Monday, April 30, 2012

No Sunlight, No Sunlight....Meik!'s DCFC Adventure and chaos

Where's Ben? #dcfc by thismeik
Where's Ben? #dcfc, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Oh howdy...Let's get you caught up.
It's been quite really busy recently.
I see some road work possibly ahead.
And I'm not talking about off-ramps or speedbumps.
Well if I am it'd only be for metaphors.
So a while back I got tix for Death Cab for Cutie....
A band I've loved for a while but never saw.
There was that period where I worked freelance and was scared to spend money on ticketmaster concerts...
That's a long story...
So I was up in the upper upper decks for the Friday show....
It was great but I had superfans to my right.
And a super-dick with his barely legal lady in front of me.
who both kept their iphones up the whole time in my line of sight...
I'm not saying i start kicking seats...
But had it gotten worse a beer may have gotten spilled....Just saying...
The show was great but I kept zoning out freaking about an audio glitch I was having for an event in 8 hours.
Not kidding...I get really zoned out by work stuff...
That's probably not a health thing....
So show ends...Had fun.
Go to work crazy early and then Sunday gets booked up...
I would have an 8 hour gap when I was done to sleep for 3 hours and eat or what?

Well ready for round 2 I headed to Ticketmaster and found a row 2 dead center ticket.
It was great...No Iphones to worry about.
Probably one of my favorite shows...
Didn't hear a bunch of old songs I wanted to hear but come on...
The Magik Magik Orchestra add in was pretty impressive...
If you can see this tour please do so...
Here's some of the chaos in picture form...
oh hell from row 2
Bad hair day, good seats
Chris Walla not picture...
Ben & Chris or Strapp & Kyle
Strapp and Kyle
I texted this photo to krebner saying we could be a DCFC tribute thing as a backup plan in life
Blurry...Walla's gear rig is crazy
Chris Wallace walls Washington
The End
Yes! #dcfc
Oh after this show I went home, fed the dog and then she slept
After going crazy for 15 minutes after I got home she passed out in her bed
....went to work at 5am till noon...
Slept in the Meik! Farms in the sun for 1 hour.
Nap time in @meikfarms ...hopefully food to follow
you thought I was joking....nope
Then went back to work for 5 or 6 hours...
Then finally home to eat my first meal....
Which was basically 3 or 4 meals...
Oh things get crazy some times...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Working on a Saturday

Say wha? by thismeik
Say wha?, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

What's up friends and strangers.
Back in the cave again this weekend.
Eating some tater tots and making internet magic.
Just another one of those days.
Party on!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Death of Allergies

I survived this somehow....
Allergies are quite crazy.
Too much ragweed, dust and pollen
Hanging with nena and 25 Canuck Geese

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ryu vs Ken vs Meik!

Ryu vs Ken by thismeik
Ryu vs Ken, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Burn Baby Burn...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lunch time fun

Lunch time fun by thismeik
Lunch time fun, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Me and Messina showing off our blue sunglasses...
You know lunch time stuff

5boro Doubleday & Cartwright designs featured in AT&T ad in 30rock in NBC, like woah!

I really enjoy synergy commercials.
Let me say this when they are done right.
In this instance a telephone company is promoting a phone, by partnering with an agency that's designed for 5boro & fools gold
Got that????
During 30Rock there was an At&t ad.
It featured a new phone.
They had the guys from Doubleday & Cartwright using said phone.
In that they showed some of their work for as noted earlier Fools Gold & 5boro.
With these types of things usually people connected to the design and skate communities work on these ads.
People helping out people...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

What up Vanity Fair?

Went for a walk recently.
Stumbled up on a giant Vanity Fair Party.
It's those things that make you go Hmmmm!
There was also this
And this
or this
But VF one is the best...

Explosions in the Sky - The Birth and Death of the Day, Live From Coache...

I don't think I posted this yet...
In case I did, go check it again...
Can you believe these guys played with We Were Promised Jetpacks yesterday.
That must've been a great show...
Alright carry on

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dr. Meik's Prescription for the Day: John Coltrane - I'm Old Fashioned

It's one of those days.
Where Dr. Meik! is here to help.
My prescription is for some Whiskey and John Coltrane.
Dosage for both is use as directed.
From Blue Train one of my favorites, "I'm Old Fashioned"
Listen and have some fun...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Because it's the cup...

Busy stuff this weekend.
Games, Trains, beers and broken gear.
A lot surely did happen.
More to come.

Game 3 tonight for Rangers vs Senators...
Gonna be crazy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Union City is burning...

Union City is burning... by thismeik
Union City is burning..., a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Another day in the office...
Crazy view from the empty room

Being attacked by the tax monster and more

Hello friends and enemies.
This is me getting attacked by the ghost of 2011 taxes.
Almost done with everything.
Kind of a bummer this year.
That's gonna be one less meat lover's pizza for me.(we all know that's a lie)
Next Year I Need Supter Turbo Champion Edition or Alpha
Balls...I need to start collecting farm subsidies for @meikfarms
Not mention I think account is diverting funds to her secret Purina & Puppy Chow Slush Funds
Pug Stuff
So I bought more dirt to forget it all.
Buying dirt for @meikfarms
We might need to make Meik! Farms a real farm.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Shave and a haircut finally

Shave and a haircut finally by thismeik
Shave and a haircut finally, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Chop Chop...
My almost famous look got cut off...
First haircut in a year i think...
Oh well...
more stunts, adventures and planning to do.
be kind and rewind...

Friday, April 06, 2012

Jack's Back...

I guess Arizona Iced Tea was like hey?
We say a lot of that Arnold Palmer stuff.
I got it Jack Nicklaus...Lemonade and mango...
Sounds good let's put it on the shelves...
Though I'm kinda afraid what the Greg Norman might be...Shark!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Last Night

Complicated Feelings by thismeik
Complicated Feelings, a photo by thismeik on Flickr.

Back in the city for a little bit.
Got to hit up a bunch of crews and spots.
Said Aloha to the traveler headed to Hawaii.
Trying to plan some big things and stuff.
Oh and I spent almost 2 hours at port authority because one bus left early and the other was 30 minutes late.
I kept playing this track on repeat

And found this acoustic version today

Monday, April 02, 2012

The monster energy girls in New Zealand...

Oh yeah I was working on Friday Night/Saturday...
I was on New Zealand time.
So I'm still a bit loopy.
Carry on