Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day from Meik!

Happy Valentines Day, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Hey Happy Valentines Day.
Frag is out in Vegas betting the house or playing the house.
She's at some convention that involves decimal points, fractions, and lies. Just kidding about that or am I? Me and Sassy's crew are rolling down to LES at Freeman's Alley. I have no idea what to expect besides an evening of awesomeness. Frag got me a naughty Tara McPherson drawing for V-Day. It's pretty spectacular. Oh last night I was dealt the hammer of Thor or more like the Hand of Dimitry during my photoging. It was pretty funny but confused me as hell when I saw a hand on my screen. I think I got a couple good shots but I haven't even looked at. My Flashes are shot, I'm finally going to buy a real proper flash this weekend. . Also last night I celebrated someonelse's birthday at Heather's on 13th street. Pretty fun place and they have a tasty cider on tap. Welp see ya...

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