Monday, February 18, 2008

Come home with me tonight if it's so right

So I love telling stories that are heavily convoluted, riddled with faulty details, or just questionable. That's just who I am. And if you need to used manipulated color photos.
Well that's just even better and filled with bonus points.

So A Great Big Pile of Leaves is a band you need to know about.
There may be 0-2 members of the group in this photo.
Possibly A Great Big Pile of Leaves...
I found out about them from Dagger as seen below in the colors green and black..
Green Dagger
Got the Free online Ep and listened to it crazy while fashion weiking and warding of a cold.
You'll be floored like Twinny when you hear it(Finally realized that's not her real name)
Twinny lurves fallin
My best explanation I feel doesn't do it justice.
But think Say Anything meets Sparta meets Dub Trio.
Math rock drums beats and some crazy arpeggio style playing on the guitar.
But it doesn't get lost in the transcendentalism.
There's a couple songs to zone out to and just chill.
But "Hey Tangarine" and "Conscious and the Fiery Works" grab you by the waistline.
No matter if you're pants are too tight or almost falling off.
It's the battle I fight every night and you will never understand it.
But calm and erratic with a mutlitude of effects, you done some delay and reverb.
Stuff that works really with their timing.
It all comes together really well blending the very technical and some what complicated rhythms with emotional and at times empowering lyrics.
"workeatsleep" what that's just how we live our life.....
Good job guys we can't wait for a full length or to see you live....

Besides that the Gay Blades are Playing at Maxwell's on Wednesday.
The Gay Blades at Fontana's 8-24-07
Also on leap day I think they're playing Lopht Party.
I need to Find out More About this.
Lopht Party kids let me know what the deal is and I'll shoot photos....

Aside from that I just wanted to post a red photo of Gurj
And a green photo of Chris Black
Chris Black,well I guess it's Chris Green\Black
Meik! out... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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