Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meik Visits The Greece Trucks

Meik Visits The Greece Trucks, originally uploaded by thismeik.

To my health conscious or veggie friends look away.
To anyone who drinks, went to college, lives in NJ or went to Rutgers you know what I am about to show you.
Also if you are a fan of the great show Man vs. Food.
This is the infamous R U Hungry Greece Truck from Rutgers University.
A splendid machine with tasty bites to fill you up.
So have a day off not that long ago I ventured down to pig out.
Yes I did order 2 sandwiches...and did I want a third? Maybe
I think I got a Phillip and a Beej
Meik Visits The Greece Trucks
Those aren't the actual names but pretty close
Tons and Tons of flavor
Meik Visits The Greece Trucks
More Please...
Meik Visits The Greece Trucks
Until our next time, we await further food adventures...

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