Thursday, August 26, 2010

Slingshot Sara or Sara, Meik & Don't Fall

Slingshot Sara, originally uploaded by thismeik.

This is the lovely Sara.
Freind, Adventurer, model, secret agent(unconfirmed)
I walk in to B-Side yesterday and saw my tag team cheesesteak eating partner in a sling.
My first response was, "I didn't do this, I swear".
You see Sara and I have a funny story from a while back where our fidgeting elbows were misguided during a joke.
Let's just there was a pop I thought we were going to the hospital.
But everything worked out that day.
I think I ended up bringing Sara flowers the next time I saw her.
Note to men and women if you almost accidently break your friends nose by sliding off your chair you should get them flowers.
And if you like cheesteaks then that's just a double bonus.

So back to yesterday I was worried what it could be.
As Sara recounted it was quite painful but somethat just happens.
I expalined to her how I almost did the same thing a couple days prior.
Except my wound would have been self inflicted as I tried to Incredible Hulk or Hulk Hogan my way out of a tiny shirt.
The problem was the stitching on the shoulder blades.
Which made my should almost pop.
Be safe out their kids.

While we had some time I shot photos of Sara outside.
With my camera and hers. While I was shooting with I accidently I had my thumb on hers.
So Sara is now the proud owner of 27 photos of my plaid shirt.
Sara makes a funny
Slingshot Sara
Le Rutherford
Slingshot Sara
Slowly becoming Terry Richards
Slingshot Sara

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Anonymous said...

I think I have photos of the nose-pop incident :-)