Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween from my bum....

B-side 8-6-07 Foosball, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Ummm this Halloween I'm gonna be a foosball table.
Well I'll be propped up like one.
I'm off to sleep and then in couple hours I'll be on the operating table.
Just removing some junk from my lower back, A pilondinal cyst, I believe.
If I spelled it wrong it's because I'm tired.
So if later on Halloween I blog and its not readable.
That's just the medication talking.
We'll be in bed till this weekend and probably back out next week.
Shenanigans are already being planned to ensue....
Til then party up and we'll recap our day for you tomorrow.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Magnum Meik. I. and the pre-Halloween costume adventure

Magnum Meik. I., originally uploaded by thismeik.

So we celebrated Halloween early this year.
Since one Meiker will be sleeping and medicated all Halloween day.
We dressed a little crazy and had some fun.
The ladies and chris went as Beers and I stuck with Magnum P.I.
The first place we went to had like 2 people dressed up and everybody else just stared at us at the door.
So we didn't even go in and headed over to the Shannon Rose.
Cops were a big thing whether they were sexy, slutty or Reno 911 esque.
There was a couple borderline costumes that could've gotten people beaten up or in some trouble. I won't even describe.
Kimi was the St. Paulie Girl and Frag was Magic hat #9
Kimi, Meik and Frag
Frag and Chris discussed some of the attire
Frag's Magic hat #9 and an amazed Chris
My buddy Chris was Blue Moon
Magnum Meik and Chris's Blue Moon
I think i gave him an atomic wedgie when returned from our adventure.
Oh to be young and have some fun.
I learned it's a bad idea to put a fake mustache on top of a real mustache. It hurts when you try and take it off. And also luckily I didn't run in to tom selleck because the last time that happened things got just a little bit weird. Sadly there was nobody there that resembled HIggins.
There's plenty going on this week for you to checking whether it's with the kids at the Shindig! party of those mysterious members of LVHRD.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Woodman's creation Golem Woodman Djing FSHNDL IV: UNDD BL?

Alright I'm really confused(again).
Woodman and Now Golem Woodman.
What's going on here with living and undead DJs.
Well let's start at the beginning.
You there's this LVHRD event called FSHNDL IV: UNDD BLL going on Tuesday.
Pitting two teams of designers and a model against each other.
They'll using a mysterious material and it should quite fun.
The King of Miami Dave Hill is hosting the Gala.
You gotta get tickets or tckts as they would say.
So we think the Woodman story is quite interesting.
Our sources say other wise but we'll give Woodman the benefit of the doubt with his creature creating abilities. But if his Golem balances a can of colt 45 on his we really know it's you in disguise Woodie.
If we go we're dressing up as a Zombie Jeff Spicoli...

You remember how we went to LVHRD DNCRD III.
A DJ duel of the century where DJ Elhaam won out.
DJ Elhaam Robot Blair at DNCHRD III: VNYL
Well they put up a really cool piece about the vinyl being delivered to her at EVR(East Village Radio) by none other than Johnny Santos.
Learn a little more about an nyc DJ and see what happens when you win over 150 vinyl records.

For all this and more head over to LVHRD.ORG

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Assault at Luna Lounge tonight...(10/25)

The Assault all smiles, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Do you ever get confused watching late night TV.
As soon as it's 12:01am and they start showing commercials for the next night. Hey see Dilmour Fiddles on the Giggly show tonight.
I made up those names to not get sued and if I every me someone name Dilmour I might croke. It's like hey the day hasn't ended yet. It's not tomorrow till I fall asleep. But then by that logic it's still Saturday for us here at the Meik! offices. Pay no attention to our logic. But this tangent was leading us to tell you about the Assault.

Well the lovely ladies from the Assault are Playing "tonight"(10/25)
At Luna Lounge in Brooklyn to be more precise.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it out but you should.
It was evening this week's Time Out New York if you don't believe us.
I'm posting in flickr so cut and paste for more info at myspace.com/theassault


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Hold Steady with Art Brut and Demander

Yeah kids it went down tonight in Philly and we barely made it.
Actually I thought the show was tomorrow.
Sivan helped me out so much and their wouldn't be any photos tonight with her help and reading my rambling text messages.
The show was just insane all around.
Jared started the show in red with a little solo
Demander in Red at the TLA
I got to see my buddies Demander take the stage in Philly to a pretty responsive shout. Karen gave me(Strapp) a shout out during Lovelife. The song that I didn't know lyrics to at the Revolver show. But now I can sing it accapella. They sounded really good in a big space and having everything fully mic'd. Even Sivan's handclapps for the one song I don't know it's title. I can only imagine the stories they'll have from the adventure across many seas, skies, and mountains. Who knows maybe even a fjord or two. But during their set I bounced back and forth either taking photos from near and far or listening to how clear Karen and Jared's vocals were. It feels so right that the stages they are on are getting bigger and bigger. Pretty soon more and more kids across the country will be wearing their shirts. UH oh! I just remember the demander t-shirt drinking game. Eeeeek!
Karen did this really cool trick with her soul....
Karen and her soul

Art Brut tore up the stage as per usual.
Art Brut at Fillmore TLA
Lean for it eddie
Art Brut at Fillmore TLA
Giving that they could in migrating their British rock to the US.
Thanks customs for not causing modifications.
Jasper and Ian were all over the stage.
Eddie ran like a mad man through the crowd.
It's probably one of the funniest or wittiest bands you can see live. Sure they have some songs and titles that are pretty similar but the music is high energy, easy to sing a long, and involves plenty of audience participation. I ran in their bassist right after and she was so nice. Then my bag and I and her got stuck. I told her just push me as hard as you can outta the way and your set was really good. With a smile she said thanks and we were both on our way. Apparently some kids didn't wanna move. Whateversandevers. I need to pick up Art Brut's latest album because the new stuff which i've heard some of is sounding better and better. You may resume your stance as Top of the Pops, ART BRUT!!!!!

The Hold Steady are my future Hockey arena rock Heroes.
The Hold Steady at the Fillmore TLA in Philly
They can play festivals clubs whatever large or small.
Yet they have the ability to connect with any audience no matter what the size. Franz almost shattered a wine with awesome Cocktail like moves. Sadly one went arry. Craig danced around the stage strumming and having the crowd in his arms. At the end of the show they brought some of the crowd up and it went together pretty tame. Noboddy caused any problems and security made sure everyone got up and down in a safe and orderly manner. I guess there something to say about Philadelphia freedom. Noboddy got layed out like at the Brooklyn Festival over the summer. Ouch. Watching them from the stage is a pretty amazing sight and intense experience. Boys and girls in america is still such an amazing song live. And any of the acoustic tracks seem so intimate. Great job everybody.

After wards I helped pack/shot photos of the Demander's Devander and said my goodbye's to the kids who I probably won't see till December. Our originally planned Meik! goes fishing in Scandinavia Travel show has been canceled as of right now. Oh well.....
We'll Miss you Sivan, Karen and Jared.
See ya soon and good luck...
More photos to come tomorrow of all the shenanigans

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Demander and a meik!!!! at Philly tonight!!!

Demander and a meik!!!!, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Oh Carp...I gotta put these fish away and get in car.
Those Crazy Demander kids are tearing up Philly tonight.
The Fillmore or the old TLA whatever you wanna call it.
Along with The Hold Steady and Art Brut.
I'm going to try and document some shenanigans.
We'll just have to see.
I'm up up and away.....
Jared was not available for comment but we did get to speak with his pin.
Jared Pin 2
We're Off to I-95
His pin said the show would be amazing....

What Meik! do? Blogger to Bogger....Exit???

What Meik! do?, originally uploaded by thismeik.

So it's late and there's a bunch to do and on my mind.
I saw Justice again this night and they were pretty amazing.
They included some Uffie in their mixes.
I wasn't sure they did that on Saturday.
But it was a fun little time all around.

As of now I have given myself a two week time limit to get a media job with either a website, magazine, or agency.
Should this fail to happen I will move to South Jersey or Carolina and pick a career I left 15 years ago. That of being a cranberry farmer. Or more importantly Cranberry bogger. Since they are cultivated in giant basins or bogs. Our great great great grandfather new someone who once worked at the Ocean Spray Plants. One day he had a dream, 15 shillings, and a bag of cranberry seeds. After a 5 day journey to South Carolina, Donally J. Meik arrived in Lower Tipperlee which would soon become the Meik! Cranberries and chickens Farm. Later Just Meik! Farms. Well there was a little problem with the chicken farm so we like to kinda forget that in the family history slash lineage. Who knew that Purdue dude had the proper business model. The farm would eventually hold 17 of the largest Cranberry bogs in the lower 48 states. We still don't know how they found that Killer Whale in the one but 1984 was one of the best batches ever as noted by many agencies of flavor. Yours truly was raised there till the age of 11. I then took the reverse footsteps of my relatives and returned to NJ and NYC. My journey up north was spurred by a youth of swimming in the bog check for Quality assurance, temperature and overall generalities. Also I just found out that the Treasure Map that I was given is bogus. I've been searching the Lower East Side two years straight for John O'Hurley-Meik's vast treasure chest. It was supposed to be located either in the basement of the Annex, Cake Shop, Max Fish, or B-side. No Dice. So It looks like I make take a risk and try to reopen the farm. Oh back in the old days my skin would be stained red for a month from the juice. We I have in someones been a cranberry to some shenanigans.

So could I be leaving the Meik! offices?
Who could be the next fearless leader.
May this cause a rift between Sassy and Frag...
What does Strapp have to say about this...
Is Demander on Tour...Yes!!!!
And are we going to the TLA on Wednesday...You Bet....
Are we serious????????????

Till then I'm listening to some Sonic Youth, Bon Iver, LCD, Justice and Innerpartysystem to debate with my head while trying to fall asleep.
Updates soon.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Meik! at Justice

Meik! at Justice, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Yep that meik in a bluish lit bathroom at Terminal 5.
So last night was really long.
I mean really really long. I mean the last week has felt like one day that just hasn't ended. Well Alas CMJ is and we can start recanting all of our memories or in case resting.

We missed out on the PB&J(Hold the J) show.
Mainly our fault and we probably would've had to sleep in PA.
Our Friends and yours the zambri kids went around 1ish ithink.

We did how ever see Justice at Terminal 5 earlier in the day.
We were told by security that if we took photos they would take our camera. Since we didn't have one of those snazy photographer badges like nicky digital or couple of the other folks we have no crowd shots. Well when we went to the bluish bathrooms we had to take a risk and ruin that embargo. Terminal was pretty crazy, 3 flights and couches and packed. This really felt like the club they went to for the raves on Beverly Hills 90210. Justice had their huge stage set up which is amazing. From the second we could see their equipment. I mix of keyboards, synths, Laptops, mixers and probably some loopers or what not. I some similarities in their performance to that of the chemical brothers. The huge stacks of marshall amp were awesome. Though I don't even know if they really were plugged in. The guys perform really well looping differnt songs together, cutting out and syncing by bumping each other to prepare for changes or new tracks. There Master of Puppets track is pretty insane and I was suprised but not shocked that We are your friends got a huge response. The crowd tried singing the chorus a couple times to lure the guys back out on stage. They didn't come back out but it was pretty amazing.

Later we went bouncing through LESly(that's what I call L.E.S. now)
A trip to Dash's Dogs for a Fat Baby and something else.
I realized I went Gray's papaya earlier my dog count was about 4-6 for the night. After or Before dash's we met up some of Mike's( Not Meik's) friends at someplace in the West Village almost Les place.
Minutes before or after AJ Apparently AJ from the Sopranos was there and I bumped in to him in the bathroom. He was a pretty funny kid and was up some fun with his friends.

After more walking gavanting we somehow ended up at Pianos.
Who knew their ceiling was green?
Packed Pianos
We battled Sassy vs Meik!
Sassy vs Meik!
Who shoots with a Pentax?
Group photo
I think the girl in the gray is the one who I chatted with about cameras.
It was pretty funny. The crowd was kinda a mix of people who like cameras and then well people who don't like cameras. Fact!
Went upstairs. Took some photos.
Had some beverage. Took some more photos.
Got yelled at for taking photos and then moved on
Overall it was a really good night.
We were running all over, missed out on a bunch of things due to guest lists being screwed up, us just being behind schedule, West Village traffic or just straigh exhaustion. We learned that mailboxes have great reverb. Ask us about that some time.
There's a whole bunch of other stories including a bunch of top gun references. Sorry to anybody we missed. We'll rest and catch up soon.

Ummm I might tix for Justice's Monday Show.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Crashin Mansions with Zambri

Crashin Mansions with Zambri, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Last night we spent a little time at Crash Mansion.
We saw a couple of bands. One of which we like a lot.(Zambri)
The kids are playing again tonight at some supersecret party.
I actually have to look up the address right now.
We sat near Peter from PB&J.
That guy is literally everywhere at this CMJ.
I have a theory that he does not sleep, ever...
We missed the CocoRosie perfomance if it happened at Deitch last night.
Sassy and Frag in blurs
Sassy and Frag!
Instead myself, Sassy and Frag opted for a late snack at Spitzer's Corner.
Let's look back at last nights Zambrinicity
Zambri at Crash Mansion CMJ
Pedals, Feet and Blurry Lights
Pedals, feet, and blurry lights
Zambri Thrashin
Zambri Thrash
Zambri CMJ (Carrie)
Chris Close Up
Zambri(Chris Closeup) CMJ
Chris was celebrating his birthday too...
Happy Birthday Chris!!!!
I even caught Andy
Andy Zambri
A little down low
Zambri from down low
Here's Zambri and some of Blue Phase Work
Zambri at Crash Mansion CMJ
more blue
Zambri at Crash Mansion CMJ
This Car Up, the opener were a little late.
They still put on a pretty good set.
It sounded synthy rockish. that's a weak description but I'm just tired.
This Car Up
And gettin low and a penguin
Gettin low and a penguin
So let's Review tonight's plan.
Pianos for the end of BK Vegans' Party
Terminal 5 for Justice, if you find me I have an extra ticket!!!
Out to the secret party in the BK.
If that fails then back to the city or out to Studio B.
We'll just have to see then.
Just dropping 10's like they're 1's
Meik! Money Money Money!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Hawaiian Stylofones and deercakes....

That's thursday in a couple of words.
I'm still so far behind but there's no reason to keep any order.
Just start spewing it randomly.
Well sometime today after crawling in to the city the show a started.
We caught Deertick at Cake Shop
Dark Deertick
Deertick in the dark
Deertick from the ground
Good music with nice energy and some twang.
Definitely check these guys out again
Val Kilmer's name in thirds at Cake Shop
Val Kilmer
Galluped backed over to 1515 then to Hawaiian Tropic Zone.
Yeah that's what I just said.
It's like Hooters for men that wear collars I guess.
This was for the top 100 nyc bachelors party.
The food and bevy was insane.
Even Crazier was when Executive Chef David Burke popped out of the kitchen(In white).
Gothamites and Davide Burke
Side note he's been on After Hours with Daniel(Boulud)
It's about cooking, conversations, and entertainment nothing dirty...
It's on mojo hd and we always have it on Tivo
There we some Gotham Kids on hand
Gothaminians at Hawaii Tropic Zone
This happened somehow
More Randomness
Even Sassy and Frag
Sassy and Frag
We took a train down to B-Side to say goodbye to our traveling Demanders.
I think we made eye contact with Leigh Lezark outside Otto's Shrunken Head.
The body in her hair is pretty darn amazing. But alas we had no time to waste
The venturers Karen, Sivan and Jared were in fun fare.
They're gonna be on the road for about 2 months.
We're going to the Philly show in a couple days so we don't forget what they look like.
I filled in for Sivan in a foosball game with Karen.
We got destroyed by Franz and another dude. It was brutal.
Miles and I reenacted scenes from Transpotting...Moving on and goodluck...

After some walks I made it down to 200 Orchard.
disco ball
And caught 2 sets at the Paper Magazine party.
Bloodcat Love flopped, flailed and wailed all over the stage.
Bloodcat Love at 200 Orchard
mucho bloodcat love
Bloodcat Love
Finishing up
Bloodcat Love
In the Crowd
Bloodcat Love at 200 Orchard and in the crowd
It's high energy california rock with dudes from all over the world.
We need more New Zelanders fronting rock bands.
Meik! faves Stylofone tore up the stage.
Stylofone in the Nighttime
Stylofone at 200 Orchard
More rockness
Stylofone at 200 Orchard
Some Harmony
Stylofone at 200 Orchard (B&W)
Simon just being intense
Stylofone at 200 Orchard (B&W)
A darn good show...Go see stylofone
Stylofone at 200 Orchard (B&W)
over the top at 200 orchard
Friday is Zambri Friday....
It's a national holiday.
I'm not sure what nation but we're filing the paperwork right now.
Be at Crash Mansion in a bunch of hours....
Till then we sleep upside down...snoooooooooooooreeee!!!!!