Monday, June 30, 2008

Everyone to the bar!!!!

So jealous of Dagger tonight.....
This got me searching for some fun LTJ stufff.
Since I screwed up and forget to see them last week.
I love these guys so much.
I think I've seen them in every Jersey Dive.
I interviewed Roger way back at the warped quickly in the deadly summer heat.
Loved everyone of Chris' disguises...
I missed when the cut back on all the guys in costumes but the pyro was great.
All those Electric Factory shows were so great.
Their merch guy may have jumped off the balcony, not sure.
So unless I make some trips it maybe a while to I see them live again, although.........

For the rest of My Life

One of my favorite songs of theirs(Gainsville Rock City)

Here's a crazy vid of the LTJ guys with Talib "Lyrics stick to your ribs" Kwali

And a very indepth interview with Vinnie...

Did you notice the Tara McPherson piece in the back

The Change Falcon

The Change Falcon, originally uploaded by thismeik.

This is the Change Falcon.
He sits to my left as I type and I feed him quarters.
Sometimes even 10 pence coins leftover from the UK.

Today we sayHappy Birthday to Karen Ruttner (blogger/model/dj/superhero)
She probably does like 10,000 other things that would make us crawl in to a hole and feel very lazy about what we do.
Maybe lawrence will croon her with some tunes
Lawrence x Karen + 1 / OK Erin = book party

Um no clue what lies ahead for today.
So far I need to go buy two tubes for my bike since I popped both.
I guess that's what happens if you don't ride it for 5 years.
Till then I'll be watching me some Wimbledon

Thursday, June 26, 2008

These Party is in Meikovision! Part 2

These Party is Sean, originally uploaded by thismeik.

So I figure if you're going to document a party.
Might as well have a black and white and color photo sets.
So this time we're covering images that are vibrant.
Like Sean's hat uptop.

Some Fun
A fun photo
Jiscilla in action
Jiscilla in action
Stupid flash acting weird, it's cool Rob just makes the party even better
Rob with ladies
Kanye to Ian Mackaye
kanye to ian mackaye
The cake mask
cake mask
ladies in the space
Jesse's Girl and Jessica's Guy
Jesse's Girl and Jessica's Guy
I wanted to use those titles to tag their blogs but I've been to slow do it.
Next we find dance-tastic
dance tastic
And lastly find Don Gelatto???
Where's Don Gelatto?
I still don't know what that means yet...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Erica's Noir BDAY @ AK(Part 1)

Happy Birthday, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Apparently I took a lot of photos last night.
And they came out pretty sweet.
I'm going to put a couple sets today via Meik!
First a black and white and later a color.

So let's hop in to the phone booth Bill and Ted style.
I witnessed the Beccafly(Equal parts Becca and Butterfly)
Beccafly(1 part Becca + 1 Part Butterfly)
Previously on The AK
Party Time
The funtamiter levels blew up right at this very moment
One of those photos that's just fun
Vanity Fair
Playing with some Fire...
Playing with Fire
Kerri and Derek via the fisheye
Kerri and Derek
My cover was blown and documented by Kerri
Meik! via Kerri
Ladies in the Place
Ladies in the place
Cling Clang
cling clang
A little packed
A little packed
Low angle Hijinks
Low angle hijinks
safety first
It's cola i swear....
Good thing I missed this round
Dance Fever
Dancing up a storm
Cake Time
Cake time
Everything was amazing last night.
Even timing it out perfectly to stop for some Ruffles and a Gatorade.
And make it back to the Bus depot on time via the subway.
But wait there's more to come.......

In Cadeo Doing NPR Second Stage

In Cadeo Promo 60, originally uploaded by thismeik.

The boys of In Cadeo are going to NPR second stage today.
No fricken way. I'm so happy for these guys.
Kinda really mad I missed their show last week.
Here's all the info via the fellas.
in Cadeo on NPR’s Second Stage Podcast
Category: Music

in Cadeo can be heard live (around 4 this afternoon 6/25/08) on NPR's Second Stage Podcast.

an interview should be posted somewhere up there as well - eventually:

Nobody around here knows what Pennsylvania is

I just found this via sarah.

This stuff just keeps better with Innerpartysystem.
Waiting for their album which almost being teased like a movie.
I love it when their stuff just keeps getting creepier.
I can't wait for more.

The Cake Thief

The crime scene, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Around 2am Wednesday morning a bright Yellow Cake with the icing stating "Happy Birthday Erica" was thieved from Angels and Kings.
The Meikvestigators! are looking in to possible suspects and reviewing photos and other surveillance.
This image is the last known one before said pasty disappeared.
If you have any information leading the return of this dessert please contact Meik!
Other than that last night was amazing.
I'm working on the photos right now...

Monday, June 23, 2008


THE 25TH ANNUAL DAGGER DAY, originally uploaded by thismeik.


Blinking Lights by Meik!

Blinking Lights by Meik!, originally uploaded by thismeik.

I want to write a book that partially relays my real life experiences.
I'm no one famous and I haven't found out yet how to get free donuts.
Though I do have some fun thoughts that are outside the box.
But I want to alsome be at least %51 made up and exaggerated.
I want it to have to be sold on an end cap between the fiction and non-fiction sections.
Kinda like some weird sort of Limbo.
The ship story was a quick exercise I did yesterday.
I just sat around and threw up some chapter ideas.
1. The Bus Crash....
2. The Broken Hand...
3. Lost in the City...
4. Running from the Rats
5. Locked in an Art Gallery
6. The Angry Bands Revenge
7. Kidnapped by a model
8. Trapped in Brooklyn
9. Port Authority Zombie
10. Meeting yourself
11. Blogtographer
12. The camera thief
13. Shattered nap time
14. Skateboard bowls
15. Falling down stairs
16. Other peoples Flashes
17. Fake Aliases
18. Locals Only
19. Awake for 72 hours
20. Thursday Night Black eye
21. Stop taking photos
22. Practice Spaces
23. A meeting with Heroes
24. A-Side
25. Steam Pipes
26. Pretending Your in England
27. AM DJ
28. 100 blocks south
29. Meeting Muses
30. Coming Home

I still need to define but I think this is my direction or starting point.
Maybe I'll start putting up rough drafts or ideas each day.
If I could have 30 done with in the month I might have a plan with a goal.
At least this will be fun....

Meik! on the Salty Dog 70 Days at Sea(This is just a test)

Meik! on the Salty Dog, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Rumors have washed that I will be giving up photography.
Possibly started by myself after spending 36 straight hours at a Magic the Gathering tournament followed up by filming Solstice instead of attending my CO-Ed Quidditch practice.
I think the confusion may have arisen by the recent departure of my twin Miles Nakamura Meik! and my disappearance from Mainland for the past several days.
Miles' middle name is Nakamura because of a family friend who assisted our great grandfather's uncle's elbow specialist back in the day. Although he's always been a big Glasgow Celtic fan and I thought he's changed his middle name about 25 times. Secret unclassified sutff.
Possible miss-communications between myself and Leonard Felipe de Meik! my twitter and flickr intern.
He's given college credit and all the smokes he wants for covering my innerthroughts, deepest lies, and ambitions...
He may also be another one of my aliases but that wouldn't happen.
Would it?

Reasons for my departure have been speculated as possibly for a life at sea on the Salty Dog. I have been in the midst of career path changes over the last 6 months. Due to an increase in costs of blue dye #34 I've had to cut back on plans for a line of Meik! hats, bags, and t-shirts... Maybe in the future..
I was trying to navigate the seas in search of fishing and wildlife. Venturing after fortune possibly finding some treasure through maps I acquired from various bar locals, gift shops and online media forums.

Day 1 the seas were rough...
No crab was caught though there was plenty of baiting.
I would later be told the area I was navigating did not have crab.

Day 2 Bella was not apparently made out for life at sea...
Bella on the boat
The puggy pup was very affraid of the water and possibly the motion.
She was returned back to land via a speed raft.
Where upon she was later motor coached back to her northern residence
Cheer up......

Day 3 Hunger sets in and there are still no catches...
I may have to use the hovercraft or jetski to find a shanty post.
back up plan
Not sure where to go but I hear rumors of a Wawa Island.
I have been noticing some weird signs of sea life around the boat.
The waves are getting much bigger but the skies look fine.

Day 4: I think I have scurvy plus there are no more oranges.

Day 5: Yep it's scury and now I have seagulls attacking me.

Day 6: Oh the scurvy. It hurts, it really fricken hurts.
Darkness is setting and I'm not feeling safe.
Most of the other ships have left port and shops have closed.
I heard rumors or Pirates.

Day 7: (Contact was lost with Meik! and the Salty Dog)
Last transmitted image as giant sea creature was nearing vessel.

Day 68: I have been release after the Salty Dog Crashed.
Something attacked the ship and I don't know what it was.
I was asleep and wounded for many days.
Once I landed on sure in vest I was captured as possible spy.
The last two weeks I have been staring at this post.
No answers as to what would be done to me or if I could ever escape.
I found my case with camera and laptop but I need to be more secret.
In an attempt check the escape routes while secretly repairing the ship
It took some coconuts and some bribery.
With some help I was able to un-dock the ship and head back home
Land is not that far away....
Arrival at land
Other than that I will not mention anything else about the last 61 days.
I fear we may not be safe yet.

Day 69: We are set to auto pilot and only hours away.

Day 70 I return back the States and am greeted by Bella
Go USA!!!!
I have regained contact with Miles and he is safe as well.
But he tells me the same exact thing happened to him as well.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Salty Dog

IMGP4258.JPG, originally uploaded by thismeik.

I'll recant my trip to the Salty Dog yesterday in a few mintues..

West Village Books on the Street

West Village Books on the Street, originally uploaded by thismeik.

On Friday night during Fragtoberfest I found these on the street...
Oh really oscar wilde........

Outside max fish Thursday

Outside max fish Thursday, originally uploaded by thismeik.

photo from Thursday at max fish.I shot a bunch of shore photos
need to upload them tomorrow
maybe I'll plan some secret missions
almost totally forgot Saturday was go skateboarding day.
I pull my deck outta the car and did a couple shuvits.
no clue what's up for sunday.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fragtoberfest 2008

Frag Returns..., originally uploaded by thismeik.

Do it!!

The Muslims at Vice Party

The Muslims at Vice Party, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Sweet lights and loud sounds

Business Meik! 2.0

Business Meik! 2.0, originally uploaded by thismeik.

End of the night at B-Side with a new disguise.
Somewhere between james bond and michael scott
Went to the Vice Party and my phone shut off.
I really enjoyed the Muslims who were loud and fun.
I shot some amazing photos during the Vivian Girls set.
Something tells I think these girls have something big instore coming soon. The crowd was loving them and all their BK friends were chucking bottles of water, Cans of Colt 45 and glasses of ice at the ladies. They just seemed to take it in stride.

When the Vivian Girls finished I hucked it to The Delancey.
Only to find out that I was too later for MIG.
Trekked over to Bowery Electric to hear Lesley Arfin DJ.
Didn't go in cause some of the crowds were interesting.
But I did see but was too nervous to be like hey how's things...
I galloped over to max fish and it was packed crazy....
Jason O'dell from and Baker's Braydon Szafranski was there
Finally skipped over to B-side to see Dr. Sara for a hand diagnosis.
Also my fake brother Joe was there and Andrew(Mr. Mustachio)
For what I thought would be quiet turned in to some intense debate on tipping, crazy roommates, and even dancing lessons.
The ladies that said hi to me were very hysterical.
Apparently my disguises and aliases don't work when I have my real name on facebook...
Alright I need to go put my bike together fan unplanned journey...
Tonight is Frag's B-Day and I need to make a flyer and we'll be at Lederhosen later tonight...

Sounds like there's a mole at Late Night...

So via the kids at gawker and the adults at the NY POST.
At least a PR agent or gossip girl hanging on set.
If you're an intern and leaking this better double check that contract...
Mike Myers and the Seltzer Silk gate
All the errands I remember doing were hilarious and fun.
I was also probably 30 pounds lighter back then as well...
Intern Meik at Conan back in '02
Oh well, still waiting to see what happends when Conan packs up and leaves town.
I might need to get on the Jimmy Fallon staff.
But if I could only find out how.......HMMMMMM??

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Futureheads and Man in Gray at Pianos

The Futureheads at Pianos, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Here's a couple photos from last night.
I'm writing an article right now.
It was a fun night I'm just a little tired.
And I gotta get ready to do it again tonight VICE style....
The Futureheads at Pianos
The Futureheads at Pianos
The Futureheads at Pianos
The Futureheads at Pianos

Man in Gray also played their 2nd to last show last night as well
Man in Gray
one more time
Man in Gray at Pianos(2nd to last show)
I'm going to be running all over the city tonight....
It's just gonna be crazy....
1:30am modest mouse show....I shouldn't but I want too!!!
Definitely at Santos' and Delancey later