Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meik! Farms: None for CJ

In case you haven't seen it yet...
This is called none for CJ...

Meik! Farms News: Crowlee has arrived!

Crowlee has arrived by thismeik
Crowlee has arrived, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

By now you you should no about Owlee.
He's the official Owl of Meik! Farms.
In the past few weeks he's dealt with droughts, hurricanse, chipmunks and drunk gnomes.
Also a farmer who likes to spray beer on him.
Well recently Owlee introduced the latest edtion, Crowlee.
Crowlee is what you call a beast Owl.
But also looking to make it in the world of Media Operations & iOS streaming.
So Crowlee has set up show at my desk.
He'll be over seeing web & desk security.
He'll also be an executive producer and an Meik! News/Weather/Financial Updates from the OD Studios.
He's ready to strike
Crowlee hunts for lunch
Crowlee is working on his introduction video as we speak.
He'll be flying around the offices quite soon.
So stay tuned, say hi and toss him a salmon..

Another Day Working the US Open...hello monitor wall

Another day and more monitors.
In the beginning of a tourney it's all chaos.
It's basically making sure things are working.
Jumping from feed to feed and various outputs.
Slates, files, QA, spellcheck, correct, purge and stay awake.
We got a good crew and a fun team.
It's a lot of work and a lot of fun.
Come on who knew this internet thing would have been this way when we were young.
Week 2 things slow down and the matches come more in to focus.
I might visit the open on my off day on Monday.
Hello lots of food and shenanigans.
But we'll just have to wait and see.
So I gotta keep my eyes peeled for now...
Back in the control room...

Monday, August 29, 2011

I've got tennis eyeball: Meik! vs the US Open

I've got tennis eyeball by thismeik
I've got tennis eyeball, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

It's that time of year again
Oh the bright lights open
I'm not onsite at the Open but in the control room.
Might take a trek out there on one of my days off.
This will be a staple of my diet
Gonna eat them all...and the iPad too
Oh and add some fuel in there too
Awake juice
Till then I'll working like an owl and what not.
Like this guy right here...Meik! & Crowlee
More owls
Cheers! Brooklyn I'll see ya soon

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Meik! Farms Update: Underwater with Crowlee & Owlee

This is what happens when I have free time.
And 2 plastic owls.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nena says hi

Nena says hi by thismeik
Nena says hi, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

That's all for now

Turn off the light...

Why Yes! by thismeik
Why Yes!, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

So a fun day post lost wallet this am.
Calling banks and cards and such.
Gotta get a new license now and more.
Oh the joy...

Meik! Thoughts: Mers by Meik!

mers by meik! by thismeik
mers by meik!, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Just found this photo searching through old ones.
It made realize 1 haven't seen Mers in ages which I knew.
And two I haven't seen A Great Big Pile of Leaves in a while as well.
I think this was from a show at the Loft.
It was a random day of meeting folks at picnic.
Having beers at a locals bar.
Going to the show.
And then doing the NY-JC-NY-NJ commute routine.
I do believe it was a crazy and tiring day.
Lots of walking.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AM Meik! Farms: Jerry and the Peppers

"We still got that broken hose problem..." Jerry Meik!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Meik! Media News & Pizza Parlours: Gone earthquaking

gone earthquaking by thismeik
gone earthquaking, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Office shut down for the day.
We're going mobile for the day.

Meik! in Venice: Paralell Parking Boats

Meik in Rome by thismeik
Meik in Rome, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

So this is where I left my boat.

Twin Meik!s

Twin Meik!s by thismeik
Twin Meik!s, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

That's just dangerous.
If I had a twin well that would just divide the Jameson in 2...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Meik in Venice!: Clean the Glass

Meik in Venice by thismeik
Meik in Venice, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.


Meik in Venice

Meik in Venice by thismeik
Meik in Venice, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Some color and water

Meik! in Venice: Burt!

Meik in Rome by thismeik
Meik in Rome, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Meik! in Venice: If you can't tell the reason I took this photo is the signed Burt Reynolds photo...

Truck Stop Meik! Visits Wawa

Get to know more about Wawa

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meik! Farms: Owlee Lives

What's Owlee gonna get in to next?
So much coconut water and beer.
Till next time...

Meik in Venice: We found it

Meik in Venice by thismeik
Meik in Venice, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

I found the Spaghetteria

Waiting for my blue whale and saying vamos to Karen

Waiting for my blue whale by thismeik
Waiting for my blue whale, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Yesterday was a friday I do believe.
Got some work done and edited.
Tested out some new things.
More Projects getting figured out.
But was also surprised a repair man in the am.
We apparently have fellow Swatch Watchers in our building.
This will come up again some time soon.
At some point I was debating if I could get a full sized Deer or Turkey decoy shipped to the office.

But alas it was Karen's last day.
A large portion of the crew made it to Houlihans..
I order a drink called a blue whale.
Since it comes with a plastic blue whale.
However since we were on the patio I was told the patio cup could not support the weight of said blue whale.
So drink after drink I reminded the water I would still like like plastic blue whale.
Kyle (leaf pile) even joined in with the chants.
Alas a storm came and we all sprinkled away.
Good times and fun farewell for Karen who is off to the land of Curb and Treme...
Best of luck....
But seriously what do I have to do to get my whale...
Not The Blue Whale (Scotch)
Scotchy scotch scotch
Look Pa Pa a Twister, a Twister
Stormy Car view
Craze rain
The Beast Sleeps
Release the Cracken....Oh wait it's sleeping

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wrenched Launch at Chrome NY

Wrenched Launch at Chrome NY by thismeik
Wrenched Launch at Chrome NY, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Get Wrenched!
Fun times and a nice mag/zine/piece of awesome...

Dave & Jeru the Damaja at Chrome Last Night for the Wrenched Party...

DSC_0032 by thismeik
DSC_0032, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Dave & Jeru

Meik! in Rome: Actually Venice

Meik in Rome a video by thismeik on Flickr.

When in Venice: Meik! on a Bridge

When in Italy by Meik!:

When in Rome Part2 by thismeik
When in Rome Part2, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Hello Gipsy, now where are the warrirors?

When in Rome by Meik!: Tags and Scooters

When in Rome Part2 by thismeik
When in Rome Part2, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Timing is the key...

When in Rome Part by Meik!: More

When in Rome Part2 by thismeik
When in Rome Part2, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Tell me about it...rise and shine

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When in Rome: The Lions Spits Tonight....

When in Rome part1 by thismeik
When in Rome part1, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.


Soccer Tuesday

Soccer Tuesday by thismeik
Soccer Tuesday, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

A view from the fields on Tuesday.
Hello New York.
We need to hang out sometime soon.
With friends and bevy of course...

Danger at Meik! Farms

We are still back at it.
And it's getting more insane.
Stay tuned and beware.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When in Rome by Meik!: Pigeon in the Roman Colosseum

When in Rome part1 by thismeik
When in Rome part1, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

So here's a short story.
It's about a bird in Rome.
It lives in the the Colisseum with some friend.
Such a crazy, sunny and warm place.
Too many tourists night and day.
This sucker never flies away.
A last I had to leave.
Wander on I do believe.
When in Rome part1
Dude was just rush
When in Rome part1
He had a buddy hiding in the shade
When in Rome part1
In the back
When in Rome part1
Nice house bird...
When in Rome part1

This Week in Meik: Edited Meik! Farms

Here's some of the adventures from Meik! Farms...
Be afraid of what's to come...

Monday, August 15, 2011

When in Rome...

Italian Supermarket Receipt by thismeik
Italian Supermarket Receipt, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Actually I believe it was Florence...
Or as the kids like to say Firenze.
I really do enjoy cured meats.
I smell a trader joes bender coming soon.
Back in the states for now...

Friday, August 05, 2011

Lily Virginia at Monster Island for Surfing 28 States

Check out Lily Virginia she performed last night below Mollusk Surf Shop.

Smash put on a fun surf event last night in brooklyn.
Here's some info, raffle stuff and a performance Lily Virgina.
I'll post some more photos later and write about the movie and the cause both great things to help.

Raffle to help

Searching for Nar...

I may have finally documented the mysterious Nardelli posted above behind hand.
I need to confirm my images are correct before posting.
Crazy night last night with surf, skate and bevy.
Capture the eluse L&K
Ladies Night with Meik!
To the the the road

Too Many Rules...

Sometimes you gotta break the rules.
Cause some trouble and use a brown bag.
It's been a long day.
Heck it might get longer...

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Jasper the Beer Gnome: Backyard Bendering

If you haven't seen yet we're all about Jasper.
And Jasper is all about our bevy.
He had his first taste tequila tonight.
We forgot to portion for gnome appropriate portions.
He got hammered.
He's been running around Meik! Farms for the last hour.
He finally just passed out in the Kale & Swiss Chard patch.
Oh boy he's gonna feel rough tomorrow.Jasper
Oh boy that's trouble
Angry Jasper
Oh look there's the basil
Fresh Basil from Meik! Farms for my special lemonade
Jasper says carry on, he's also sleeping in dirt...

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Meik! Photo Archive: About a year ago...

Meik! Angels: Nike BBall Day by thismeik
Meik! Angels: Nike BBall Day, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

About a year and a day or so ago I shot this photo.
It's of the lovely Maya Contreras.
I haven't seen much recently since but that's because we've both been working hard.
The lady has a magazine she creates and it is quite impressive.
The Dirty Durty Diary.
And oh so much more to mention
And this gent has been roaming all over doing techy, sciency and photographicy things.
Growing the meikmeik empire...
Cheers to all the fun stuff that happens.
It's crazy the difference a year makes.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Meik! Farms: Peppers

Getting Peppered with Owlee...
Grow some food and produce and share and eat it.

This isn't art it's just Meik!

Done by thismeik
Done, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

I made a mess on Saturday.
Here's a few things I made up testing.
I have an idea for some Red Krylon later.
Who knows they might be headed to hang in a wall near you.
Of course the one up top is Meik!.
I call this one SGT. or Seargant
Demo: SGT Nardelli
This is Meik!'s
After mats