Friday, August 31, 2007

Jared for Demander

Jared Demander, originally uploaded by thismeik.

If you didn't know my US and Internation friends those crazy kids from Demander are gonna be hitting the road stateside and across the pond. This is from the day I told Jared the Meik! biographer Karl Glaustensten would be working on a bio piece about him covering his early days as a boy found near the sea. How he became friends with a fishing family. Wisked away by army of Pirates who he would eventually become their captain and take his ship to conquer the Island of Manhattan. I was told that Karl needs to do a lot more fact checking but we stand by his research so far.

We'll get you the dates and info real soon.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

In case you forgot...

This is what happens at The Gay Blades Show.
I just wanted to post something about this again.
Also apparently 15 people enjoyed viewing this photo on flickr.
It was even funnier since this past weekend's flight of the conchords took places at Fontana's. when did it turn in to a Tiki Bar.

Still the Joker in Queens for now...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beaver Meik! is in Queens...

Beaver Meik!, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Well the office is shut down til September 9th.
But don't fret we've got nature correspondant Alfred Sentre Meik! out on a safari searching for an elusive and unnamed monkey species. Fashion Week is comming up and Meik! Apparel designer Lion Vi DuDonne is working on his Bryant Park Collection. Don't believe the hype they're saying about foil this year. Lion is going to be all about 3 things: Heather Gray, Hooker Green, and Savion Blanc.....(it's an industry joke)...Lastly the other 45 of us packed and put on our tennis whites for the US Open. You might see us causing a little bit of a ruckus or mid-galivanting at the courts. It's all in good fun. We'll throw and end of the half of september party at B-side and even Angels & Kings with a stolen transmission photograganza....Till then make a beaver face...And be on the look out for the many different faces of Meik!

Pins are going to be on the way soon...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Gay Blades at Fontana's 8-24-07

Last of the pre-blog's. I think this photo sums up the Gay Blades live. I didn't expect ladies and dudes in masks and crazy outfits. Mainly underoos and some fabric or lace. The Gay Blades will rock your face off, maybe run through the crowd for a jog or chat. Show up with some positive vibes to see them. Or you might be tasting the headstock of a Gibson. The drums are ferocious. No seriously. You won't even believe the rest of the photos from this show. Soon very soon.

Karen(Demander) and how I almost was beheaded...

ok this is just a sneak peak of the photos I shot from Demander. This is from the The Gay Blades record release show at Fontana's on Friday. The place was pretty packed and it was tight for room to shoot some photos. Apparently we thought it would be smart to get within in 6 inches from karen. Let's just say if you're not quick on your feet you might get KO'd by the tuners on karen's bass. It's a fact...Complete recap and more photos on sunday(probably)..

If you only knew?

IMGP1265.JPG, originally uploaded by thismeik.

If you only the knew...
Apparently this is what goes down at Fontana's
Kinda crazy, it was a little packed on Friday...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Kiss some Sassy!!!

IMGP0857.JPG, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Welcome to Team 26!!!!
Some people have B-day parties.
We'll just make up a team and welcome you to it.
Then we make time to have a party.
Resident Meik! Designer gets celebrated with some galivanting and shenanigans. Tonight's attendees include: Meik!, Frag, Sassy herself, The Knee, a gaggle of co-workers and friends and even a former UN Ambassador(might be lying about the last one). So if you see sassy give her a peck on the head as shown in this photo by Frag!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Friends of Meik!

We're headed to the Nokia theater tonight.
It's the Return of The Rentals.
No seriously it is. That album title is no longer ironic as it was in 1995
I just got their new EP last night.(I forget the title)
I can't wait to hear Friends of P and the one that begins with "I know a girl who lives on the coast of Spain, 21 in the prime her life..." Such an awesome tune. I might have two extra tix. It depends on some friends of mine. So let me know. If you have the meik! cell phone number give me a ring then..See you later we'll be a b-side before the show. The password is "blue argyle"

Monday, August 20, 2007

Zambri(Acoustic) at Fat Baby

IMGP0957.JPG, originally uploaded by thismeik.
Here's a little big more of how the night went down
Zambri Neon
Two tone Zambri
Chris and Jess
Zambri at Fat Baby
Chris and Mic
Andy B.
Mas Zambri
Christi and Chris
Zambri at Fat Baby
Jess and Christi
Last friday our friends Zambri played a semi acoustic set (not counting the one casio keyboard) to a packed Fat Baby Crowd. Friends, family, fans and well wishers. Oh and one guy with a gigantic camera stumbling around(Meik!) The set was a mixture of news songs, old ones and I believe a cover or two. The lighting was crazy which let me get some crazy shots which you'll see pretty soon. The sound worked really well with the arrangements. After the show I would come to find out that Chris pretty much had no guitar monitor and the rehearsal time was very minimal. Be on the lookout I may have more exciting news coming about the Zambri kids. But that's all we know right now.

The National at South Street Seaport

I forgot.
On Friday members of Meik! made it out to SSS.
To see a little band called The National.
Oh man, they are really really good.
Even when the weather is a crappy out.
The sky held on long enough and it was time well spent.
Except for the lady in front me dancing.
Seriously...Yeah Seriously...
Londony Fogy time

Margot Bianca at the Living Room

Margot Bianca at the Living Room, originally uploaded by thismeik.
Margo and the back porch ensemble
Margot Bianca at the Living Room
some funny lights
Margot Bianca at the Living Room
Margot Bianca at the Living Room
A little more mellow
Margot Bianca at the Living Room
Least we forget. Margot Bianca was amazing yesterday at the Living Room as well. She was backed up by the Back Porch Ensemble. If you are familiar with her other work in The Assault you may have been impressed by her softer Grand Ole Oprey side on such a dreary rainy day. In no means was this some sort of sleeper country set, rather a collection of roots guitar and folk action. Her set was mainly full of covers and one original near the end. In that type of environment its great to hear an artist play songs that have influenced their work or ones that they have a great connection to. Margot's always awesome to shoot photos of live because she makes some great smiles and gestures when hitting a chord or finishing a song. It's always great to see someone who can wail on an electric strum out some sweet mellodies and an acoustic. I'll put up some more photos later today of all three acts.

Chris Leo at the Living Room

Chris Leo at the Living Room
Chris Leo at the Living Room
Eyes open
Chris Leo at the Living Room

Double Vision
Chris Leo at the Living Room
Chris Leo was the first performer of the night. He mixed his set between songs and poetry readings. Some were setting up the structure for some of his songs or explain the reason and logic between certain words he may have used which meanings have been drastically changed or had their definitions forgotten over time. If you haven't heard Chris before you would probably think of bright eyes. But believe me he's much more than that. and you might just want to find out in person.

Kamara at the Living Room

Kamara at the Living Room, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Kamara and some assistance

Kamara and at the Living Room

Even Margo joined Kamara for a song
Kamara and Margot Bianca at the Living Room

and maybe a laugh

Kamara and Margot Bianca at the Living Room

Kamara from afar
Kamara at the Living Room

Kamara is probably one of the most amazing high energy people I have ever seen. From the first time I saw Earl Greyhound I was completely blow away with the low end rythms of her bass and wailing vocals and screams she can unleash. Well yesterday I could her in a more intimate acoustic setting showed another more delicate range and in vocals and and plucking. Her last number which was a very anthemic Apache themed number felt like she was taken away by lyrics and put in to some sort musical limbo you kinda wished went on forever. It eventually came to an end but it was a good old Sunday after noon in the rain.

Ryan the Temp...

One of our favorite shows, The Office, is getting a bit more viral.
They are breaking the 4th wall with some news and a new Website.
So if you need some paper and you're a small business, head on over to Dunder Mifflin
Apparently you'll find out who got the VP job in NYC and much more.
When does season 3 start up again?

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Justice tix just went on sale for Terminal 5 in NYC.
I'm just saying you better hurry up.
Flight of the Drunchords(Meik! and NZ Nick have tix locked up)
I think i'm Bret cause nick has the better voice.


Friday, August 17, 2007

All you Lurkers to the D.A.N.C.E. Floor

Tonight one night only.
Members of Team Meik! may possibly dance battle members of Team Dagger.
We're off to the dance store to pickup some "Beat it" jackets...
We're bringing the a game tonight.
Not known yet of Teams Stolen Transmission or Teams A&K will be ready to fill in.
No Jazz Hands and No Mercy...

Distortions are fun...

I just go this photo back from Duande Reade it's a whole long story but like half the photos came back looking like this. I was shooting black and white film and something screwed. A couple of my graphic desinger friends were saying "hey somebody likes to play with photoshop". I would like to say I did but I didn't. I think it was an error in the upload from the negative whatevs....Today is going to be a fun day and here somethings you can do with us....

They call me McLovin
Superbad at like 2 or 3pm
Food and Drink 5-7
7-9 The National at South Street Seaport
South Street Seaport
19 Fulton St. , New York, NY 10038
9-10:30 Fat Baby for Zambri Acoustic show
10:30-12:30 Angels & Kings and B-Side

It wouldn't be meik! if you weren't there....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Tonight begins a Fortnite with Sassy!!!

2 weeks of mayhem and madness with yeah head of the Sass....
Tonight we're going to the Crocodile Lounge for a little buckhunting action. Frag and I will be deciding if our relation ship is moving in a Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth direction or more of the Gilligan's Island Lovie and Mr. Howell existance. It's not a boat it's a YACHT. It will be a night to remember. I've got to strengthen up and train for some more rubberband wars at B-side though I don't think Andrew is working tonight. 50 percent chance Frag and I will stop by the B before we head home. More to come so look out if you are at the Croc, Pianos, or B-side tonight. We're coming your way....

It's all in the Bag...(a bag of crazy)

Well last night was filled with some crazy people and tirades. Thrown at Meik! and Frag like a crazy sorta of cricket match. Sorry Yanks i've got England on the brain today. The source of discontent was the bag being curated here in December '06 by Meik! bag designer Leonard Von Meik! Apparently a camo messenger bag means something different than we thought. Or maybe they thought our giant camera bag was a Ferragamo. No I don't think so. But here's how I explained it to the kids over at

My ordeal last night with 3 different homophobic groups(homeless, meatheads, and pub folk near MSG ) deciding to harass while I was walking with my wife and had my ring on, but apparently my camo bag is code. So the best of the three incidents was with some Crazy Homeless Shopping Cart guy who said “Why don’t you get on your TWA airline and fly home to where ever you belong”. “I own this town and you don’t belong here” he would continue. “I hope you get on a plane and it’s full of lesbians and they all beat you up”. There’s a lot that he said that wasn’t funny crazy more like crazy scary when started making threats. He ended up following us for like 10 blocks but ran away near the cops.

PlayRadioPlay update and why not video games as well

PlayRadioPlay at the Knitting Factory 8-13-07
PRP in the confines of gravity
PlayRadioPlay at the Knitting Factory 8-13-07
PRP and the multicolor bells and such
PlayRadioPlay at the Knitting Factory 8-13-07
PRP somewhat through the rafters
PlayRadioPlay at the Knitting Factory 8-13-07
The Photo Atlas at Knit
The Photo Atlas at the Knitting Factory 8-13-07
Getting closer with TPA
The Photo Atlas at the Knitting Factory 8-13-07
TPA from afar....
The Photo Atlas at the Knitting Factory 8-13-07
TPA from the raftersss...
The Photo Atlas at the Knitting Factory 8-13-07
Start looking for yourself.....NOW!
The Photo Atlas at the Knitting Factory 8-13-07

In case you forgot, PlayRadioPlay did double duty on Monday. The Apple store in Soho and also the Knitting Factory. I'll put up plenty more photos tomorrow from the store and the factory. Also a bunch of good picks of those crazy kids from the photo atlas. For now it's off to sleep.

PRP at the Apple Store

PlayRadioPlay at Apple Soho Store 8-13-07

PRP Near

PlayRadioPlay at Apple Soho Store 8-13-07


PlayRadioPlay at Apple Soho Store 8-13-07

Bonus I played Madden '08 tonight and it's pretty darn good. Plus Demos for Stranglehold, Beautiful Katamari, and Big time BioShock. That game is going to be really good.

Wednesday night we're going out in style. Tennis whites and with our friend Sassy to get all crazy. The password in Crocodiles....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Guests not appearing on stage will receive the following.

Meik!+Skull Vans+Dock, originally uploaded by thismeik.

That line was always in my head in the 80's.
I think Rod Roddy must have said it like a million times.
Like Lorimar Television and a Mark Goodson Television Production
Why do I just have the need sometimes to say it.
Highschool sick days and syndication. Pretty much.
Oh well it's the battle we fight.

Guests of todays blog will not be getting black and white skull & bones vans slip ons but they can print out this photo and make a t-shirt or do something DIY, I guess. I have a proposal to pitch to my lead designer sassy about Meik! T-Shirts after receiving the Meik! Business cards. They're pretty sweet.

Anyways I went out to see PlayRadioPlay twice last night. Once at the apple store and another at the Knitting Factory. Both shows were really good. I got to Apple soho for the last two songs. But still enough time to get yelled at for taking photos. There wasn't a sign but they may have been recording or didn't want a disturbance. No problem. It's my fault they caught me when I stood up and used the flash finally. The chairs on the right hide you pretty well. After forgetting directions I just decided to start walking south towards the knitting factory and made it to the venue with ease. If I was actually looking for it with directions I would have been a mess. Got there in plenty of time and saw the Dagger(Erica Are I), Gurj and Sarah. I need a name tag or something that says hi name is Strapp. Gurj didn't recognize me at first sans hair. But it feels a lot better in the heat. And it sounds like plenty is in the works for WHAT ARE YOU LURKING AT? More Party Dress or Bed Gown...I was kinda tired but when Photo Atlas went on I really woke up. I don't know what was different between the last time I saw them and now but I was really in to their sound. Very High energy. I need to go pick up that cd today. PlayRadioPlay was just insane with the break beats and a slightly elaborate set up. I was trying to figure out the push bells above one of the keyboards. I couldn't believe how many of the lyrics I rememberd. During a couple songs I could remember the first time I ever heard them at Stolen Transmission or at a Tarts of Pleasure event. The night ended with some rubberband wars at b-side involving myself and Andrew and Sara. I don't think andrew can lay on his right side. Ooooops.

Lastly get better Wayne Rooney. He plays for Manchester United and broke his foot again. It's a blow to the English National team and to United. He's my boy and we need him back to win the league again. But let's see what Carlos Tevez, Ronaldo and Nani can do this week....

Monday, August 13, 2007

More Noisebin Photos from Trash Bar

After a little rest and some painting here's some of Friday's photos.
It's some of the Photos from Noisebin at Trash Bar.
Your going to look at them and say why wasn't I there.
I know you're pretty upset with yourself right now and you should be.
We'll let you know when their next show is and even hold your hand if you ask.

Noisebin @ Trash Bar 8-10-07
Noisebin @ Trash Bar 8-10-07
Noisebin @ Trash Bar 8-10-07
Noisebin @ Trash Bar 8-10-07
Double Vision
Noisebin @ Trash Bar 8-10-07
Bass of ACE
Noisebin @ Trash Bar 8-10-07
Noisebin downlow
Noisebin @ Trash Bar 8-10-07
One Eye
Noisebin @ Trash Bar 8-10-07
The Set
Noisebin @ Trash Bar 8-10-07
The bin in B&W
Noisebin @ Trash Bar 8-10-07
Noisebin @ Trash Bar 8-10-07

View the whole set on thismeik at Flickr