Sunday, August 01, 2010

The one and only Maya Contreras.

Meik! Angels: Nike BBall Day, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Why yes that is the one and only Maya Contreras or DirtyDurty.
Friend, Hero, Author, and fellow Amazing Adventurer...
Complete random photo from the Nike block party yesterday.
Random in the way of saying it was so crowded you would turn around for a sec and then be unable to find someone.
I think I turned and said don't move then just snapped.
Tons of natural light and no need to change any settings.
A perfectly crowded street block with tons of faces, food and bevy.
To me this image is just like an ice cream cone with sprinkles, which I had as well.
This might be my favorite photo from yesterday but there's some more great one's that I'll post together to recount a fun little journey.

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