Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meik! Presents: Eat Play Drink

eat play drink, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Yesterday I think I only slept for an hour or 2.
Killing a bottle of wine and devouring sandwiches
Like the turkeryporker
eat play drink
The Chicken Meiksteak
eat play drink
Well after all those shenanigans I got up and worked.
Later I would ended up in the city.
I wanted to be in the night prior for a couple parties and galleries.
But I was backlogged by some work for Mexican Soccer.
So after some UEFA action on Friday I jumped on a 126 NJ Transit.
Before that I ran and took this photo on a court
eat play drink
You see I was chugging some coffee and the court had a garage can
So I took care of that and snapped some hoops and cracks and buses
Grass Crack
eat play drink
Shadows and lines
eat play drink
Ball Wall
All of the above
src="" width="500" height="375" alt="eat play drink" />
Took the quick ride in to the city and the journey headed south.
The first stop had to be brooklyn industires.
You see I had to leave my bag in car since there were thing I couldn't lose. Mainly checking and banking stuff.
I realized I had stuff 2 cameras, an ipod and a blackberry and more.
So I grabbed a messenger bag that would seem empty the whole night.
Tis was an evening the usual spots...
Cheesteaks at Wogie's bevy at Max Fish and a Night cap or 3 at B-Side.
I have this thing now for photos of locks and door handles.
Courts near W Houston
eat play drink
I had 2 normal drinks and then ask Andrew for "Something FAAAABULOUS!"
eat play drink
He accepted the challenge and created a magical beverage.
eat play drink
It can be be described as what it must be like to make out with the Cast of Designing Women and Trail Mix
eat play drink
I love when promotion items outlive failed TV Shows...
Got back to Jersey and the mesh reflects the light back.
Night ended, went home, made pasta, slept and now watching UTD.
Take that Julie...

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