Thursday, November 29, 2007

Meik! signs wb

Meik! signs wb, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Meik! Signs bw
So last night I missed Syd Matters.
I knew I would. But the lighting in The Living Room is weird anyways.
No bigs, I'll try to catch them at Pianos next week.
I did end up just sketching around on my directions paper.
Ummm a lot of them times I'll plan my events on a piece of paper.
Right down fun facts maybe even spill on it.
Bad if you lose it and very lo-fi.
I came with an idea for some new street signs.
Take a look


So last night was a pretty good night.
I'm going it was involving some strong financial meetings regarding the fiscal 4th quarter.
Possibly next years projections as well.

Earlier I waddled around the west village searching for spots I hadn't see in a while.
Walked by APT and others...Meat Packing was hosting a ton of company events and parties.
After remembering the address to the Spotted Pig I stopped by for a bevy.
But turned around when there was no room to bevy.
I ended up gazing at the Primeval Systems art show by Shiri Mordechay at Plane Space.
It was pretty intense but was very detailed and really promising.
The two big pieces must have taken months each.
The gallery showing runs until December 30th at 102 Charles Street.
Waz met up with me later and we bounced from a couple spots.
Found some good pizza. Apparently Ben Affleck thinks it's the best.
After splitting I stepped over to the Annex.

Dimitry was djing.
The Place was packed.
High Voltage
blue tights are a must
Dude's tattoo says "Sir Winston Churchill", Cheers to that
Ladies and gents were dancing up a storm.
Here's some pics of the action.
You check out the rest below.
Last Night's High Voltage Photos by Meik!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A little B.A. and some Rabbids

So I mentioned skateboarder Brian Anderson a day or two ago.
He's in the upcoming NIKE SB video
He's got a really cool interview with here.
B.A. skates smooth and gnarly, tall and tattooed, and a smart fellow.
He does some pretty amazing art as well.

More funny Ravings Rabbids videos
This a funny game and the team that creates these clips is spectacular.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i think i have a problem, but i will surprise your heart

ginger dunny, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Dunny's especially the 3inch ones.
It's the toy equivalent to a pack of smokes.
Except if you light these on fire the fumes will probably mess you up in a couple minutes. I wouldn't do that if i were you.
ginger dunny
Tomorrow Syd Matters at The Living Room
If i have time I might check out the blip festival beforehand.
A bunch of 8-bit and video game based musicians.
Kids from all over the world.
Check it out here:

Next wednesday INNERPARTYSYSTEM back at the Annex
Did you hear their album teaser.
It's pretty sick. I need to download their ep now.
Don't stop is probably going to be the biggest song in the next few months. I feel the way about that song the first time I heard Justice.
You will lose 5 pounds if you go to their show and dance and sing.
This statement has not medical value.
But you'll have a fun old time and I'll be snapping photos.

I just gotta get off my chest that I think you're divine (More Meik! adjustable art)

Meikture, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Rodger(Black and White top) and Dodger(White and black below)
Maybe they could be the mysterious Meik! creatures(mascots).
I dunno I haven't really thought it through that much.
Oh this is what happens when you scan your face
Meik inverted
So the weather was a mess today.
I invented to new Meik! burger besides some other errands.
It's half veggie and half meat.
I'm working on some substitutes for my veggie friends.
I'll post the recipe up tomorrow.
I made since Frag and I went to Fridays over the weekend.
I think ate the coldest most driest most disgusting burger ever.
So I bet myself I could make a better juicier one for less than $10.
It was pretty amazing.

Other than that I created this tree
I don't know if it's a commentary on the season or just randomness
Meik! Tree (B&W)
and it comes inverse
Meik! Tree (W&B)
oh and clay knux (grey scale)
Clay Knux B&W
I sleep now....I drag behind...i drag behiiiind....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Left Hands (black and white)

Left Hands (black and white), originally uploaded by thismeik.

Still working on the art stuffs.
I can't really draw people or things freehand.
I think it's part of my shakey hands or my box like shaping.
I'm working in a new format called tracehand(s).
These came out pretty cool.
I traced my left hand with a sharpie twice.
Then scanned it and started messing with the Images.
It's kinda analog but that makes the mistakes look cooler.
I'll have some new ideas tomorrow.

Left Hands (white and black)
Flipped and Inverted(right hands, but really left)
Right Hands (black and white)


OH we get some of our fake and funny named reporters comming back to our offices. Xavier de Meik! will be going to the Syd Matters show Wednesday at Living Room in NYC and covering his favorite friendly french folksters.....

Tegan & Sara Trailer Talk

Alright I'm really confused I went sleep at 8pm and just woke up all confused.
After removing the my shoulder from being wedged in the couch I got over to the interweb.
Let the information trolling begin.
So Tegan and Sara decided to do a show in their trailer.
I thought it was fake for a second but then you see all the merch boxes.
It's funny to see how they debate with each other just like any other pair of sisters.
I apparently missed seeing them in NYC as they note in their current location.
It's quirky with some jump cuts, funny stares, verbiage wars of diction, and tour humor.
Oh well check out the whole series. It's pretty funny

Trailer Talk: episode 6

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Alright I'm gonna go play Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3
Updated-----Minus the h's

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bubble Bath de Ultragrrrl

You need to check out this really good and interesting Video about Sarah.
It's kind of like of 7 minute bio on her journey from fan to pro.
You would see this a lot in skateboarding, the transition of an AM skaters "sponsor me" tape to his incredible Pro Spotlight. If Sarah was a skateboarder I would probably compare her to Brian Anderson. He's probably 2 feet taller than her but worked really hard to get in to skateboarding. But I think I've seen him skate to Joy Divsion although that could've been Marc Johnson and he's bald. Hmmm different metaphor then. Stolen Transmission could probably in someways be compared to the skateboarding and online collective know as the Crailtap. I'd say Stolen Transmission is somewhere between Girl Skateboards and Lakai Footwear. In they were both companies started by pros searching to have more control and put their full energy in to product and content they love. Companies that started small and have gotten really big in the last 10 years. Fully Flared is probably the most anticipated skate Vid this Year. I think Sarah and Stolen are looking to get that one band or multiple acts that gets people saying this band will change the music landscape.(IPS?) Even more like skating you have Intern Nick Snow making a guest spot sharing how he got started with the label and what has happened since.

The advice she gives is very critical.
The advice the Horrors give is even more important.
Don't have the horrors play a show in in your apartment if you don't want the neighbors mad, cops at door, and a fire brigade showing up because of smoke machines and loud noises. But come on how could you say no to those kids from the UK. The faces of her bands show a strong appreciation for her attention to detail and intense relation ship with her love of music. From Ollie saying why the Oohlas signed with the label and how happy the Stolen Transmission parties make the kids of the Photo Atlas. Lastly Sarah does part of the interview in a bubble bath. If only she was popping bottles of Dom and calling out lame bands and labels that would've been fun.
But alas she kept it all classy.
So just in case you want to find out how to go from intern to label mastermind here you go.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanks Fred Armisen, I mean Roger A. Trevanti

This united hollywood thing is kinda crazy.
I'm afraid of all the really bad reality shows that will be coming out.

Sarah and crew are finishing up there run at Angels and Kings.
Next week I think they'll be starting a run at Hanger Bar.
A REally cool bar that is a boutique and sells clothing as well
We'll be at a wedding but shall definitely go the week after.
More stuff to come, I need to sleep from black friday.

Black Friday in Grey Scale and counting down

Photo copy goggles, originally uploaded by thismeik.

So I'm prepping with some stretches for the Black Friday Sales.
So far I've tore apart 2 external hard drives.
Started scanning anything I could bet my hands on.
And Fending off an annoying itch.

So I figure a lot of folks are traveling.
This made inspired to do some X-ray art.
I call it random things in a bag.
Here's some stuff I usually travel with that my turn an eye.
Sunglass at night
sunglasses at night
Hook and rope
Two Mics
Just some fun stuff.
I have a whole bunch of ideas I want to try tomorrow.
I'll come up with some more crazy images.
2 hours and 11 minutes till stores open..

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Guitar Hero III smoothie?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.
We need to have a party when everyone returns.
Till then I found this video over at Kotaku.
Those folks over at will it blend are just crazy.
And we like it that way.

Off to the road.
It's gravy time..

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dear Future I bought you, I own rights (what the wednesday)

I think the internet just laughed at me.
oh you will roo the day interweb when I catch you.
So it's Bar Wednesday, the day everybody goes out the night before thanksgiving.
Who knew but it's time for some good ole celebrating.
I'm waiting for this new InnerPartySystem video to come out.
I wish it has a lot of induced digital hiccups, pause breaks, and zooms.
Something that evokes the mood of Trainspotting or Snatch...
I like the mysterious and dark nature about their music, images, and graphics.
It's just a wish some boys have.
"Don't Stop" is a song of theirs that could see some tv or media useage.
I'm talking to all of you skateboard editors or sponsor me kids.
The next bond movie or Ninja Warrior.

Till then here's guys from their amazing CMJ show at the Annex early in the AM-ish

Here's their upcoming dates.
Nov 29 2007 8:00P Paper Party Boston, Massachusetts
Nov 30 2007 8:00P M Room Philadelphia,
Dec 5 2007 8:00P The Annex New York, New York
Dec 11 2007 8:00P Piano’s New York, New York
Dec 14 2007 8:00P Mainstage Pompton Lakes, New Jersey

I'll be there at the Annex, see ya then....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

We played hide and seek in waterfalls(Syd Matters)

Syd Matters are an amazing group from France, home of Thierry Henry and my favorite Bordeaux. Syd Matters played a very amazing and important show in my life about two years ago at the Mercury Lounge. I think the bill was Snowden, Syd Matters, The Twenty Two's and Tapes and Tapes. It was a perfect night of random conversations, great sets and fun events. I realized why I liked going out in the city and why I she see as many bands as I can. I could possibly be putting two shows together in my head but I'll check my records. That was the moment again I was reminded of CMJ 2002 with my fellow Galivanter wilson on a night we journeyed to the Mercury Lounge for our first time. I think it was for the Subpop showcase but again it was over 5 years ago and I'm just running this off the top of my head. Syd Matters music is a little mellow and it has some really deep meanings. I thought these guys would be a band I would just see once and I'd probably never see again. Well they put out an album if not a couple and are coming back to the states.

I'm not sure if the shows are acoustic or electric but I'll find out hopefully.
Maybe even a mix, who knows.
If you have a chance make it out to one of these NYC shows...
Nov 25 2007 11:00P ARLENE’s GROCERY
Nov 28 2007 11:00P The Living Room
Nov 29 2007 11:00P The Living Room
Dec 2 2007 11:00P ZEBULON
Dec 4 2007 8:00P PIANO’S

VBS kids are still at it VIAcom e back

That was lame. Whatever.
More new vids went up on the VBS site.
They gave Spike Jonze a new section.
I put up 2 clips, one of him with his set from Kanye West and him with M.I.A.
Check it out for a fun time.

Kanye West vs Spike Jonze

M.I.A vs Spike Jonze

Besides that I might come in to NYC tomorrow to shoot some photos.
Maybe if there's a good show going.
You gotta put the B back in to B-Side if I get the chance..

Monday, November 19, 2007

Meet the Netherlands....

We know some kids and folks from the Netherlands.
Our Buddy and mentour John is always there every now and again.
So through some lurking we found this.

They Netherlands are playing Mercury Lounge at 9pm-ish tonight...

I was waiting in the Que looking at the board

Surgery Sensors, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Take 2 After deleting this entry the first time.
Well it's almost three weeks since my surgery for the Pilonidal Cyst.
Basically they removed an Ipod Nano or half an Iphone from my lower back. It's been painful but this week I actually made it out in to the city and it's actually starting to heal more. Though I'll have pretty cool scar that will like a check mark or a shooting star...(The more you know!!!)

The sensors which are the attached photo were still on my when I got home from Surgery. I didn't notice till day after Halloween. Mind you I was completely meded out of my mind at that time. You could do some funny things with these scientific stickers. But remember they're more for science then Art. I photo copied them after this guy I saw on Art Land who does his photo art primarily using a sideways scanner with random, inexpensive, or found items. He was doing some really crazy things with Ginseng root. If done right it can look like some items are in suspended animation floating in black.

Out of Canvases I was just scribbling in my notepad.
Sassy reviewed these scriblings as deeper thoughts and emotions of the current state or stage of my life. Interesting I said.
Meik! Hand
Meik! Hand
Meik! Fingers
Meik! Fingers
Daft Shapes
Meik! Scriblings

Cold Weather Reverse:

So it's getting cold and you probably be doing some walking.
Here' s an album you should pick up or listen to you may have missed.
It's the Streets "A Grand Don't Come for Free". This was mr. skinner's second album which followed a concept for friends family relationships, triumph, glory, deception, and confusion. It has one of my favorite lines which I used earlier this week. "I saw this thing on ITV the other week, said that she played with her hair she's probably keen, she's playing with her well regularly so I reckon I could well be in." At times it's dark and grimey but at others there's this moment of cleansing or even just deep thought. In case you lost you wallet, broke up with someone you were in love with, or just happened to lose another friend. Go put this on your Ipod walk around the East of West Village for about 45 minutes, think about stuff and then stop off at a Pub or something and have a Pint. It'll really clear your head.

We'll give a bonus round to Example:

Did his album even come out in the States yet?

The Netherlands are Playing Mercury Lounge
Syd Matters return to NYC this week or next.
I'll update you on both later....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Farting Teddy Bear

Farting Teddy Bear, originally uploaded by thismeik.

First off I want to make something clear.
If women order ginger ale, rum with a splash of lime its a nancy drew.
For men it's called a Hardy Boy(s).
I'm enjoying one right now and almost died when Alec Baldwin said that on this week's 30 Rock.

Moving on I was just handed this advert seconds ago from a laughing Frag. She was laughing so hard she couldn't breathe.
A remote controlled Farting Teddy Bear.
Look how everyone in the Archie's Comic t ype party are having such a blast. "Hey everybody my farting teddy bear just farted"...
But of note there's a discount if you buy two.
And the laughs are guaranteed.
We might just have to actually buy one or two.
There's got to be something completely wrong and ridiculous here.
Oh well......Let the Hilariousness ensue!!!!

Lakai's Fully Flared Premiered and out in stores soon

It's comming probably the best skate vid of the year.
Lakai's "Fully Flared"...
It was supposed to come out in 2006 but hey where's that ES video that never came out.
Oh yeah cause didn't ES drop once everybody left like Frost.
Go check out Transworld Skateboarding for some photos and updates from the premiere.
Check out this video: lakai - fully flared trailer

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In stores Dec 7th let's just see.....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm being so sincere right now...

I cannot get this song out of my head.
It's the Portal ending theme "Still Alive"
Here's the official song and ending from Game Trailers.

Here's the songwriter Jonathon Coulton performing it live.
He gives a funny little intro about it and you hear some Portal Fanboys...
I just realized that when I'm not seeing bands, Meik! gets really nerdy...
I'll put in a call to our fashion and music correspondents ASAP...

Thanks guys from Kotaku
Oh crap this is gonna be so nerdy if I'm blasting this tomorrow in the car.
Well there's no champagne so it's time to go to bed.
Aperture Science............................

Friday, November 16, 2007

Check out "Not the Daily Show"

It's pretty funny.
You may see a couple similar faces.

The Strike goes on....
Did you see the strike joke on 30 rock last night.....
Check it again if you can...

This is all that I'm saying!!!

Prelude song to blog:
Reggie and the Full Effect.
If you don't have any of their(his) albums get em now.
I still need to get my hand on Promotional Copy. Moving on..

We dara'd to be different and saw Tara at Kidrobot.(Highschool Joke)
Kidrobot by meik! (Tara McPherson)
So grabbed the clamps and got the duct tape and suited up.
Once we had our tunes it was off to 1515 to meet Frag.
We Q'd it down to Kidrobot. Waited in line.
I always seem to show up at the same time behind the same kids.
They are always on their third trip.
Well it was looking really bleak at a couple of moments.
Told they were sold out I headed in for two small things.
Well there was some chatter and the door and Kaju kida hooked me up.
I think I ended up with the last unopened piece.
Tara was really cool as usual and about ready to close shop.
She was wearing a very nice pink sweater I do believe.
I only packed the Polaroid today, which I'm loving more and more..
I just need to order some more film.

Bonus news: I found the itunes based dj program for mac I love.
it's free and it's called DJAY.
I think it just got updated to 1.2
If you have a lappy tappy you could be djing up a storm wherevs..
I've most of the time with it tweaking Justice tracks with Imogen Heap..
Maybe a little Daft LCD. It just some funtimes shenanigans.

Post kidroboting we ventured North to 12th and 2nd Ave.
A little evening snack at Momofuku Saam or Ssam...(Sorry David)
You need to have the steamed buns it is the most amazing snack ever.
Oh well it's just another one of those keasbey nights
We ate so much food and the OB Korean beer was a nice surprise...
Noodle Bar you're next...Good night....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Do I Dara? Is today Meik! returns to NYC...

Maybe I could waddle to the down to Kidrobot like a mallard.
Grab a snack with Frag.
No one would ever know.

Although if it keeps raining I'm just gonna hide in the cabin...
I might just melt...

Still Later'd and Guiding Students with Vice...

Two things of carnage from the Vice Kids.
1. they put out a new Vice Student Guide..
I learned some interesting facts of science, companionship, and tunes.

2. Epicly Later'd

The road can get pretty crazy

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All my dreams were just diamonds in the sky: still make it work

With a lyric from a Suicide Machines song and a quote from Tim Gunn we're off.
The suicide machines were the first ever warped tour band I saw.
It was in camden and back in 95.
Wow that was just a little bit ago.
But since then I've been diverted some attention to TV and fashion

Did you notice Christian from Project Runway sounds like Shannon from Planet Unicorn.
Yet that the vocal range is uncanny and matching.

Michael Kors was on point with some ferocious yet hilarious oral venom.
Tim Gunn continued to show that he is the glue to this show.
The most entertaining moments are when he goes over the designs with the designers.
Humor comes when the teacher and the student disagree.
I think tonights result was on point.
Frag signed me up for some fantasy thing that's for this show.
I think I know what picks i need to make.
You to can sign up at Fafarazzi.

Bonus: Gordon Ramsey's kitchen nightmare was pretty good tonight.
An Irish Pub up in the Hamptons that was in need up help.
I still prefer the British version of that show.
Just cause the US version uses too many bumpers and cheesey VO effects.
So kids at heart I'm a briton even if I was born in the states.

Reading some blogs today, notably the dagger, had me pulling out my midtown CD's today.
As I started uploading to itunes I remembered back to hearing this band for this first time.
They were on an upstart label that was gaining tons of respect and hot acts.
Everybody had a friend of a friend who was a friend of the band or saw them in some kids basement in North Jersey. I didn't live in North Jersey then......Shhhhhh.

I just realized how many weird things have happened in my life when in the surrounding area of especially Rob and Gabe.
Met Rob and some ladies at Rutgers when Less than Jake played on the same bill with method man and Redman. Ironically we saw Ruthie from the Real World Hawaii in the crowd as well.
Humble Beginnings/Bigwig show at the BPOE in Burlington NJ(98 or 99).
I had some fun during the Humble Set and I think GRS was there.
This date I could be confusing.
Warped 98 Frag and I were both near each other during Stick Figure.
Yet we had not met and wouldn't for a year.
Yet me and the toys saw Humble(4piece) do there set and a little america's funniest.
That was the show I bought the Humble shirt that Frag notice me in at college.
I think I only actually saw them live a couple times. In Philly with Sweeny and maybe a couple other spots here and their. Come on I smell a one off show at some point.

"Save the World lose the girl"
I played that album so many times on WTSR.
I think Yoshimi battles the pink Robots and Nothing Gold can stay were the next closest.
Whatever happened to Drive-thru records.
I used to be one of their biggest supports/fanboys.
But there was that whole gefffen/MCA shakeup and mergers..
I think I wiped out On my skateboard so many times listening to Midtown late at night...
You can pick up a little speed going down those east hills in the cold or rain.

Well that's enough for the reminiscing, psych.
I'm still not giving up on my Maria Mena crush.
She's so poppy but it's so over looked.
I just found out she has her own little blog.
I think she's big in Germany and Holland just like the Hasslehoff.

Alright I'll have more thoughts about Project Runway later.
The Product Integration is only going to get crazier.....
Meik!! out......Daft Punk is not playing out my house.....Yet!! Do you have Busy P's #?

I heard this thing on ITV the other weik, Meik! Heart Stew

Meik! Heart Stew, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Yesterday I was on my feet for like 5 hours cooking.
Pretty crazy I didn't even have time to play Super Mario Galaxy.
There was tons of prep work that need to be done.
I was working on some fresh handmade pasta, Huge pot of Beef Stew and some tomato base gravy as Frag would say. I still call it sauce.
The heart up top is all the beef for the stew that was chopped up and floured. This was my first randomness of the day that it turned out to like a heart. Kinda MCR'ish, especially with the ginzu in frame.
So I prepped, cooked, packed up ate and then slept...
Meik prep and dishes
Apparently when I was rolling the dough for the pasta I made a face of the kidrobot character without even trying. I forgot to take a photo.
The mohawk was right but I couldn't flour the eyes right.
Luckily I didn't cut off any appendages and my fingers are getting use to the hot boil oil.

We kinda like the PR if you remember Halloween 06
THE REAL PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON 3 WINNERSTonight marks the return to Project Runway.
Who will be this year's Jeffrey.
The promos have been pretty funny.
Did you notice the one guy with glasses and long hair on one side sounds a lot like Shannon from Unicorn Planet. It's Uncanny.
I'm trying to work on creating a drinking game.
Based on judges, events, fabrics, catch phrases.
You could pick a character and if they have good or bad response will depend on your beverage consumption.
Or you could just watch the show and have a fun ole time.

Bonus Rd: I just found the Streets "A Grand Don't Come for Free" and The Streets "Dying to say this to you". I've been unable to find these discs for a while. But a las how does Leigh Lezark get her hair to look that way. The world may never know.

Next week or the week after I'm going to try and come back in to the city for the day. Get some stuff done and shoot some photos at various locals. Till then....

OH and I'm addicted again to BBC Radio Five Live.
It's really weird for me to be interested in that station.
It's part chat shows, discussion, news, but the home of 606 sport and Spoony. Ask Frag for impersonation of a caller saying Hello or Allo to Spoony. Genius....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Meik Art Update: Knitta Please and Maskerade...

TourEiffel2.JPG, originally uploaded by mmasquerade.

Yesterday I was watching this about sidewalk chalk art.
It's called Concrete Canvas hosted by Julian Beaver.
He does a piece in a city and tracks down street artists.
Last nights episode was in Sweden where he was drawing a waterfall with fish and all these crazy features. As in most places they have a ban on graffiti but there are some street artists under this label who kinda shouldn't. Two groups that I found out about are Knitta Please and Maskerade.

Knitta Please( are a crew of taggers from Texas who use their knitting as a form of expression. They've got some pretty cool names, some pretty funny photos, and a call to arms or needles as it would be. Here they are in action

There's a really nice video of them on myspace TV but I can't find the code, but it's in the video section of their website.

Maskerade( are their couterparts in Sweden who were influence by the Knitta's work which came to be around 2005. It's a debate that can long be discussed because it brings up the rights of Art, ownership, public/private property, censorship and those nasty details of what's legal and not so much. There art fights in a way that makes a statement with no one really getting hurt. Except for a blunt needle piercing a finger(I've done it to myself) or some fabric being worn down by weather and time. Seeing their art on a tank or in the forefront of the Eiffel Tower is pretty empowering and darn beautiful

If you have a second check out both of their sites.
This is really interesting work that brings up great debate and discussion. Plus it looks really awesome.
Knitta Please(

The photo uptop is from Maskerade's Flickr and blog
It's pretty cool....
That's all for today.......

Sunday, November 11, 2007

So slow you don't know but I need some Portal Cake...

OK there's this game or collection of games out for PC, 360 and PS3 called Orange box.
It's Half-Life 2(plus episodes 1 & 2), Team Fortress 2 and Portal.
Portal our focus today is this amazing maze type game.
Well there are all of these amazing visuals and sounds.
Apparently there's this who thing to do with cake.
I found this on Kotaku and it's pretty interesting.
The song is stuck in my head I can't get it out

Mario Galaxy comes out Tuesday
And Assassin's Creed is out Wednesday
Maybe Frag will pick up Guitar Hero 3.
Other than that tomorrow is more art and job hunting...
Manchester United won over the weekend thanks to Ronaldo, pride of portugal.
Colts blundered again missing a field. Frag said that she is very sick to her stomach over the loss. She has suggested that Peyton and Eli go to some sort of Quaterbacking rehab.(editors note: not really sure if there is a QB rehab or if HMO's cover this procedure). She said "They need to talk it out and have some sort or rehab to work it out, that is all".

The Fritzersons officially became a married couple.

We kept the party going even outside the reception hall.
I think we were using bottles to open bottles.
It was getting a little trife but quite under control.
Me and Suarez had a blast, she's getting married next

Upon arriving at the Hotel the groom greeted me getting of the bus by smacking my wound.
I think I almost cried, but it survived I'm glad Brett was a lacrosse guy not a boxer or thai fighter. Rohit and I got to pre-planning some music shenanigans and were getting a little classy with the Glenlivet, him with a splash of water, myself 3 fingers on the rocks.

So there you have a weekend is over.
NYC we're coming back soon
And Flight of the Conchords we miss.
"People are like paper dolls, paper dolls and people they're a similar shape"

Friday, November 09, 2007

The return of Blincoln Lincoln

He's back, originally uploaded by thismeik.

I have this really weird fascination with Abraham Lincoln.
We share the same birthday.
Both of us have amazing beards and sideburns.
See here's my proof
Meikoln vs Lincoln
Yet we are mustachioed challenged.
If I could build a log cabin and live in it I probably would.
I also have this fascination with Abraham Lincoln blinking.
How cool would it be to have a gigantic oil painting of him blinking.
It shows that he's human and the painter was probably mad.
I also suck at drawings of people. So anything I do regarding bodies.
Well it's very cartoonish and well totally random.

With that I was messing around with some pastels and chalk earlier
The whole show
4 pieces by Meik
Linc's Hat
Linc's Hat
Missing Link
Half MIss/Halff Link
Lost and MIssed
Lost and Missed
I think the beard is taking over/shadow beard as well
Crazy Beard/Shadow
Just as I finished all these shenanigans I had GALHD.
It's this art channel that's in HD. They had the terminal 5 docu.
Well they have my new favorite show hosted by Jeffrey Deitch.
It's Artstar. Pretty much a reality art show.
Check it out on the we at
Going through all these galleries and art spaces in NYC.
Check it out if you have a chance it's really interesting.