Monday, November 14, 2011

The Adventures of Meik! & the Purple Toe

Trife by thismeik
Trife, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.
So let's talk about yesterday.
I had plans to go skate and meet up with folks.
Well I go to the bus and waited a little.
See my skateboard here...
Getting premo at the bus stop
Go to McCarren and skated around a bunch.
There's way too many bikes and scooters.
Anyways I was just messing around the quarterpipe.
I didn't really want to hit up the curbs cause I was riding a big board.
30 Minutes in I tried to boardslide and I F'd up.
Rolled on my left big toe and smacked it with the board.
Turf toe for all of you NFL insiders out there.
Pain, swelling and cursing...
All on a stupid little trick.
I think walking would have been more dangerous.
Session done pretty much.
Headed over to Turkey's Nest for Therapy
Super Big Gulp beer at Turkeys nest
Leaned on the golf machine
They have an absinthe margarita here????? Ride the snake
Limped back to the L some how.
Got on the bus and raised my hand for a bum toe
Raise your hand if you broke your big toe today
This is what it looked like yesterday...
Purple Toe
It's even worse now...
Cheers kids!

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