Monday, December 31, 2007

The Photograph is the proof

meik red black, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Hey I just packed up my paints for the morning.
I had a couple ideas and executed them well.
Lines of contrast and splattering.
A red and black as well as a black and blue.
One small and one large canvas.
I was really inspired tonight from tunes and videos.
I learned some dark things about a couple of places.

My studio( a trash bag, a canvas, and 2 bottles of acrylic)
Almost done, now dry
Blue Meik is a bigger canvas.
It was the first one I started work on tonight
More azul
blue meik!
I like painting and have finish my second painting for a friend.
There are a couple other folks that I have ideas for in mind.
I butchered the whole tree project I wanted to work on.
I need to practice and think up some new ideas.
Oh yeah and that was a TBS lyric I swapped out for the title.

I kinda wish I was there

This year saw the Arcade Fire tour like crazy.
Of course they did their busking and in crowd shows.
I really enjoys bands that step out of the box.
Isn't music supposed to be about fun, joy and celebration.
Screaming to a friend or lover that miss or need them.
Maybe if we started a traveling band with friends and family it could change things.
Well we're not all from Montreal, but sometimes it couldn't hurt to try.

Major thanks to Lance Bangs and the VBS kids for documenting this moment.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Illustration in the age of anxiety

The year is almost over.
We ,at the moment, are not getting on a 6am flight to AZ on Tuesday.
I'll let you know if that happens to change.
That's what a happened on New Years Day last year.
Crazy bummer. I think we'll be celebrating like Saturday.
But we'll have guitar hero and rock band.

Tara McPherson spread the word of her November discussion.
And now it's up in video from the new school
I love learning about method, inspiration, and detail thought.
Especially from artists and musician
The Sean Barber painting of Tara is pretty quality.
You have to search for that on your own.
I almost cried actually when I found out the meaning of the girl with the heart cut out.
It's in the interview about the 1hour mark.

Find out more about Tara McPherson's work

Alright time to clean the paint off my hands.
I made a couple new paintings.
I'll post them later
A couple more updates before the year is over

Saturday, December 29, 2007

You can't get rich standing still

I was going to get really serious with this blog tonight.
About a bunch of stuff in the news and a movie I saw tonight.
Like the title has no relation to what i'm actually chatting about
PSH your one of my favorite actors and you can't go wrong Hanks man butt.
Then all the sudden I got an aim from sarah as about this
"Check it out! Live stream from Stolen Transmission Party: Http://"
The content of which seemed to be span or that of the usual webcam site.

I open it up and it turns about to be a live feed from Hanger Bar.
None other than the Stolen Transmission kids up to their tricks
It is what it is a bunch of kids having fun at a bar in the dj booth.
Ollie singing in to the camera. I thought I saw Sarah and Karen.
A whole bunch of randomness from a dark bar in nyc.
I think I just heard "Shake Shake Shake Senora"
You can hear everything the DJ says.
Or when they sing along to a song.

Fav quotes.
Ollie "I am a DJ!" and "I got lots of sh*t"
It might even be what Ollie says but it's the way it's said.
Best Singalong line: Give a little respect, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!
With the extra high notes.

I feel like there is something wrong with me in watching this.
Yet I also blind most of these folks with my flash bulbs.
I'm working on a list of some memorable quotes from the eve.
Till then I have some Rock Band to play.
I think everything recited is very tweenerish on my part.
The feed is still up so check it out if you have a chance before 4am.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Small like a ziplock back

quick updates from the holidays.
we got rock band at the Meik! offices.
Frag, Sassy, Quags, and Myself have formed a band.
We are now called Mother Taco.
We have photos from our first show later.
Can you deal with that.
I'm actually headed out right now to pick up guitar hero 3.
I almost beat Portal last night.
That is actually a really fun game and involves some thinking.
We saw the lovely new condo of suarez and goetz.
Oh those kids, fondue and crepe party at your house this weekend.
Besides that a bunch of other things happened.
Later I'm off to the city an early stop by b-side.
After that dinner with Frag and the 1515 kids.
More to come soon and the job hunt still continues.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Meik! will defeat you

Meik!, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Brought to by lagwagon. If you're skate punk isn't from Santa Barbara.
It's just not skate punk from Santa Barbara. If you have 10 seconds do a google search on Joey Cape he's a got a new band with Marko 72.
And I think he's been working on some more solo gigs as well.
I don't have x-ray vision. But I kinda wish I did.
If not then I would take infrared vision.
It would make searching for chicken fingers and pizza so much easier.
I've been doing a bunch of these blown out warhol colors.
I finished a painting for my friend Pete earlier today.
Here's the original
Pete's painting
I messed around with it and want to get a print of this version
Peter Painting alternate
The holidays are here, have gone, or I forgot about.
Well I will be eating and slurping plenty over the next few days.
See ya next week in preparation for 2008.
Manchester United Plays in about 7.5 hours. Get ready.
Alright time to watch some classic SNL and a skate film.
See ya soon if not later. I'll be down in Hamilton on Christmas, party!!!

Daft Punk! I don't know him.

VBS has the trailer up for Electroma
It looks kinda crazy and I can't wait to see it.
I won't be in the city tomorrow.
But I hear its playing at the Willaimsburg Hall of Music.
9ish and midnightish????
Check out the interwebs for proper info.

Mike Birbiglia in blue and green and I'm tired

Mike Birbiglia, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Above is a slightly altered image of Mike Birbiglia at the Onion party.
If you haven't picked up Mike Birbiglia's Two Drink.
Please do so. It's some pretty funny comedy.
It's also in ways shockingly mirrors my life.
I spent my time at the Beeb watching arctic foxes attack birds.
Or being taken advantage of by Polar bears.
Whenever you get the chance see him live.
Maybe buy him a slice of pizza.

other than that it's holidays time.
Which is A. gramatically incorrect and C. draining.
Gotta rest up and let the stomach prepare for some major eating.
We'll be back soon

Thursday, December 20, 2007

If you don't come I don't even know you anymore

B-Side, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Well that's not really true but it's effective to say it that way.
I'm headed down to B-Side later today as per the bottle and shots.
Sivan is covering happy hour and it'll be fun and more fun.
I'll take your photo then make it all cartoony.
Hilarity will ensue and we'll order a pizza as well.
The funny thing is that the bottles and shots don't even know they're already at B-Side.
It should be a fun time. I hear rumors that Andrew might be there tonight. Rumors, because I thought he told me he'd be there tonight. Breakout your best pair of vans slip ons. Trust me.

All the AK kids turned Neon and Infared

AK Kids, originally uploaded by thismeik.

So I forgot to mention AK last night.
Wouldn't it be great if looked exactly like this photo.
It was packed with some high humidity and a chance of PBR.
When I got there Dagger was spinning the tunes.
I had to swim through a sea of girls to drop a high five.
I completely over exposed this original shot.
No worry that's what picnik photo editor is for.(I like the edited one better)
I had a couple conversations with some familiar faces.
I missed Pete, if he ever showed probably before or after I left.
This one I like actually a lot.
a night at Angels & Kindgs
If you don't like red you might like the original.
As usual I only took a couple photos since it was packed and I couldn't move. Which means I forget to worry about the lighting and flare out my shots. Nicky(Digital) was there so I decided to roll out. He's a better photog and his lens could kill my fisheye anyday.
I shared a giggle with karen and then saw an angry landlord.
While watching the clock I had a half hour to kill
So I skipped over to B-Side to see Amy and Andrew.
After some updates and some randomness I galloped out to a cab.

Today was just about getting a haircut.
Then back at home I was making a gallon of stew.
That's what I do.
Tomorrow is pretty important so wish us luck.
We'll let you know soon.......

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Onion Party

The Onion Party, originally uploaded by thismeik.

I made it out to the Onion Party tonight.
It was a fun time, sorry Jim Gaffigan didn't show.
But all the comedians made it a really funny night.
I went to the Hot Tub variet show a couple times at Comix and Pianos.
Seeing Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler
The Onion Party
This would take too long to explain
kristen and kurt
Kurt, Kristen and her winner
Todd Barry scared the crap outta me when he mentioned me.
It was about a second after taking this photo
todd barry
I did what any spaz would do and that's give him my card.
I've learned to things in going to comedy shows over the years.
One don't heckle.
And two try not to get involved.
If you make eye contact with the comedian and they give it back.
Get ready to be destroyed.
Todd's amazing and I'll make sure to where a cape and hide in the back the next time I see him live.

John Oliver brought some fiery british podunk to the stage.
John Oliver
I don't know what that means but the drifter on D street told me that.

Mike Birbiglia had me staring at his shirt.
Mike Birbiglia
It said Hamilton, NJ where I grew up and it obviously wasn't from there.
If you haven't listened to his cd 2 drink mike please do
I only wished he did his jokes about arctic fox.

Janeane Garofalo did a short unannounced set
She always brings out stuff you don't expect.
The evening had two bands Northen State and Celebration
Celebration put on a really high energy jammy show.
I think I saw a cymbal stand explode during their set.
Really percussive music with some great synths and organs.
You could mellow or jump around a ton listening to them.
Northern State, the girl dominated group came on a little late but woke up the crowd and had them dancing. Even the ones in the crowd in drag. You can hear their Beastive influence on a couple tracks and even a little tegan and sarah on some of their slower songs who they just came off of their tour.
Northern State
Northern State
It was a good night
A couple other things fizzled out.
So I just ended up stopping by b-side to see Andrew.
Wednesday I'll be doing really boring stuff.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where are all my plasmids

Cold Hand Meik!, originally uploaded by thismeik.

I think I've been playing way too much Bioshock.
You'd understand the blue hand photo if you did.
Although you'd call me because it's a right hand not a left one.
Oh rue you and you team of fact checkers.
So I've been going through my photos of the past year.
It's kind of distorted memories kinda project.

A holiday theme Rob Hitt
Rob HItt (green and red)
Minty Green High Voltage
Green Volts
Some Red Daggers
Red Daggers
IPS! at Pianos
Paolo Rojo!
Paolo Rojo
Tara vs Meik!
Tara vs Meik!
Finding Noisebin and now in red
Noisebin (red)
Some Gurj and Lawrence
Gurj and Lawrence
Oh and we remembered to LVHRD
DJ Elhaam
Thanks Red Elhaam
There's still a bunch more I want to create so we'll see

Tonight I'm off to the Onion party at Crash Mansion.
I forgot to get tix to the UCB thing with We are Scientists.
But I get to see Jim Gaffigan and some fun times.
After that I may be off to Trainwreck at A&K.
And if you like we could go for a short walk over to B-Side.

I control the buttons on your monitor now

Blurry Meik!, originally uploaded by thismeik.

So I was bored for a moment today and wanted to do some art.
I was just to lazy to drag out the paints.
So instead I decided to play with a bunch of photos.
It got me thinking, I would love to do a show of messed up photos.
It started with this image of me and sarah.Meik! vs Ultragrrrl (Le Pianos)
I originally shot it over exposed and I looked pale as well me.
So after moving some nobs it turned out like this.
Dimitry is technically in the back right but it faded him out.
He's still there spirit and in the original.
So this got me thinking why not try a couple more.
Here's a couple that turned out pretty good.

Waz and Sassy
Emily's Night (blue)
J & K
Jenny and Karen and colors
M & A
Miles and Andrew
Green Sarah
Ultragrrrl being ultra
Blue Meik! and Frag
Meik! and Frag
The whole set is here and I"ll do some more tomorrow.
Tomorrow I might be at Angels and Kings.
Just saying....

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hit me on my prepaid wireless...

Yeah we sound ridiculous saying that.
But for some reason M.I.A sounds awesome when she does.
I saw this video pop up earlier today via loads of blogs...

I'm trying to track down the whole story about her censorship and what not.
Brooklynvegan had a really good post today about the vid and the story.
I wasn't going to post it at first but I've watched it 10 times and had the song on repeat for an hour.
I was blasting this song riding in the city or some parts of Jers.
I also forgot about the popping and made sure to turn it down.
Didn't want any trouble.
Plus do you see the pirate truck she has. I want a badass pirate truck.
I need to see M.I.A live again

Le Tour de Meik! el fin (Part 5)

Today was the 18th and final stage of Le Tour de Meik!
I think there were 13 stages we couldn't tell you about. Thems the rules.
Start your own supercool secret international team of Galivanters.
We spent sunday sipping champagne and riding our 10 speed through Paris.
Oh wait no we watched Arsenal vs Chelsea in a comforter halfway between the couch and floor.
William Gallas had a pretty insane header, Terry wreck his metatarsal and
I think Ashley Cole has a match ban coming for his slap of Cesc Fabregas.
But my boys the red devils aren't that far behind.
I fell asleep on a second couch and awoke with a pug sleeping on me. weird right.
I may or may not have visited a house with a 3m dust mask on.
Allergy prevention related to Poinsetias, plants and trees. That's me.

But that second to last stage was pretty amazing of the tour.
Waz gave me this post Emily's Party Day note/proposal.
"I don't know who EMILY is or if she even exists... but i do know that she has a lot of friends, alot of christmas lights and knows how to throw a crazy santa girl filled party. I propose that the second to last weekend before x-mas is now Emily's party night. "
Here here!!! I agree.

Five Fun things I had or happened this weekend
1. The Extras extra special series finale
2. Manchester United beating Liverpool 1-0
3. Emily's Day
4. Chinese Food (I haven't had it in a while and it's a fun joy)
5. The Landlord(behind the scenes)

Bonus Meik! photo:
Two of my friends having a Dance at B-side.
Miles and Andrew

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Parties de Erica vs Emily un Le Tour de Meik! Part 4

EMILY'S PARTY AT MI5, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Has last night finally ended.
I'm sorry to anyone's party or show we missed.
My first apology goes out to the Demander kids who played Union Pool or Hall last night. We were delayed by hail and unable to make it.
Also New York Times or N** Y*** T**** played with them.
I'm really getting in to their sound and I think they have an ep or album out. Possibly even on the itunes via the interweb(series of tubes and tunnels navigated by flying magic turtles). They're a like a troop of multi-media all stars come together like the CPA(Corporation for Public Awesomeness). I think their bass player is pretty cool.

So first thing of order was a trip to a piece of New England in Brooklyn.
Dagger and Parker had a fun little holiday 2nd floor warming party.
I say little because I know like 10 minutes after we left It must have turned in to a rager with tiki torches and dancers and mannequins.
We almost didn't make it up the elevator since it the # and word were different for the floors. I got confused. The eggnog was amazing. Why? Because of the ice cream of course a little touch that Parker likes to add. The living space was amazing. I would add a zip line, a fire pole or maybe a skate ramp. How awesome would it be to get out of bed and walk 2 ft to the ramp or roll in and just pop at 360 and nollie heel of over the tv using the coffee table slash quarter pipe. Frag and I met a bunch of new faces. The lovely Kerry was popping some Champagne. I cannot confirm or deny rob hitt's date as previously mentioned by Erica via myspace. I was having a really good time and actually forgot I had my camera with me. I need to get a small Leica for friendly gatherings. Monster is a pretty hilarious tiny puppy we met who Frag came to really appreciate. We had a really great time in their section of the BK and it was actually really easy to get to. Funtastic and thank you for inviting the Meik's in to your abode.

After all this fun we had to head back to the city.
Some place called Sugar. Near all the Soho galleries and Chinatown.
It was like having 200 people in my kitchen.
The DJ made some questionable music choices.
They had some kinda giant fire log image on the wall
At some point I became an evil younger Tim Gunn.
I was not making it work and I may have said some criticisms of clothing and such but hey that's just what happens when I can't move.
Frag was getting bounce around and I kept having beer spilled on me.
So I decided to round up a team of four and journey on(Irish style).
We hit a spot called M-I5. I was there before for a JD Samson art party.
I think that was a year or two ago. It was pretty insane.
So we get to the door and this goes down.
Security Guy 1: What party are you here for?
Team Meik!: Ummmmmm?
Security Guy 2: There's a private party going on tonight.
Team Meik!: Oh really, we were just stopping by for a drink.
Security Guy 1: Oh, well how did find out about this place.
Team Meik!: One of our friends told us to stop by.
Security Guy 2: They look cool. You guys are good. Come on in.
Security Guy 1: Yeah, it's fine come on in guys.

So we get in and the place is packed.
Full of bright and multicolored Festive Lights
They have a giant oval bar in the center a stage for the DJ or band and seats and dancing space scattered all over.
Sassy and Meik! in our series of fake couple photos
This party was insane. No really look
We found out it was apparently for Emily.
Are you Emily?
So we were searching for here the whole night
Frag got mad when I whipped out the camera.
People would look over, I think because they think I'm someone that I know I am definitely not. Ketch that.
Sassy even said when she was in the bathroom she thought she heard someone say hi to Emily. There could have been other parties all that we knew of definitely is that Emily can throw a party.
There where these Santa ladies who were really nice and dancing.
At some point Frag pretended she was an ice Princess
Sassy vs Frag, I kept telling them to get closer
This is just so hip hop, WAZ vs Sassy
Just random Shenanigans
To all a goodnight!!
I think I've gone crazy, Happy Holidays.
Maybe I'll get a haircut tomorrow.