Monday, August 31, 2009

Winner Time!

Winner Time!, originally uploaded by thismeik.

My correction for the earlier sets.
The younger kids were in the 15 and under division...
Our winner is rocking the CCS shirt...
I think I've skated with that kid at 12 street park...
He's way better than me.

Wait for the colors

Wait for the colors, originally uploaded by thismeik.

I'm here...
Just figuring a million things out.
More photos from 201 later.

201 Mulbery...looking through the fisheye

Got a bunch more to post...
This photos makes me realize I need a fisheye for my nikon ASAP

201 Mulberry-16 under Division

201 Mulberry-16 under Division, originally uploaded by thismeik.

This trick is just sketchy...
Noseblunt stall drop in....
It's so easy to get hung up and lose your balance...
Which in most cases means you face plant to flat bottom.
This kid made it impressively and most important safely...
Here's some more looks at the under 16 division
Hold and Pause
Hold and pause

Plant and Grab
Plant and Grab
The Blur
The Blur
Gotta go blunt to fakie
Blunt to fakie
Next up the big kids on the ramp....


Autumn-nal..., originally uploaded by thismeik.

Part of me wishes I lived in a loft with a miniramp...
Ok scratch that, all of me does.
One day, one it shall be true...


WARNING!, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Follow the rules or feel the wrath!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Did you make it to 201 Mulberry?

It was packed at times.
The ramp sessions got pretty crazy...
Art, Bevy and Mini-ramps...
Yep this can surely happen on the East Coast.
More photos up soon...

Zoo York SKY HIGH Launch Party at KCDC

Zoo York at KCDC, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Friday night was a night full of adventure out in Brooklyn.
After some warm up exercises at the Levee we visted KCDC...
Camera in hand and the other hand ready for bevy holding.
The Decks are pretty insane.
I think my two favorites are Barley's and Forest's
Black and white photography just looks sick on a board.
There was a great photo of Harold that had a great vibe to it.
It's always great to see images that make you feel happy.
You can't forget the history thtat got us here to the present.
So now here's a bit of a photo recap from Friday Night...
Oh and my cell phone outta my bag on the bus...FUNGDART!
The Reason
The Party
Zoo York Party at KCDC
Don't Forget to TIP when you get free bevy
Packed House
Spot the 5BORO CREW?
Spot the 5boro crew?
Round here we say birds...
Round Here we say birds...
Crowds and Crews
Crowds and crews
Just keep skating
Not sure if this was a make
Not sure if this was a make?
The Crew on the Deck
Crew on deck
Sketchy Spot of the Ramp for taking board to mouth though
Sketciest spot to take a photo
Big Air at KCDC
ZY party at KCDC
Getting Artsy
The END!
The End!

Meik! in the mirror

Meik! in the mirror, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Kinda Spooky in all black on black in front of black wall.
Looks almost like a floating head if you didn't see my hands.
Zoo Photos are in the way in a few minutes...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

ENID'S....It's not just for brunch

Stopped by ENID'S...
The second I walked in I wanted brunch.
It was packed and the music was blasting.

More from KCDC

More from KCDC, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Everything's uploading just sorting now.
I gotta through all the makes and misses..
Good Times last night and more photos soon

Mini Ramp Session at KCDC

Mini Ramp Session at KCDC, originally uploaded by thismeik.

More to come

Friday, August 28, 2009

5boro threw a sick party...It's your turn Zoo

Giddy like a kid on christmas eve...
Kinda excited...we'll see how tomorrow shapes out...
please make the journey if you can out to KCDC...
Adults Only!

Hello Good Friends

Hello Good Friends, originally uploaded by thismeik.

So tonight after I got home I realized a street fair was going on.
Which meant there was widely accepted drinking on the streets.
So after picking up some snacks and plastic cups....We got smart
Just like NASCAR we used out apt as the pit crew and get some fuel...
Guess which bottle I brought home from Ireland in November?
Me after a splash of fuel and 4 tires
My new busines card

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saturday at 201 Mulberry...

Oh yeah it's back to back days of skateboard parties.
The only thing better would be if I landed a job with one of these companies.
See ya Saturday at the comp, I'll be be bringing my fisheye

Friday Night! by Zoo York and KCDC

It's gonna be good...
A ZOO YORK party at KCDC...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I don't know if I posted this...

I think was from one of my Wogie's trips last mnth.
West Village wandering...
Keep it random and keeping moving...

Pole Jam

Pole Jam, originally uploaded by thismeik.

I work in cement and steel..
Preferably with yellow paint or something reflective.
Mainly pieces that say do not stop or park here.

The Ferrari and the Cab

The Ferrari and the Cab, originally uploaded by thismeik.

I took this a couple days ago...
Apparently all the exotic import car shops do test drives on 11th Ave

I Miss You...

I Miss You..., originally uploaded by thismeik.

Hopefully see you Thursday or Friday...
Definitely Saturday...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tacos Today...

tacos, originally uploaded by thismeik.

You can't go wrong with tacos...
I ate so much..
Even before and after.
Maybe I'll pick up some fish tomorrow...

Name that Sprinkler...

Name that Sprinkler..., originally uploaded by thismeik.

I like Siamese sprinklers...
They say what up single sprinkler?
I'm better than you times 2...
And then double Siamese sprinklers that's just even crazier
If you can't tell by this lunacy it's job hunting time...
Back to the resumes...

What have we learned?

What have we learned?, originally uploaded by thismeik.

My hair was out of control today so it needed a buzz..
You see earlier it was like this...
But after a few zings and zazzles..
So much better in this august heat
Short haired feather
Meik short haired feather
Look in to my eyes and help me get a job...Didn't work...dagnabbers!
Look in to my eyes
Two Fingers
Two Fingers
Serious Meik!
Serious Meik!