparently the law.
I'm talking to ESPN!!

Ray Ban....Oakley...Hey wait what about Fred Flare...
And Then I winked.
Frag pushed me on to their website of funderment and collaborations.
Some of their ads really fun and entertaining.
We almost went to the Amy Sedaris event but well, we didn't.
So having a couple free moments I searched fredflare.com

Well if I'm going to buy some Risky Business shades,
hey why not get a couple.
And then I just kept shopping. Oh it is quite addictive.

So I ordered a whole bunch of stuff for me and Frag
I sent a funny special shipping instructions,
"Just Stay Awesome"
Since FF's tag is "Stay Cute". Thinking it would get a giggle or two.
A few days late a box arrives with everything in toe or tact.
The shipping label label says You too!! (: , next to my writing.

Here's some of what we got:
I got Frag the Strawberry Necklace

And a huge ring not picture
My black glasses fit amazing and I will probably get more.
Obviously when some new colors come in.
These were the other glasses I got. Pretty Amazing

And why not get a new gym bag and a camera.
I now dub this the Meik! Gym & Kamera bag.

After all my CVS drama, I know the FF team deserved a Thank YOU!!!
1 Hour Photo doesn't mean 6 trips and 2 weeks.
FF stands for customer service.
I sent them a message yesterday,
and actually got a reply from Jen today.
Thanks Jen(90% this is the Jen who emailed me back)

And Thankyou Team Fred Flare!!!

Me and Frag will be posing tonight with our goodies!!!
Hopefully have that up tonight or tomorrow.
Til then we're stopping by B-Bar tonight to meet Sassy and Friends.
Well from all of us at Meik! "Just Stay Awesome"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meik! Friday 7-20-07: Part 5 Stolen Transmission aka Chadae's Party

What's a Friday now adays without Stolen Transmission.
The best thing I've come to learn about ST is be prepared for unexpected.
The last installment was a B-day Party for ST intern Chadae.
That was a pretty awesome flier from what I hear Sarah made herself.
I showed up a little later than usually around 1230ish Ithink.

Gurj was ladying the decks with all kinds of hip-hop
(I was going to say manning but gurj is a lady...der!!)
Are we having a laugh??
Adding some help and break time Sarah also caused DJ mayhem
I am Ultragrrrl!!!!!!!!!
Read it now or you'll be missing out...
I'm not a graphic designer so it's always fun to hear their thoughts
I love this photo because Erica is in white and all around is black.
Check out the Britney Pin. It's all about the details.
It's somewhat Angelic how she's in white.
and all people around are in black, blue or shadows.
For a second I thought I was gonna kick the bucket.
No just a friend Hello.
Though if I see a King next time. I'm a gonna Freak out!!!!!
I also got recognized as someone who isn't me...again
This time as cobrasnake. Probably because of my Supreme hat
Or maybe the big kamera in my hands...
It's all good this kid came up and we talked a couple minutes.
He was really nice and having a great time.
He who meets Meik!
Maybe he'll pass on meikmeik to all his friends,
As long as I don't get confuse for someelse and punched I'm fine.

Sarah and her Friend Sarah were in Full effect...
Sarah's or Sarahs' 2 people named sarah
Oh this would have been a perfect time to some Reggie and the Full Effect.
Anything off of Promotional Copy.
Sarah and a very Cursive Fellow(happy couple)
Sarah and her boy from Cursive 7-20-07
Karen Ended her Meik! embargo with Sarah and a certain member of Cursive
Karen and Friends at Angles and Kings 7-20-07
After some goodbyes it was off to B-Side for some AM shenanigans.

Meik! Friday 7-20-07: Sassy Meets some Ruff Kids at Revolver

You thought you were SASSY, you have no idea.
Sassy is RED!

After seeing some Bands I met up Sassy, Sally and the Knee...
We don't use real names here. For all you know this could be Karl.
For a good time Kall Karl at Karl's FUN TIME TOWN...

After a chili dog we were enroute to Revolver.
It was the new Seventeen party with the Ruff Kids...
(You know the story better than me)
We were told it was no DEEBS night, we got worried for a sec.
We got in no probs..

Sassy and a Dog!

Hey Ruff Kids no sleeping on the Job!

Micah, Sassy, and the Knee..

Almost a fight. Just Pushing....

View from a couch.......

Sassy next to a girl thinking i'm someoneelse....

Meeting Meik! for the first time.....

After chats, funny discussions and faker names we gallied.
The group would part some ways and journey solo.
Next Stop for Meik! Stolen Transmission...See ya soon.............