Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meik! and his pork Tacos

tacos, bbq and paddles, originally uploaded by thismeik.

I have an addiction to pork tacos.
Especially the ones from Endless Summer.
But I don't live in Brooklyn and sometimes need a fix at home.
These are not the same but they get the job done

Slow cook some pork (shoulder) for about 8 hours, low & slow.
Throw in some vinegar and salt and pepper. (No spinderella)
Once you are done you can shred and tear apart the meat.
Steam up some nice green spinach.
Slice Cherry tomatoes in half and quarter some limes.
Heat up some soft tortillas.
Combine ingredients and add some blue cheese on top...
Enjoy Meik!s Pork Tacos...

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