Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ladies Night at KCDC: Ladies Sesh

Ladies Night at KCDC, originally uploaded by thismeik.

So if you've seen I've been covering KCDC's Skate Night a bunch.
I always have a fun time there doing one of my favorite things.
Taking skate photos and maybe having a bevy or two.
It's fun either when its mellow or just straigh up hectic and packed.
This week they set aside about an hour or so for ladies session.
Let me know tell you I saw some pretty sick stuff go down.
The attempts on the extension where pretty serious.
Here now are some the ladies in action at KCDC.
On Deck!
Ladies Night at KCDC
Hands Up
Ladies Night at KCDC
Rolling, Rolling, He speed and pop on & off the lip was sick...
Ladies Night at KCDC
This is low lit on my part. But came slow close to land this...
And bailing from the coping is pretty sketchy...ouch!
Ladies Night at KCDC
50-50 Ladies Night at KCDC
Next up some fellas on the ramp and in the air!

Flat Bottom Candid at KCDC

Ladies Night at KCDC, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Still working but this is a funny thought.
I'm surprised I haven't been cracked by trucks in the mount or have grip tape burn all over my face.
Taking skate photos is kinda ridiculous when you think about.
Put plastic box in front your face blocking your peripheral vision.
Now stand a couple inches away, next to where a rider should land.
Hopefully you won't get boardsmacked or fallen on. Good Luck!

So in that's spirit here's a couple moments of clarity.
Rolling away clean on the flat bottom, it's always a before then after
The period between the chaos.
Ladies Night at KCDC
The real trick is to keep on rollin
Ladies Night at KCDC
This kid just ripped the whole night.
Doing every trick I could dream of....
Ladies Night at KCDC
This post should be considered the calm before the storm...
Wait for it...Just wait.....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ladies Night at KCDC

Ladies Night at KCDC, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Oh Ladies Night, oh what a night, at KCDC
More to come...

Thursday Night at KCDC

Thursday Night at KCDC, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Falla Cracking a smile on the KCDC ramp last night.
It was a crazy long day with tons of photos.
Working on the photos now and I'll have them up soon.
All I have to say is $4 gets you a 40 of Bud and a bag of pistachios.
Let the adventure be retold soon.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010: Proper

KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Thursday was an excellent night to head out to Brooklyn.
The fine folks at KCDC skateshop put together a benefit for Haiti.
Aided by dj's, metal, bevy and and a heavy skate session.
The place was packed and folks were having a great time.
The Red Cross was onsite accepting donations of all sorts.
Any assistance was extremely appreciated.
It was a bit Hessian with all the leather jackets and beards.
There were a ton of girls from the skate scene I've never seen.
The girl from Autumn was great heckling the raffle
A lot of the guys were riding the Blue Bobby Worrest Krooked board
A couple boards went rogue on the ramp but everybody was careful.
The only bad thing was a few dropped Bud 40's here and there.
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
The pit got a bit trife
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
Getting Metal
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
Bud and Bass
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
A quick stall
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
Flare on the coping...
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
He rode away clean...
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
Lean Baaack!
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
Slide to the right!
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
To the left!
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
Fresh and Clean
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
Down Low...
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
Some Air!
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
A Hop, step, and a jump....
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
Good Times!
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
If I have some time I'll post some more later.
Or just search kcdc and thismeik on flickr

KCDC Haiti Benefit: Do you know her name?

KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Wow! She just rips it up on the ramp everytime.
I don't know her name yet but I've seen her skate a bunch at KCDC.
Actually I think I skated with her at 12th & A over the summer.
I'm kinda jealous cause my ramp skills are on hiatus at the moment.
I think i was shooting band photos in front of her or a friend at KCDC.
And got bumped accidently during the headbanging during the band
Hey that's what happens when I kneel infront of folks. Woops!.
When it's loud it's kinda hard to say, Hey your skating is awesome.
Maybe next time I'll get the chance to.
All is good when you can donate for a good cause and have a fun time seeing amazing people skate.
Here's a couple shots....
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
Down the extension
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
A nice stall....
KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010
If she's not shop sponsored or getting flowed some boards there's something wrong here.

Artsy on The Deck-KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010

The recaps are on the way.
One feature and a full review.
I shot this crazy image, not clue what settings.
File it under completely random.
But it shows the energy of the ramp for sure.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bottles to the Ground...KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010

KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010, originally uploaded by thismeik.

I see now why they make pastic bottles.
A ton of the kids and crew were rolling through with Bud 40's
A couple didn't make it till the end, just like this one.
Splat, crash and bam.
Metal status.....

Attack the Ramp: KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010

KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010, originally uploaded by thismeik.

This is how you should shred the ramp

Don't Get Bored...

KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Or you might get a board to the grill.
Possibly worse Le Dome.
We're going to follow this all year long.

KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010 (Preview)

KCDC Haiti Benefit 2010, originally uploaded by thismeik.

Finally catching up on all the photos from KCDC.
We're still finalizing our return.
The hiatus has many stories.
Some of which we can not legally disclose.
It was and adventure that we keep continuing full steam.
This is one of my favorite photos from the Haiti Benefit.
This guy was ripping all night.
More photos and more stories about it on the way

Random Street Jan 2010: Auto SPKR

Random Street Jan 2010, originally uploaded by thismeik.

We're back on the streets.
Taking photos of siamese hydrants.
Maybe making stops at Baohaus.
Or even having bevy at Epstein's.
The adventure recontinues.
Or well I guess it already has rebegun over.
Stories of adventure, tragedy, failure, and redemption are in the works.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh screw it! The Return of Meik!

IMGP0042, originally uploaded by thismeik.

I've had it and I'm done.
I got rid of Meik! to see what it was like.
Multiple other reasons about people, places and things.
Well I've moved on from that and we know our true friends and accomplices are.
I miss the adventure and the mystery.
Someone called me Meik! last night and it made me feel good to hear.
This person may be author who has book you might need to get.
It might be called The Him Book and I may be reading it as well...
Anyways, Today I say hello and welcome back Meik!
Even more absurd and completely ridiculous.
See you all at KCDC or the Levee tonight!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Park Ave Tempupdate

Hey there and hello.
Greetings from the world of Park Ave Temp.
We're updating at
We'll buy a domain sometime soon...Maybe.
Who knows Meik! might just return in the Spring.

It's where we are part of the trouble, all of the time.