Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meik goes back to princeton but not for science

Alright I'm off to Princeton today for some LAX action.
I'm not to sure if there are going to be any quiditch matches again.
But you never know. I'm bring my camera so be prepared for a full update.

Don't forget tomorrow is In Cadeo at Southpaw.
Friday I might be going to the Bronx Museum.(First Fridays)
I also hear rumors about this algrebraic lady (karen+1)
red karen medium
and her crime fighting partner Ultragrrrl
Red Tens
Supposedly they'll be packing up Hanger Bar sans Scaffolding on Friday.
Along with a bunch of bamboozle kids.
Maybe even Ollie from the Oohlas and one of the dudes from Say Anything...
Pure magic....

Side note last night and a bunch of my TCNJ friends played Mario Kart Wii online.
It was kind of a funny environment after playing GTA IV all day.
Though we should have set up some 3 way calling since there' s not voice chat.
If I remembered my friend code I would have posted it. But I forget it.
Also I just saw this. The Rabbids clips are hilarious.

Whatelse! oh yeah Frag has a shoe problem in case you didn't know.
Frag's winter shoes
some more
more shoes
See yah!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


MAN UTD IN UEFA CHAMPIONS FINALS, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Manchester United just beat FC Barcelona.
They'll be playing either chelsea or liverpool in Moscow for the Final on May 21st.
This could be some good old fun.
Also CocoRosie is doing a live concert in Amsterdam right now.
Here's the link below.

Here's my tentative photo schedule
4/29 Cake Shop/A&K for twinny's bday
4/30 Vivian Girls at Lit Lounge
5/1 In Cadeo at Southpaw

see ya

Monday, April 28, 2008

waiting for GTA IV

waiting for GTA IV, originally uploaded by thismeik.

So I'm counting down the hours till GTA IV.
It goes on sale midnight if you pre-ordered which I didn't.
So I'll be getting up in the AM and heading over to Target or Best Buy.
Frag found out about Mario Kart Wii so I picked that up for her.
Since she's not home I've been killing some time playing it.
Mariokart wii
I might need to pick up a second wii wheel..
Now I just need to figure out some scheduling errors.
Possible NYC visit tuesday and definitely thursday...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Living with the Meik!

There's a show on Travel, Discovery or NatGeo called living with the Mek.
If I remember, which I don't fully, it has to do with these guys living with various tribes.
So with that I'm trying to invade more music groups or tribes of LES and BK.
I'll be back and heading out to a lot more shows than usual and taking photos.
Who knows maybe even engaging in casual conversation.
I've also been trying to base most of my life decisions using a 20 sided dice.
But that just makes things way more complicated for me(you rolled 18).
This week starts off slow on Monday but gets busy...
New stuff to come as well as the weekly Bar Graph.
And also we're figuring out a weekly report, convo, or column for Sassy.
So look out.

Well tuesday I'll be battling the hordes to pick up a copy of GTA IV.
If I can pull myself away there maybe time for a trip to cake shop or
Thursday I'll be heading out to the BK for In Cadeo's EP release and first live show.

I'll definitely be there to see In Cadeo, You know, these guys
In Cadeo Promo 2
Here's what they would look like red
In Cadeo Promo 47
You've probably seen these guys perform a bunch in the city, but not together.
And if you have you're a liar.
Jared is also the mysterious magician from Demander...
So there's something for you to chew.
I need to figure out what to do with this beard.
And I need to finalize what day my flight to Europe is.
I think I might have a chance to see Atlanta's very own Snowden before I jet.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Japanther at Barnard

japanther at Barnard, originally uploaded by thismeik.

I finally saw Japanther at Barnard.
It was an insane set with a bunch of people packed together.
Tons of more photos and news of such sorts to come
Back to sleep


Allergies, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Allergies oh they can be a nuisance..
The WBAR BQ is in the books and I'm editing photos now.
I'll have some updates later.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun at 12th street

Fun at 12th street, originally uploaded by thismeik.

After the man utd vs barca match I left Nevada Smith's
Headed over to B-Side.
On my way I stopped at Plump Dumpling.
They heart logo looks very familiar to the Fred Flare hearts.
I wonder if there is some sort of back story or just coincidence.
Anyways I stumbled passed the 12th streets courts.
Obviously on the day I left my skateboard home.
The place was full of quarter pipes, ramps, boxes, kickers and manny pads. It was pretty intense.
Luckily I had my camera with me and my fisheye lens.
I got a bunch of really good photos.
They're be up later.
Still uploading to flickr......

Demander on CMJ

Hey those crazy kids are at it again.
Demander B&W
Right here at CMJ or
When not fighting crime or fighting injustice they're in the lab.
Most recently it's been for music rather than science.
Though Jared and I do have plans for a machine makes lates and mac n cheese in 20 minutes.
Using solar energy and 1tsp of peanut oil...Still working on it...
Anyways it's always good to hear good news about your friends....

Radiohead on Conan

Here's the clip from Conan's Green Show...
He talks about how radiohead was his first musical guest.
Frag and I actually went to the Museum of TV and Radio and actually saw that footage.
Way back before this interweb thing started to go hay wire..

A bunch of photos and a recap from yesterday to come...
I might be visiting a college tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Ernie Douglas but my friends call me Chip

It was one of those days.
kitchen table
Do nothing all day and then boom craziness from sunset to sleep...
Sounding a bunch of job and photo stuff.
Cable Guy on TV right now, favorite movie ever...Viewing #297
(OK maybe tied Farris Bueller)
I almost forgot but A Great Big Pile of Leaves released their new EP online.
It's free and it's called The Fiery Works II
Thanks for the re-post Dagger for which I redouble but then re-transitioned.
I'm confused now. I think the brain is not aloud to maintain a blogger and tumblr at the same time.

Fantastic Dana departs 1515 for the Lockbox...
Dana and frag y Mr. Hunt
And I still can't believe my hair was this long a couple months ago....
long hair
Get ready for a complete faces of Meik! recap in the next week
So on Wednesday night we will party and have a little fun..

Monday, April 21, 2008

scrolling through photos

Ollie at Hanger Bar, originally uploaded by thismeik.

I'm scrolling through photos right now.
Deciding on some old stuff that I want to get printed..
I just came across this photo of Ollie at Hanger Bar...
I live this photo and it makes more excited for the next Oohlas record.
That's all for now....
The NHL playoffs are on and I have Hot Wings to eat...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

please hold

please hold, originally uploaded by thismeik.

It's saturday and just taking it easy....
Watching some major hockey action.
Minnesota vs Colorado is up next.
Not sure what I'm up to sunday.
Just glad man utd pulled through to tie it up with blackburn...
maybe I'll play some Call of Duty 4 later
Look me up: Liab vs Meik

Friday, April 18, 2008

Cut the cake a year later

Cut the cake, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Glad to report we didn't get sick
Meik and Frag

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just Saw this on Paper Mag!!!

Starting tonight, The Trinity (featuring Aimee, Mack and PAPER's very own Drew) are joining forces with the one-and-only Ultragrrrl for a brand new weekly dance floor blowout. Known for their super sexy Cuckoo Club shindigs at Hiro, The Trinity have their finger on the party pulse. And as for former Nightlife Award winner Ultragrrrl, she's got some tricks of her own up her sleeve.
225 Ave. B, 2nd Fl. 10 p.m. $5.
2 Mics 1 green Ultragrrrl
Maybe I'll stop by on my way outta B-side....
Just saying........

Go to B-Side tonight for many reasons

B-Side, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Well there's always many reasons to go....
Happy Hour(s)
Photos by Meik!
Humor and fun
But for real this is a good reason via Sivan....

First Annual Springtime Clothing Swap at B-side TODAY!
TODAY, Thursday, April 17th, 7pm (please arrive between 6:30 and 7pm if possible)
Its easy! Bring clothing, shoes and accessories you no longer need / want / fit into, and it will find its way into the closet and loving arms of a friend and you may go home with a new wardrobe! Unclaimed clothing will be donated to the L.E.S. Girls Club!!
And, if you want to take, but have nothing to give, I will be taking $10 donations to be donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
This clothing swap is inspired by and dedicated to my brave friend, Anna Dluzolecki, the strongest lady I know, who is winning her fight against Leukemia.
Please R.S.V.P. and invite friends.
The more ladies, the better!
B-Side @ 204 Ave B, b/w 12th & 13th Sts.

Yr Thursday Night Bartender and Clothing Swap Hostess,

Doesn't that make you wanna drop off some some stuff, donate a couple bucks, and have an all around swell time...
It does in case you weren't sure...
Just look up at the ceiling.....
Look on the lights side.....
If you see these lights you have arrived....
See ya later,,,,,

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some Hawaii in NJ and Part 3 of Dane Reynolds via VBS

Dane repping it for Quiksilver

A year ago at this time I was hanging out on a balcony in Oahu....
Just have an adult sized Kirin Ichiban and and a UCC so
But then today I spend reenacting this event with some Faxe beer in NJ.
Hawaii in NJ
See it's proper. It says Premium and has a viking on the can.
See it says Premium
This whole week I'll be watching surf flicks, wearing flip flops and board ships.
Maybe even make some suckling pig and a little bit of poi. I need to find some Taro....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saturday with some kids from MASS and WTSR

Friday, originally uploaded by thismeik.

So I would sum saturday up with this picture.
It's just like a blurry yellow taxi cab
But insanely fun and not rested.
Me and some of the other WTSR crew from a couple years back caught up
I started the trip by documenting jim
After dinner at 7A we headed over to Hifi for some fun
This photo came out kinda funny.
But we kept telling Sean it made him look like the dude with the funny mustache from Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge Sean
Somebody got mad at the candle
mad candle
My glasses always create photo ops for others
glasses of meik!
It's my last pair too, I need to order some more from Fred Flare.
Jay had to depart and fight the good fight.
Trying to connect with NJ transit and not getting stuck...
Jim got blurry
Jim started crossing over
Sean and I battled in imaginary fisticuffs
fake fisticuffs
We then tried to go to Crocodile Lounge which was packed...
One of Pete's friend's from Boston followed me all the way to through the see of People as I made my way to the bathroom, I heard an oh no as she realized that she was about to turn around for the long journey to exit the spot which had no room at all.
All done with the bano and it's back to the street for a scary photo
scary meik!
I rallied the troops and we head over to B-side
near B
We arrived and saw Sivan, Miles, Andrew, Amy and more...
I found Mikey and had to take this photo of him.
Mikey by Meik!
I was dancing in my vest as well
Did some jazz hands as well
Mikey and Meik!
And some surf moves as well
Mikey and Meik!
I just like how this came out...
At this point I just started singing the theme song to The Heights
the heights
This is when I smelled pizzasome lights
Sean eventually had 5 heads
And then we found the newspaper box I spoke of earlier.
You see Pete was wearing a sort of Newsboy cap.
Not something that's missed by a crew of guys that makes 1950's references and speaks in that oldie radio type voice in normal conversation. Yeah we kinda do that....
So here is my 2 photo recap called Pete the Newsboy
Pete the Newsboy
Paper Pete
It was a good night that ended with Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Dr. Pepper. If that ain't American well then I just don't know what is....
I really don't I have no clue........
This post is in memory of Wilson's messed up ankle...
I think we sent him a group photo at 2am from B-Side
Next time you coming no matter if you need crutches or a wheel chair...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Paper Pete

Paper Pete, originally uploaded by thismeik.

There's a story that goes along with this photo.
But you're going to have to wait till later.

Sweep the Leg Short pants

Sweep the Leg, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Friday we also ventured back to Manhattan..
Or at some point it turned in to Hurricane Harbor...
First off a hoodie is not a good source of rain protection if it is not Gortex coated.
So a couple train rides later we arrived outside of Arrow bar...
LVHRD'erer Johnny Santos was djing at the Shortpants party
Santos Gold!!!!(ha see we no rhymes and homonyms)
Santos Gold!!!!
Well apparently a large sample of the LVHRD and Happy Corp kids were there.
Without any crazy make up or themed costumes.
It's kinda like when kiss got rid of their make up but without 80's craptacity
Here's a couple photos of the dancing, djing, and my phoot.
We first sent out our surveillance team
Shortpants Roof
Who were then distracted by the lights
pants lights
Then we put our foot down
put our foot down
Vinyl Sleeves I think we're getting close
Scratch vinyl he's gotta be right there, look up....
Jackpot Johnny
Santos jackpot
Random dancing photo, hey why not
Double Djays
double djays
After making contact with the agent we slipped out before any battles..
We have reason to believe there is an anti-meik! task force related to or part of the LVHRD army....
We could also be totally wrong and making lies
So back out on the road and on the lamb.. Here we goo