Monday, October 31, 2011

We Were Promised Jetpacks at Webster Hall

So I don't really know how to recap yesterday.
But here's how we go so far.
Post storms I rolled in to NYC.
Got some snacks and stopped by a certain Soccer Bar near Webster Hall.
Next stop Webster Hall for We Were Promised Jetpacks
We after some bevy's I hear this rattling in the chair next to me.
It turned out to be a small child climbing the stool for napkins.
Once I realized this I was more alert as was the guy two seats over whose voice sounded really familiar.
I put my hands out as did he cause if the kid slipped he was gonna fall 4 or 5 landing on his head.
The little guy hopped down safely and all was averted.
Few drinks later I was 90% sure it was Julian Casablancas stopping by to watch Freddy Adu and the Philadelphia Union play.
So I'm not the only one who does that sorta thing.

Around 730ish I rolled over to Webster Hall.
The show had an early start and the openers were quite good.
I do believe they were Royal Bangs and Bear Hands.
Bear Hands in action...
Webster Hall for the @wwpj show
Nice loud multi-instrumental rock.

At 9:15pm the men from Scotland took the stage.
@wwpj at Webster Hall #wewerepromisesjetpacks
The show was insane and I heard everything I wanted to hear.
I was surprised they played the 8 minute jam epic "Keep Warm"
The show was in your face and kept to the business of rocking.
Some guy was heckling and singing wrong songs loudly.
Surprisingly it wasn't Gavin McInnes who was also next to me.
Besides him saying F' England he was bouncing and sing along the whole time.
The crowd filled in on lyrics, backing and chants.
It was a fun time for a band I first heard in a surf film, The Union Express, a few years back.

Keep Warm and check out We Were Promised Jetpacks the next time you can.
oh as a bonus here's their video for "Human Error"

We Were Promised Jetpacks - "Human Error" from stereogum on Vimeo.

Rapture 2: Snowtober by Meik!

Suck it snow by thismeik
Suck it snow, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Snowtober snuck up and ruined Saturday on Me.
Thanks again state of emergency.
So on Sunday nothing was stopping me.
Giants stadium from the bus
For any Snowtober emergencies, find cider and warm air.
1982 Meik!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Corpse Corps presents Open Casket and such meik! stuff

Yeah there's a lot going on here from Friday night...Ummmm I'll explain this later

Ummmmmm Let's just say Corpse Corps

Yeah there's a lot going on here from Friday night...Ummmm I'll explain this later...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's a long story...Meik! & Nena

We're trapped inside.
So nena wanted to show me something funny online.
There' s more about this photo but that's all top secret stuff.
Stay tuned for that later.

Way too early...

Way too early... by thismeik
Way too early..., a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

So this was me at 6am before the storm...
It was pretty crazy....
I came home and took a nap till 2pm.
And then I woke up to winter wonderland..
Blergh! Not sure if I'll make it to BK later tonight...
We'll see

The writing on the wall...

The writing on the wall... by thismeik
The writing on the wall..., a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

So how's your morning going.
I'm kinda work sleeping.
As I feel mad tired.
But got up to the studio of a Soccer match.
There's some chaos on along with that.
I'm need some snacks then a nap after...

See you all 21+ at KCDC tonight...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wake up juice

Wake up juice by thismeik
Wake up juice, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

So this is one of those random posts.
Work has been busy and I've been home too.
Mainly because I have a doc visit tomorrow.
Checking up on the blood work and stuff.
Hopefully I don't get yelled at for anything.
So this whole week I've laid off the scotch, cheesesteaks and coffee.
Well I had half a cup today.

You see 9 months or so I went to the doc.
And lets just say I was drinking a lot of coffee and not sleeping too much.
Mixture of stress and crazy schedules.
So most of that seems to be fixed.

Wrote some new songs tonight.
Broke 4 drum sticks beating on a practice pad.
Going to catch some z's...
Probably be at the 43 mag party tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Meik! Sundaytography:14th & 8th to wherever

14th & 8th by thismeik
14th & 8th, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Lynn Doyle...
Why would you rotate your tires at the Library
NJ Rotary
Fences & Lights
Barcodes & Leaves
More weirdness on the way...

I imagine this is what nena does all day when i'm out

Stoic Nena by thismeik
Stoic Nena, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Turn to the left..

Mustaches, Meik! & KCDC

Stopped by KCDC...awesome! by thismeik
Stopped by KCDC...awesome!, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Made the trek out to BK on Sunday.
With time to spare a trip to KCDC was in order.
With my current Rocky 2/Serpico look I was almost unnoticed by Amy and Michael
I mean look for yourself
Previously on Meik!
You're probably wondering about the visit
Well the crime scene display was awesome
Then I picked up some insane Emerica gear.
Graphic tee and a stay gold hoodie.
I wouldn't be surprised if those new Emerica shirts sold out soon.
Oh and I finally grabbed a pair of Orange OJ's cruiser wheels.
Time to set up a boat for cruising.

Saturday Night be at KCDC be there.
I'll post the flyer tomorrow.
Basically it's 21 & up...Rock out!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Conan blimp has arrived in NYC

There's orange in the air...

I sold Kyle his office desk back...but you can still buy it

Have I got a deal for you...

I think the video sells itself...

Listen to A Great Big Pile of Leaves

@AGBPOL by thismeik
@AGBPOL, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Find the gents on twitter at @AGBPOL
They rocked the Knitting Factory last night.
See I have evidence right here
We don't need our heads... @agreatbigpileofleaves
and here
@agbpol will save music...and remind you it's fall
Just fun...

Deitch! Daze...

Deitch! by thismeik
Deitch!, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Deitch! Daze...Scrolling through my archives...Going to print 20 photos from the last couple years...Stay tuned

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meik! 2.0

Meik! 2.0 by thismeik
Meik! 2.0, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

So this was last night...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Zambri at Pianos

Untitled by thismeik
Untitled, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

So my CMJ coverage has been lacking.
Due to too many outside factors.
But the stars aligned enough for me to catch Zambri at Pianos.
They did some thing to change up their sound.
It was a fun show all around.
The girls are adding some more tech and crazy sounds to their show.
So much energy.
Oh not to mention the fight I almost go in with the guy who tried to dance-slap the beer outta my hand.
Yeah you read that right, dance-slap.
But that's for another time.
Catch the Zambri crew the next time you can.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The New Semi-Official Meik! offices

All done finally by thismeik
All done finally, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Basically I'm moving my laptop and pad to the porch.
Going to work on some designs and stuff on the porch.
Pins, Prints, maybe a tee and possibly the heavily rumor single or double shark fin skirt/dress.
Gonna crack some heads and cause chaos.
Oh and get some vitamin D from the sun.
That's all you need to know for now.
I'll update later when it's properly setup.

Yesterday with Nena

If you could only hear how loud she barks.
The face of Nena just hanging out in the kitchen.
This is from waiting for a delivery truck yesterday.
A delivery that ended up being 4 hours late.
Oh well when you're a pug you can just relax.
Like so.
L.L. Nena
Nap time is whenever

Blue zig-zags perfect for the day after bevy & parties

kick it!

CMJ guitar solo at pianos....

I went to pianos last night for CMJ.
I saw Zambri after the band photo'd above.
Zambri was really good.
Some guy spilled my drink.
And me and a camera guy almost got rowdy with him.
But luckily things stayed calm.
Have fun and stay safe kids..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This was yesterday...

Meds and more meds...
I was asleep b y 5:30pm.
Might try some adventures today.
Let's see

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

Leather pillows and Fatburgers

So Friday was a trip out of town to the land of Nucky...
Boardwalk Empire right?
Gameface for the road
Next stop AC
Anyhew I met up with the family and had some fun at the Borgata.
Welcome Strapp Mr.....
I think I actually stayed at the water club.
That spot was crazy with the giant pools and such.
Trying to bring that Vegas vibe way back east.
I killed it on the buffets of course.
Friday night after some bevy and fun it was time to head over to Showboat.
I finally got to see the Arctic Monkeys live.
Smith Westerns opened and they were fun.
I swear I've heard them in surf or skate vids before.
But back to the Arctic Monkeys.
There set was just insane: lighting, audio and song selection.
They were really tight and sounded well prepared.
All the old tracks were great and even the new songs sounded really impressive live.

There was the usual randomness of any concert.
Girls yelling panic screams with no reason.
Jock guys bear hugging each other to the point where it got creepy.
Like they were fallin on girls and stuff.
I still can't properly recount that whole situation.
I wanna say drugs may have been involved to cause interesting behavior but you never know.
But I had a fun time regardless of any chaos.

After the show Fatburger was needed
Fat burger large chomp
Burger Accomplished
The aftermath
Crashed eventually...Woke up for soccer
3 minutes til full time...
Look out
Time for a swim
More chomping
Look at the clouds and head back home
Parkway Car Clouds
I'll be back soon-ish...

Sidenote the Beach Boys played the Borgata the same night.
I would've gone but I had the other tix.
Oh well, woudn't it be nice....