Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shadows, wires and bottles

floors and wires, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Hello and good day.
Well last night was a funny and crazy adventure.
It started off slow running late at work and getting home.
Finally at some point adventures began from the villages and ended in Les.
I met some amazing folks, we had our fortune red by Elizbetha.
She's the female version of the Zoltan Fortune teller machine.
Got a ride from a lovely jewelry/clothing designer and friends.
Had to treat for some 4am breakfast because it was hunger time.
There were ball pits splashed into and slides that were slid.
There was a belgian girl who I thought was russian and kept pulling away Michel when we were chatting at Epstein's about fashion, adventures, trouble and galivanting...
Oh those darn airports and various shenanigans.
I left a wounded soldier when Dave was telling me some amazing Zoo York stories from back in in the day.
Luckily I was beaten up for leaving Michel in audio pergatory about St. Tropez or Ibiza or whatever the girl we didn't know was talking about.

Side not I tried to the Spike Lee Brooklyn Absolut. Not bad. Pretty good.
It was a funny twist as I was supposed to go to an L Magazine Absolut event but i was running an hour late.
On the L train I then realized it was in Gowanus I think.
And I'd probably arrive when it was over.
So the adventure went from to B-Side then Fish then Epstein's.
I pretty sure I'm on ly suming up parts of the adventure but it was good.
As usual I might some really nice folks, had some great conversations...And hello might now have some friends in the neighborhood.

I have to now go mow the lawn so I'll spell check this later.
Slingshot Sara

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